Track, analyze, and make your visitors convert into buyers
  • All clicks on the website are recorded and displayed in real time.

    Clicks are shown on website dynamic elements, menus, sliders, etc.

    Use over 40 reports and features to analyze website user behavior.

    heatmap tools
  • Quick customization of versatile popup forms without the help of developers and designers.

    Keep users from cart abandonment with a motivating popup.

    Display popups to make a special offer to website visitors.

    smart popup forms
  • Continuously receive critical SEO data from your website pages.

    Track the state of the most important SEO tags and keywords on your website pages.

    View data separately for mobile and PC website versions to get the most out of Google’s mobile-first indexing model.

  • Understand how your visitors behave on the website.

    Identify issues with your website UX design and performance.

    Record how users interact with website elements.

    visitors session recordings
Thousands of companies trust us
Kate Tserkovna
Web Analyst TemplateMonster

Plerdy Service is an indispensable assistant to the UX specialist and online marketer. It allows you to easily and quickly identify key elements on the page, draw the user's attention to important and remove unnecessary elements.

The key advantage is the ability to track interactions with dynamic elements on the page: drop-down menu, pop-up forms, etc. Across all pages, clicks automatically begin to be collected from the moment the code is installed on the site. It is very easy and simple to install through the Google Tag Manager.

To view statistics, you need to go to the website from your account once. Further, you can filter and view the necessary data using only the service menu that opens, which significantly saves time when searching for insights.

Another advantage is the technology of data collection, which does not slow down the loading of the site. It also sets the service apart from the competition.

Lyubov Pryschepa
Digital Marketing Specialist

Good services work with clients that have no questions or complaints. Great services are always there to listen to their customers’ pains and view challenges as an opportunity for growth rather than something negative.

Plerdy is an example of such a service. During our cooperation, none of our questions were ignored, and we always received feedback and felt that the team was ready to hear us.

There are no companies that offer a product with such functionality in the market. Moreover, Plerdy could easily beat its internationational competitors, too, when it comes to cost-effectiveness.

Best regards, Ladislaus Sydnev
Conversion department manager

Plerdy is a must-have service for any internet marketer who wants to know all the actions users complete on a website. Its click heatmap is probably the best among the similar products of competitors since no other service provides statistics on modal windows, drop-down menus, and other drop-down website elements.

For us, it was enough to use this service in the trial mode for 2 weeks to end up installing it on all our customers’ websites and using for CRO purposes.

Plerdy helps us to come up with many insights and new ideas on every project, some of which we have never had before. Therefore, we strongly recommend it to all website owners and their marketers.

Antony Woronuk
Head of the Academy of Internet Marketing "WebPromoExperts"
I highly recommend the service to all who struggles with website improvements, conversion, and understanding of content effectiveness.
What’s in it:
  • Tracking of page scrolls. It’s a very useful thing for lazy people who always postpone its setup in Google Analytics or GTM. Our blog editor in chief was very pleased by this function.
  • Regular scrollmaps and heatmaps from metrics. Work perfectly.
  • A convenient division by sources of traffic on all pages.
  • An option of tagging and precise statistics of the tags set.
Tarry Horbatyuk
Quite a helpful service for UX/UI designers and marketers.
  • It is easily installed through Google Tag Manager and has a convenient and clear interface.
  • I liked the smart form builder function. The service is a good replacement for the form analytics and click maps offered by Yandex.Metrica.
  • I also liked that forms can be integrated with different email services (MailChimp, eSputnik, etc.) The heatmap allows to see how your visitors interact with a site, so you can improve website usability and conversion based on these data.
  • The heatmap allows to see how your visitors interact with a site, so you can improve website usability and conversion based on these data.
Igor Stolnitsky
CEO, Horoshop
Plerdy tools:
  • Will come in handy for marketers who understand what is website usability and why it is necessary to care about conversion rates.
  • Allow you to assess design elements visibility and text readability.
  • In professional hands work like a scalpel in the hands of a surgeon: You can operate with incredible accuracy, but this requires knowledge and certain experience.

Conversion Rate Optimization Tools in one CRO platform

  • Simple installation

    The one-time installation that only takes 30 seconds

  • Cost efficiency

    Many free functions for marketing beginners

  • Data security

    The data transfer is protected with SSL technology

  • Efficiency

    Click reports are created instantly for conversion rate optimization

  • Speed

    The installed script doesn’t overload your website

  • Website improvement

    Build hypotheses to analyze and optimize your conversion rate

  • Additional metrics

    Assess usability based on heatmap data and analyze the effectiveness of smart pop-up forms using the CTR

  • Integration

    Easily integrate Plerdy with other online services

  • Cross-platform

    Enjoy seamless work in all popular browsers and with all popular screen resolutions

Increase sales everyday
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