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Plerdy is a multifunctional SaaS product for an improvement of UX/UI websites with an aim to increase conversion
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  • Conversion Growth

    Comprehensive approach to increase website and online store conversion

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    Automatization of work processes, elimination of human errors

  • Data Security

    We guarantee privacy of information: our service uses SSL encryption technologies

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    Easy integration with your website, data update

  • Revenue Increase

    Conversion growth and revenue increase based on received data

  • Effective Promotional Campaigns

    Innovative solutions for more effective internet marketing strategies

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What’s the practical use of Plerdy for e-commerce websites?

Usually, e-commerce projects work in a highly competitive environment. Internet marketers and SEO specialists use different tools for testing new solutions, optimization, an improvement of behavioral factors, and an increase of conversion rate optimization.

Among all tools, Plerdy takes a special place. Its main task is to improve CRO mainly by means of the heatmap. The statistics collected is especially important for e-commerce projects.

C Can you do a usability audit with Plerdy?

Marketers and designers usually use individual sets of tools for usability audits. They consist of a website analysis, monitoring users’ behavior, website speed test, etc.

It’s impossible to complete a comprehensive usability audit without Plerdy since it allows you to analyze users’ behavior on a website. The information collected helps to improve decisions regarding changes in website design.


How does Plerdy improve CRO?

Conversion of e-commerce sites usually consists of many indicators. They include the total amount of clicks on pages, the number of visits versus the amount of sales, and other.

The website heatmap shows information about interaction with the most popular components of a website and helps to make decisions regarding optimization of buttons, fields, navigation elements, images, and even content. A specialist doing the usability audit sees the weakest elements of design and makes relevant changes or suggests additional testing to increase conversion.


How to install Plerdy?

Installing Plerdy is easy. You just need to start from registering on the dashboard. You will be explained 3 simple steps of pasting a script on your website. The total installation time is 1 minute.

Right in a minute it will start to collect clicks on the website.


How are data collected on the dashboard?

After pasting a script, Plerdy collects data about clicks. The information can be viewed both in real time and in the table on the dashboard. A user will see clicks on main elements of the website, traffic, types of devices, and users’ countries.

Plerdy’s clients stay aware of how their e-commerce websites are perceived by users and what target actions are taken by them. Such information can be useful for a comprehensive usability audit since it makes page optimization easier and helps to increase a conversion rate.

H How to analyze users’ behavior with Plerdy?

Plerdy allows to see a website from users’ perspective. Statistics of clicks on different components (including custom tags) makes it possible to do a professional analysis of users’ behavior. And this makes it possible to improve the website.

In a while after installing Plerdy, for example, a month, you can analyze results. Then you can identify the most and the least effective components of the website. Relying on statistics, you can detect anomalies on the website and prepare a plan of further CRO.


How to improve conversion rate optimization for online stores by means of Plerdy?

Plerdy is a tool that makes it easy to increase conversion for online stores and e-commerce sites. What’s necessary for it is to analyze users’ behavior on key pages (categories, product cards, the cart) and make a sales funnel. If it looks like a cylinder, it means users go through all of stages without obstacles. But in fact, it happens very rarely. That’s why in most of cases, the funnel looks like a upside down cone consisting of a few layers. If a certain layer has low conversion rate, it’s necessary to find out on which pages it happens and identify the main cause.

It’s very possible that users don’t make the next step in an online store (and in the sales funnel) because of misunderstanding design, absence of hints, and weak calls to action. It can be identified in a usability audit.