February 25, 2021 at 1:30 p.m. (GMT+2)
a free virtual event

about event

The mission of the "CRO&UX Party" conference is to help online business owners and marketers improve e-commerce indicators (conversion, average check, positions) through proper user research (their behavior and desires).

The conference will be useful for those who:

  1. Just start their way in online business and want to scale in the future.
  2. Own an online business and want to improve the conversion rate.
  3. Help companies improve UX and want to learn new tricks from gurus.
8 speakers with the world's experience in UX&CRO
5+ hours of practical suggestions and examples
500+ online viewers during the conference

share their experience with UX & CRO nuances and cases

VP Performance Marketing

27+ years strategizing and producing traditional & digital marketing communications (internal and external) for local, national and international companies and organizations. Had the honor of working with, M&M/Mars, Countrywide, Kwikset, GE and UPS as a Senior Producer at TGIF Productions before starting Simmonet Marketing in 2001.

Head of Research & Development

Experienced, multi-discipline digital marketing professional, predominantly specializing in SEO (technical and international). He has worked with a wide variety of companies, from LSE listed major British brands, to pioneering unicorn tech start-ups in San Francisco. In the Search Engine Journal Top 140 for 2018 & 2019.

Founder & CEO

Craig is the Founder & CEO of leading internet optimization agency Trinity. Trinity is a four time Inc. 5000 company and was previously recognized as one of the ten fastest growing companies in Philadelphia by INC. Magazine. He has been quoted discussing web optimization in the Wall Street Journal, Stores Magazine, Internet Retailer, and Practical eCommerce.


Helps digital agencies scale as CTO. Former Yahoo search engine engineer. Amplifys exposure and sales of successful entrepreneurs via systems, analytics, and young adults certified in our digital marketing training. Partners with universities, the military, DigitalMarketer, and GoDaddy to create jobs.

Oleg Slyusarchuk Head of Product Design

Currently leading Product Design Office (Team of 50 designers) in Ukrainian Software company Eleks. Acting Experience designer. Main activities: Product discovery and design phases in Europe (Germany, UK), US, Middle East. Service design, in-field researches, custom product development.


Igor leads a team of experts in the Conversion Rate Optimization agency ConversionRate.Store. He focuses on analytics, UX and A/B testing. Over the past 5 years, his team optimized over 80 clients’ websites from 24 different countries including the USA, Germany, UK, and Australia. His clients include Microsoft, Macpaw, Genesis, and

Denis Studennikov Head of UX/UI department

Head of UX/UI department in Turum-burum. We increase the income of online stores using UX/UI solutions based on web analytics and business analysis data. We trust the numbers so much that we are ready to tie our income to the % of KPI increase.

Sophia Yakovlieva Expert Plerdy

Plerdy Business Development Manager. Expert analysis of user behavior data on site pages. Helps implement Plerdy for companies and partners at various levels. Host of the YouTube channel Plerdy "Interview with a digital marketing expert".

Igor Sokolov
  • How to create strong hypotheses and pre-validate them before A/B tests.
  • How to fragment user intent to identify hidden unaddressed pains and use them to maximize the visitor-to-lead CR.
  • How to improve your hypothesis as a result of unsuccessful A/B test.
  • A case study for where we created a new pricing plan that generated 6.6% uplift in the ARPU.
  • A case study for where we identified a poorly addressed critical user concern and generated a strong UX solution that led to 28.3% uplift in the ARPU.
Denis Studennikov
  • Three main principles of enhancing your website in 2021
  • How to improve eCommerce KPI without increasing your PPC and SEO budget
  • Step-by-step improvements by ESR: The essence of the approach
  • Intertop, Infoshina, ARGO: Examples of an increase in the transaction rate by 74%, micro-conversion by 85%, macro-conversion by 200%
Grant Simmons

In 2019 launched a new design, new platform, and new features on one of the largest real estate portals in the US There were some big lessons learned.

  • Targeting --- key audience selections
  • Testing --- data vs opinion
  • Timing --- when are you ready
  • Trust --- Google understanding of changes

Learn from the big guys what works, what doesn't and why you should care.

Oleg Slyusarchuk
  • User research methodologies
  • Usability testing and audit
  • Usability issues of the products for Arabic and Japanese market
Dan Taylor
  • An analysis of Google's patents and documentation with regards to UX elements,
  • Everything Googlers have publicly said around UX and it's relationship to SEO,
  • A summary of tests and experiments around UX,
  • How Core Web Vitals ties into UX.
Craig Smith
  • New approaches to web optimization
  • Exact examples of UX changes within tests and the exact impact
  • Examples of tests that did not win but saved development resources
  • A framework for managing a research based conversion optimization program
  • Insights into low cost tools to help optimize your site
Sophia Yakovlieva
  • What has changed and why is this happening?
  • Generation Z and what are the differences?
  • How does Generation Z see the site?
  • What to do next to improve UX and CRO?
  • What are the facts of user behavior?
Dennis Yu
  • SEO
  • Competitive analysis
  • Facebook ads
  • Google Search Console
find uх_
  • 1. What is "CRO&UX Party"?
    • "CRO&UX Party" is a free conference after visiting which you can improve the performance of e-commerce and the website, as well as learn new tricks related to UX testing from experienced specialists.
  • 2. Who will find this conference useful and interesting?
    • Owners and managers of online stores;
    • Online retail representatives;
    • Would-be and experienced UI/UX designers;
    • Marketers and CRO specialists;
    • In-house specialists in promotion (SEO, PPC);
    • Representatives of marketing and PR agencies;
  • 3. Where and when will the conference take place?
    • The conference will be held online on 25.02.2021 at 1:30 p.m.
    • In order to receive an invitation to participate in the conference, register through the form on this page, and wait for a successful registration confirmation letter on your email.
    • On the day of the conference, you will receive a link to the online broadcast 30 minutes before the start.
  • 4. How much does the ticket cost?
    • The conference is FREE, provided that you have pre-registered.
  • 5. Will report recordings be available?
    • The registered participants will receive a recording of the conference.
  • 6. What do I need to access the online conference?
    • Only your laptop or desktop computer and a stable Internet connection.
    • You can also attend the conference from your smartphone!
  • 7. Will I be able to ask questions to the speakers?
    • Of course! After the report, the speaker will try to answer all your questions within 10 minutes.
  • 8. If I'm not a practitioner, can I join?
    • Of course! If you are passionate about the design/promotion of an online business, eager to be on-trend, or are looking for your place in the world, we invite you to attend the event.