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July 14, 2022 at 3:30 p.m. (GMT+1, London time)
a free virtual event

about the event

Top SEO experts are gathering at our virtual SEO party to talk about the hottest trends in SEO in 2022 and share their tips & tricks on how to handle SEO like a pro! Discover the best solutions to your SEO problems - live speaking sessions and demonstrations from top-level experts.

The conference will be helpful for those who:

  1. Are just starting with the SEO and want to find their way around
  2. Own an online business and want to improve its organic performance and presence
  3. Call themselves "senior SEO specialists" and want to keep their finger on the pulse of SEO trends
Marta Rogach

Host and moderator

Marta believes that SEO isn’t about gaming the system; it’s about learning how to play by the rules. That’s why she is managing the virtual events, webinars, creating educational materials to help marketers and business owner to master their SEO.

Marta has a marketing background and is responsible for making more people know what Plerdy is and why they need to start using it.

5 gurus of SEO
3+ hours of practical suggestions and examples
Unlimited questions for speakers

share their experience with SEO nuances and cases


Craig Campbell has been in the Digital Marketing space for 20 years. Going from Freelancer, to agency owner, and now focusses on Affiliate Marketing using his SEO experience to make money.

Head of SEO

Malte Landwehr is Head of SEO at idealo, the leading price comparison site in multiple European markets. Previously he spent 5 years at Searchmetrics as VP Product, worked in a management consultancy, conducted social media research at WWU, and co-founded the agency seoFactory with offices in Germany and on Crete. When Malte is not sharing knowledge on online marketing and product management, he is either binging Netflix or accidentally killing his house plants.

Sr. SEO Specialist

Mason Yu is Sr. SEO Specialist at ClickUp where he manages the co-marketing program and linkbuilding efforts. He was a former violinist & co-founder of the internationally award-winning Omer Quartet. Mason fell into digital marketing in 2018, freelancing for clients between rehearsals and concerts.

Sr. SEO Success Manager

Colton Miller is the Sr. SEO Success Manager at Quattr. He has 12 years of experience in selling, servicing, supporting, and strategizing SEO. He has dealt with thousands of sites across hundreds of verticals and has also helped create and define scaled solutions for hundreds of thousands of SMBs and enterprise clients alike. Colton writes about SEO, search engine insights, and algorithm updates. He is always available for questions or comments on Twitter @BigCSEO feel free to connect!

Director of seo

Kevin Indig is the SEO Director @Shopify, creator of the Growth Memo newsletter and host of the Tech Bound podcast. Before Shopify, he ran SEO & Content as VP @G2 and Head of SEO @Atlassian.

Craig Campbell
  • Topical Clustering
  • Buying and Selling Digital Assets
  • How to scale
  • Content Strategy
  • Link Building
Malte Landwehr
  • Ever wondered why Elon Musk and Boris Johnson say or do weird things?
  • In at least 3 cases it was a ploy to manipulate Google Autocomplete suggestions and Google search results.
  • Malte takes a look at their techniques and successes.
Mason Yu

Q&A style session. Can discuss or focus on any of these topics

  • Account-based link building (hyper targeted, long term partners) - benefits beyond links
  • Building topical authority in content through contributorship & partners. HARO, Terkel, etc
  • Surround Sound link building & visualizing SERP real estate
  • What I learned going from local, client SEO to in-house enterprise SEO
  • Outreach tips

Of course, I do/have done keyword research, content strategy, optimization, and reports too. Since I don't know the level of the audience, we could talk about more tactical & foundational things too. But the above is what I am currently focused on the above in my day-to-day.

Colton Miller
  • Large and enterprise sites require a different approach to SEO and are often seen as ‘too big to control’ in search engines.
  • One of the most effective ways to establish site stability and control in search is by monitoring search trends and competitors in relation to the brand's presence in search.
  • Understanding who shows up for what and where in organic search can inform the strengths and weaknesses of large and enterprise sites.
  • With this insight, SEOs and marketing teams can confidently strategize, plan, and allocated precious resources and time to the most important needs for search growth.
  • Ongoing SERP monitoring helps teams and brands control their presence in search which was once thought impossible.
Kevin Indig
  • Coming soon
follow the link to join seo_party online:

register_to_next_party and get — a report on seo trends in 2022
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  • 1. What is an SEO party?
    • "SEO Party" is a free conference after visiting which you can improve your website's organic performance, as well as learn new tricks related to SEO from experienced specialists.
  • 2. Who will find this conference valuable and interesting?
    • Junior/middle/senior SEO specialists;
    • Marketers and CRO specialists;
    • Owners and managers of online stores;
    • Online retail representatives;
    • Representatives of marketing and PR agencies;
  • 3. Where and when will the conference take place?
    • The conference will be held online on 14.07.2022 at … p.m.
    • To receive an invitation to participate in the conference, register through the form on this page, and wait for a successful registration confirmation letter on your email.
    • On the day of the conference, you will receive a link to the online broadcast 30 minutes before the start.
  • 4. How much does the ticket cost?
    • The conference is FREE, provided that you have pre-registered.
  • 5. Will the recordings be available?
    • The registered participants will receive a recording of the conference.
  • 6. What do I need to access the online conference?
    • Only your laptop or desktop computer and a stable Internet connection.
    • You can also attend the conference from your smartphone!
  • 7. Will I be able to ask the speakers my questions?
    • Of course! After the presentation, each speaker will be given 10 minutes to answer the questions from the audience.
  • 8. If I'm not an SEO specialist, can I join?
    • Of course! If you are passionate about digital marketing, online businesses, eager to be up to date with the latest trends in the digital world, or are looking for some inspiration and your path in life - we invite you to attend the event.