How to increase a conversion rate on a website?

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How to Increase the Website Conversion Rate?

The strategy of most online marketing specialists is focused on attracting more visitors to the website. This allows increasing the lead number automatically and improving the website sales volume. Increasing the online platform traffic ranking allows boosting the sales volume. This is how the algorithm of most online marketing companies looks like if put it more bluntly.

But only a few specialists make some efforts for improving the quality of the sales volume, i.e. increasing the website conversion thus strongly benefiting from the existing traffic and the number of prospects that increase all the time. This article is about increasing the website conversion rate.

  • 1 Conversion rate optimization of the main page (homepage)

    • The main page is the store-front of the website. Most visitors pay attention to it. The main page is the icon of your company so the main page CRO should become one of the foremost targets of online marketing specialists.

  • 2 Price page conversion rate optimization

    • The e-commerce conversion rate can be improved by optimizing the CRO of the price page as it serves as the concentration of the marketing “P” Big Five.

      The price allows making the product, presentation and other elements of a unique sales offer more significant.

  • 3 Blog conversion rate optimization

    • Blog development on a website increases its CRO. The materials on this page show the seller’s competency. As there is no direct contact, such materials make a good impression on the visitors.

  • 4 Conversion rate optimization of category, item, cart, order pages

    • Besides the mentioned pages, the CRO of these pages also should be improved. These pages are the most critical ones for the website.

      They generate sales or leads, the visitors make a decision there and perform meaningful co-operation with the website.

20 способов улучшить коэффициент конверсии электронной торговли
  • 1 Easy ordering

    • Reducing the number of steps when making an order is one of the most efficient website CRO methods. This allows cutting the “last mile” distance for a prospect.

  • 2 Heatmaps

    • Regular analysis of customer behavior with heatmaps allows detecting problems and improving the conversion rate. More details about using Plerdy heatmaps here.

  • 3 Feedback

    • Provide a reliable feedback service between the online marketplace and digital platforms for product/service advertising.

  • 4 Simple design

    • Simple and intuitive website design allows a prospect to focus on the main items.

      Often the intention to decorate the projects seriously harms the website usability.

  • 5 Page speed

    • Low website speed wards off buyers no less than a complicated sign-up system. More details about page speed here.

  • 6 Representation proof

    • Feedback, reviews, photos, and videos about the advertised products or services improve the e-commerce conversion rate.

  • 7 Campaigns and bonuses

    • Free shipment, prize and discount coupons, campaigns attract website visitors and improve its conversion.

  • 8 Customer-oriented approach

    • Customers should be able to recover personal accounts that were unused for a long time.

  • 9 Online support service

    • Online (chat) customer support increases conversion.

  • 10 The existing customer feedback system

    • The feedback system should be transparent and not nominal.

  • 11 Purchase stimulation

    • For stimulating an effective action it is recommended to evoke an urgency perception in the customer with decrementing counters, banners, and other similar tools.

  • 12 A/B testing

    • A/B testing often allows finding the most suitable design and content solutions for the conversion rate.

  • 13 High-quality blog

    • A prospect should have a reason to stay on the website as long as possible. This means that the website is interesting to him.

      So a good blog managed on behalf of the project keeps the visitor on the website and increases the e-commerce conversion rate.

  • 14 Good visual material

    • Before running a project please make sure that all images on the website have a high-quality and that the visual imagery is supplemented with videos.

  • 15 Popups

    • Popups stimulate trading platform visitors.

  • 16 CRO sequence

    • It is recommended to improve the conversion from the bottom-of-funnel (BoFu).

  • 17 Traffic structuring

    • Please make sure that the traffic is directed to the target page.

  • 18 Guarantee

    • A product guarantee improves e-commerce conversion.

  • 19 Easy payments

    • Please make sure that the customers can use every possible method of paying for the products or services.

  • 20 Traffic analysis

    • Analyze and segment the traffic all the time.

Что нужно знать о CRO для генерации лидов
  • 1 Optimization for mobile devices

    • More than 50% of consumers do online shopping with their smartphones.

  • 2 “About us/about company” page

    • Use the “About us” page for providing the prospect with the fullest information about the company.

  • 3 Short data acquisition forms

    • Do not collect unnecessary information.

  • 4 Unfavorable “Send” marker

    • “Send” button on the form is too formal. It is recommended to demonstrate the result of the user’s action (e.g., “Get free subscription” or ”Find out more”).

  • 5 Proof

    • It is recommended to publish facts that prove the company competence.

  • 6 Proof of trust

    • Participation in industry-specific associations, voluntary or obligatory certification, and other trust-confirming references increase the website conversion rate.

  • 7 Results/Topical researches/Achievements

    • Publish news about the company’s achievements and its work results regularly. This will prove that the company’s activity is continuous.

  • 8 Readability

    • Texts should be written in a clear and simple language.

  • 9 Page speed

    • Visitors often leave the website due to low page speed. When designing a platform consider that it can be used with a poor Internet connection.

  • 10 A clear and short call to action.

    • The user should clearly understand what to do.

  • 11 User-friendly text typography

    • The texts on the website should be imposed in such a way so that the visitor’s eyes would not be tired after reading the very first lines of the text.

  • 12 Website architecture

    • The website architecture should be designed simply and intuitively.

  • 13 Heatmaps analysis

    • Such analysis will allow finding out where do users click and where do they just move the cursor and do not engage with this element further or when they leave the page.

  • 14 Visitor behavior analysis

    • As has been mentioned above, CRO decisions should be based on researches. Surely, you may pay external companies for website usability audit and conversion,

      but it is recommended to study your audience yourself as Google Analytics and Plerdy provide wide opportunities for this.

Продвинутые советы и лучшие практики CRO
  • 1 Checking the weakest links in the conversion funnel.

    • As a rule, most people focus on the beginning (target page) or end (ordering page). This is a mistake beginners make.

      Focus on eliminating “narrow” areas that, at the same time, serve as the areas of the maximum possible development.

      Make a conversion roadmap and then measure the conversion rate with analytical tools. The optimization steps should be based on analyzing the CRO of each stage.

  • 2 Micro-obligations

    • Often for getting “it all immediately” e-commerce platforms try persuading the customers to accept large obligations (e.g., pay for a yearly subscription or large service package). But this does not work.

      By contrast, the micro-obligation tactic is much stronger. Instead of an offer of an expensive package you can present a trial period with the personalized purchasing of a package in installments or by stages.

  • 3 Cross-oppositions

    • Don’t be afraid of showing customer’s objections on target pages; this can be done if they answer the visitors’ questions.

      Please note that online trading has very limited live dialogue means, so make sure that customers can check out the objections even if this requires a lot of space. The more expensive the product is, the more information is required.

  • 4 “About us” page

    • As the project team members can not introduce themselves personally, the “About us” page should contain maximum information.

      This page should inspire trust towards the company when a prospect reads or watches it.

  • 5 Test chat support

    • For continuing the previous item it can be added that a live chat compensates the lack of live communication in e-commerce, so its features should be used to full extent.

  • 6 AutoComplete fields when making an order

    • The website conversion rate, especially for mobile devices can be increased a lot with AutoComplete fields in obligatory forms.

  • 7 A lot of target pages

    • According to Hubspot, companies with more than 10 target pages generate by 55% more leads than companies with 5 target pages.

      More target pages generate more traffic and create more personalised offers. But you need to make sure that the content is unique.

  • 8 Presence in social media

    • Persuade users to share their purchases on Facebook, Instagram, and other social media. This provides referral sales and increases the brand awareness.