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For efficient website SEO, special tools are required. They allow getting rid of a lot of routines, saving your time, and avoiding errors. But do not expect that you will find a universal tool to obtain the best result and end up in the highest searches by pressing a button. Using special tools, you get a lot of information about the efficiency of the website work, but still, you have to decide what to do next.

Even if you have one website only, tracking the performance changes manually is very labor-intensive and difficult as many factors and their impact on the resource positions should be considered. If you have a website network, high-quality SEO tools are vital. We offer a list of contemporary SEO tools that allow you or a digital marketing agency to control any online resources automatically showing the analysis results.

Features of SEO tools

SEO is a complex process that requires using additional tools. This allows analyzing a website from the point of view of a search engine so an SEO specialist can decide what to do next for developing the resource. Besides this, there are many other tools for analyzing content and writing more efficient selling texts. This allows performing efficient SEO increasing the conversion and the profit.

1. Plerdy

best SEO tools

Improve your conversion rate and website usability with heatmaps and smart forms. Boost your sales every day. SEO alerts will inform you about the main SEO performance of your website pages.

2. All in One SEO Pack


All in one SEO Pack for efficient SEO of WordPress websites. It is simple and intended both for beginners and developers, providing them advanced features and API.

3. Bing Webmaster Tools


Bing ads can come in handy in developing a business and gaining success. This service is similar to Google Ads. Bing is rather popular in Europe and the USA, and it is perfect for analyzing keywords.

4. Botify


Botify is the first unified app complex combining technical SEO, content, and real ranking. A full-range functional complex for detailed website analysis. Includes such features as website page speed check, broken link detection, and page weight checker.

5. Netpeak


Deep website SEO analysis and detection of optimization errors. Netpeak Spider is a complex tool. For finding out whether the website is technically OK, you need to press a button only.

6. Bright Local


A tool for a full local SEO audit of a website. It can be useful for checking for copies of your material on the Internet and ensuring that the content is still unique after migrating to a new domain.

7. Browseo


BROWSEO is a Web application for viewing any Web page without style-related distraction and distinguishing SEO-related page parts.

8. Clusteric


Clusteric solves the most common organic visibility problems and implements the “SEO White Hat” technique for small businesses.

9. ContentKing App


SEO audit app working in real-time mode. It controls Web resources on a 24/7 basis. No need to install anything. Your data and reports are available at any time.

10. DareBoost


This tool includes many optimization tips. An automatic, simple, and efficient tool. No need to install it. The tool analyzes the Web page for detecting the load quality and speed. The dynamics of main page efficiency figures can be viewed on the toolbar and receive weekly reports via e-mail.

11. DeepCrawl


DeepCrawl is the full website scanner. We recommend analyzing the website architecture for understanding and tracking technical problems and making SEO more efficient.

12. EasyRedir


This tool provides fast and reliable services for redirecting to URL links of the best world companies. This tool can redirect the audience to the content you want them to see.

13. Forecheck


Forecheck is a fast SEO Crawler Software for accelerating many routine tasks. From standard SEO analysis to unique reports – this allows gaining great results and makes a website the best one.

14. Google Analytics


This tool will give you a better understanding of your customers better. In addition, Google Analytics provides you free tools required for analyzing the data for your business in one place.

15. Google Analytics Referrer Spam Killer


Google Analytics spam buster is a free tool created by Google Ads bot. It helps Webmasters and website owners to keep their data and statistics in Google Analytics clean.

16. Google Mobile-Friendly Test


Since 2017 Google has begun lowering the ranks of websites that are not adapted for mobile platforms. This free tool allows checking if the page is mobile-friendly.

17. Google PageSpeed Insights


PageSpeed Insights is a service that allows analyzing the page speed and provides tips for improving it. This great tool can be used for analyzing the mobile and desktop versions.

18. Google Search Console


Google Search Console is a free service for controlling the website rank, finding out the number of indexed pages on the website, viewing all metadata, information about resource security, etc.

19. Google XML Sitemaps


Use this plugin for improving SEO a lot and creating special XML maps of your website. They will allow search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, and Ask.com to index your website better. With such a tool, website map scanners can better see its structure and extract it more efficiently.

20. GTmetrix


This tool physically loads your website to check its speed. It provides extremely accurate data and suggests how to optimize each page for increasing speed.

21. HeadMasterSEO


HEADMasterSEO is a tool for mass URL checking. It can verify the status code, provide information about redirecting, response time, response headers, and HTTP headers fields (X-Robots-Tag, Link, Vary). Then, analyze, filter, and sort the results in real-time mode.

22. Hreflang Tags Generator Tool


A convenient and free tool for creating hreflang meta-tags for various resources in different languages. Its main advantage is that it saves time and works perfectly.

23. Kill Duplicate


Register your website in Kill Duplicate for detecting duplicates of your website. Kill Duplicate allows identifying the stolen content, taking action, combat “the evil,” and track your actions in due course.

 24. LinkPatrol


LinkPatrol is the easiest way to track, view, and clear the links in your messages and pages. Its three-stage process makes it very user-friendly. The only thing you need is to press “Scan,” “Review,” and “Take action.”

25. Lipperhey


The full free SEO service for website analysis. It features free keyword hints, SEO analytics, free checking of backlinks. It is worth trying out.

26. Map Broker XML Sitemap Validator


This tool guarantees that all website pages are working without any flaws and the XML map includes active links only. Therefore, it is recommended to use this tool regularly, especially since it is free.

27. Microdata Generator


This service allows making local website SEO. This can be useful for brick-and-mortar companies located in a certain town. You can enter a certain address and a phone number for narrowing the audience and improving the search engine results for the target audience only. This tool is a user-friendly schema generator for creating MicroData and JSON-LD tags.

28. OnCrawl


Technical SEO platform. OnCrawl supports the overall SEO process. This software is used for detailed analysis. It provides information on optimizing each page, meta-tag efficiency, analyzes the content, scrolls reach, and even the website speed. The price is high due to its rich functionality.

 29. Open SEO Stats


This tool displays the Web page rank, provides fast access to Geo IP Location, Whois, Alexa, backlinks, and indexed pages. It can be used for receiving basic information both on your website and competitors’ websites.

30. Panguin Tool


A free SEO tool for finding out how updated Google algorithms affects your Web resource. This technology has been developed by Barracuda Digital marketing agency.

31. Raven Tools


One of the most insightful tools used by experienced marketing and SEO specialists. The program provides extremely detailed website analysis and displays certain elements that should be changed to improve resource rank. This feature distinguishes this software from competitors.

32. Referral Ghost Spam Removal Tool


Tired of spam links that damage the reputation of your website in Google search? This simple and free tool will install filters on your website automatically. In addition, they will “hide” these links from Google Analytics, improving the website’s reputation.

33. Rel Nofollow Checkbox


This plugin adds a simple “nofollow” checkbox in the pop-up for pasting/editing. A very user-friendly tool.

34. Screaming Frog SEO Log File Analyser


This service analyzes log files, only finding out how search engines work with the website and how often. This is useful for projects that include thousands of pages.

35. Screaming Frog SEO Spider


This tool is used for scanning URLs and receiving key elements for analysis and audit. It quickly finds the problems that hinder the website in coming up with the top of the search engine results. The free version is enough for solving these problems efficiently.

36. Search Analytics for Sheets


This tool allows receiving the queries, pages, clicks, and other data for any confirmed websites in Google Analytics Search Console. This tool can hardly be overestimated, but it tracks the data for the last 90 days only.

37. SEO & Website Analysis (WooRank)


This tool performs instant website SEO analysis and provides all basic data with one click on the right side of Google Chrome. The desktop version also allows finding out how the website is adapted for mobile platforms and what SEO optimization aspects should be improved.

38. SEO Monitor


This tool that considers Google Analytics data is used to analyze efficient key phrases for your resource and displays information in a chart. This makes SEO as efficient as possible. Also, this tool features all traditional SEO analysis types.

39. Seobility


Seobility checks the website, scanning all related pages. All detected pages with errors, optimization, or content problems (duplicates) will be collected and displayed in each review section. Also, the problems on each page can be analyzed separately.

40. SERPmetrics


SERPmetrics is a powerful platform for monitoring the ranking in search engines with a full-scale API created especially for SEO agencies, developers, and internal teams that track the volume of keywords. They process billions of results each month.

41. Simple Htaccess Redirects & Rewrite Generator


Htaccess redirect generator is intended to simplify the most common redirecting scenarios, particularly those used while implementing SEO best practices and recommendations. First, select the required scenario and get a personal code based on your query. Then, it is ready for copying and pasting.

42. Site Analyzer


This tool is rather expensive, but still, many specialists claim that the analyzer cost is reasonable as it provides the required information to the full extent and quickly improves the optimization of certain pages.

43. Siteliner


If your company has a long experience in the market and your content can be duplicated, we recommend using this tool for analyzing each page by keywords. It will show whether there are any similar published materials.

44. Topvisor


It can look out for the keywords, check the positions in the search results, manage advertising campaigns, and analyze websites. The free version does not have many features, but the fee-based offers are very handy.

45. Website Grader by HubSpot


This tool creates reports for any website that include performance analysis, usability, and total score. We recommend trying it out, especially since the service is free.

46. Website Penalty Indicator


Website penalty indicator. Google changes the search algorithm about 600 times a year. Although most changes are non-significant, from time to time, Google releases “main” algorithm updates (such as Google Panda or Google Penguin) that affect the search results. This resource will show whether everything is OK with this website.

47. Whitespark


This tool is useful for SEO specialists who optimize the projects of their customers. It allows collecting and transforming more than 100 keywords on a certain topic. In addition, the software can be synchronized with Google Analytics. This allows tracking what is working well or bad and improving the results.

48. Yoast SEO Plugin


A plugin for configuring SEO parameters on WordPress websites. It is one of the most popular WordPress SEO plugins. It has been downloaded more than 5 mln times, so it is worth trying.

49. AdWord & SEO Keyword Permutation Generator


It is a simple and free keyword variant generator. The keywords are set in 3 columns and then combined into phrases. This tool is very fast and efficient.

50. Answer The Public


A perfect tool for creating reports on press coverage. It is very convenient and allows creating great reports on mass media coverage with large data points to demonstrate campaign efficiency.

51. ClearScope


This tool allows processing search data in real-time mode in a natural language for providing the most precise and up-to-date recommendations. This allows increasing the website rank and attract visitors.

52. FAQfox


This tool detects the wrong resource arrangement and missed business spheres so that you can use another strategy and correct your work.

53. Google Correlate


Google Correlate finds search templates that match with real trends. You need to enter the beginning of the key phrase related to your niche. The service offers many additional variants of continuing this phrase. On the left menu, you can choose the country, analyze regularity, etc.

54. Google Location Changer (SERPs)


The service analyzes certain words for a certain location. It is based on Google data, although this is an external tool. It is useful for location-based businesses such as cafes, barbershops, brick-and-mortar stores, etc.

55. Google Trends


Before starting SEO according to the selected key phrase, it is worth checking it in Google Trends. Maybe the phrase you have not selected has a higher potential, and, vice versa, the taken phrase gradually loses its applicability. This tool allows finding out what do users search for and what is trendy.

56. GrepWords


Grepwords combines a large and up-to-date keyword database with intuitive tools, industry-leading search, and corresponding API interfaces. This makes it the best keyword tool.

57. iSpionage


This tool mainly analyzes SEO keys, but it involves the same algorithms used for selecting phrases for PPC (pay per click) advertising. The service considers analytical data from Google, Bing, and Yahoo! search engines.

58. Jaaxy


Jaaxy is the only keyword platform and researches developed by affiliated marketing specialists for affiliated marketing specialists. There is a legion of time-consuming practical processes in a business. Therefore, keywords and competition research become easy!

59. Keyword Revealer


This tool is used for. Keyword Revealer saves much time for those who wish to find keywords with a low level of competition. Focus your SEO on easily ranked terms with a low complexity level.

60. Keyword Snatcher


This tool will provide you with the longest list of topical keywords. Everything is simple – it analyzes such services as Yahoo!, Amazon, and eBay. This tool provides 10,000 similar keywords for almost any key phrase.

61. Keyworddit


This tool allows entering a keyword and finding the list of corresponding users’ questions. In addition, many of them will provide you with some ideas on keywords that no other tool can provide.

62. KeywordIn


A convenient tool with a user-friendly interface. It is used for selecting phrases arising from the logic of your main keyword. However, so as with other programs, this tool does not show the popularity of selected phrases among the audience, so additional analysis is also required.

63. Keywords Everywhere


Keywords extension is your free tool for selecting keywords. It can be easily installed into Chrome or Firefox. The most pleasant thing is that they display the effective volume of keywords in Google, the price per click, and data about keyword competition on several websites.

64. KeywordTool.io


The tool for prompting keywords is the best decision alternative to Google Keyword Planner and other tools. Moreover, it is free.

65. Kombinator


The easiest way to combine AdWords keywords. Enter the keywords in three fields, select the settings, and press the button. All possible keyword combinations are now displayed in the search results.

66. Long Tail Pro


Long Tail Pro allows finding less competitive keywords that can bring tons of highly convertible traffic in any niche.

67. Power Suggest Pro


Power Suggest Pro is a tool for researching keywords and markets. It uses several search engines for detecting millions of popular target keywords that users enter in search engines every day.

68. SanityCheck


SanityCheck is a product based on manually compiled tables.No no need to calculate figures and draw diagrams manually – SanityCheck will do this automatically. This saves your time, improves the website, and allows obtaining more organic search traffic from Google.

69. SECockpit


SECockpit analyzes a lot of data and summarizes the most important information in a simple review. This allows viewing everything you need to know. For example, if you wish to find out more about a keyword, the full data estimation (including analysis of competitors) is available with a single click.

70. SEMrush


A universal toolbox for digital marketing specialists. Even the free version provides a lot of features for experts. Unlike other services for analyzing competitors, this software shows only the preferential keywords used by the selected website. Enter the link to the competitor’s website in the search bar and get all information you need.

71. SERPStat


Serpstat is a perfect service for copywriters, marketing specialists, SEO, and PPC specialists. No other solution provides such a keyword base and thorough analysis of competitors. It can be used for solving many tasks. Indeed, this is a multifunctional SEO platform for specialists.

72. TwinWord


An AI tool for researching keywords. It uses intelligent filters for fast narrowing of the keyword search. Choose the user’s intention, theme, or template and let the AI program do the rest.

73. Webtexttool


Webtexttool is a platform for creating Web content oriented on the target audience. Webtexttool is based on computer-aided learning and artificial intelligence. This tool allows creating high-quality content for any audience in real-time mode.

74. WordTracker


A tool for efficient market research. It can study competitors’ keywords, find advanced information about PPC and SEO, and Google data. This tool applies a domestic patented search technology.

75. Wordtracker Scout


Scout is a simple Chrome extension that turns the network into a large keyword generator. Choose a successful customer-attractive Web page and reveal the true keywords of your market with a single click.

76. Advanced Web Ranking


Fresh rankings daily, weekly, and by request. For desktop, mobile and local searches. Packed nicely into white-label reports. Accessible from any device.

77. Authority Labs


The search attracts the most visitors to many websites. The understanding of how people access your website is very important. AuthorityLabs gives an understanding of how search engines display the brand in due course. Consumers start with the search and often see the brand in the results.

78. GeoRanker


An unlimited rank and search result tracking for smart marketing specialists. This helps to plan and estimate SEO or PPC strategies. We recommend trying at least the free package.
and fee-based packages

79. Rival IQ


A powerful software that analyzes social media for boosting performance, strategy growth, and saving time. Currently, it is a very important analyzer as social media play a great role in brand promotion.

80. SERPs


Keyword research database. The program analyses certain words for a certain area. The tool is especially important for different businesses.

81. Can I Rank


CanIRank is the first SEO software using AI. It provides not only data but also recommendations. Wish to check how the content is optimized and what ranking chances does it have? Then this service is for you. Also, there is a focus on SEO of certain key phrases, the monthly cost of customer attraction, etc.

82. Google SERP Preview Tool


If you preview it, it would be easier to manage metadata with a certain width (in px) and include bold keywords, the publication data, and advanced fragments into the display. Google SERP preview tool allows visualizing how your metadata will be displayed in Google.

83. LSIGraph


LSI keyword generation that Google LIKES. Using this tool makes it easier to get the most profitable semantically related keywords for all your SEO and fee-based marketing needs.

84. MarketMuse


AI Content Intelligence and Strategy Platform are used for transforming content. This tool reviews the material and compares it with other publications on the Internet. In addition, the service will notify you if you are not using keywords that make SEO quicker and more efficient.

85. MetaTags


This tool allows watching the previews of meta-descriptions easily and for free. It can be used to edit and experiment with your content and then watch how your Web page will look on Google, Facebook, Twitter, etc.

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I also want to recommend an online tool best for SEO – Labrika.
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