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  • 2000 pageviews/day
  • 3 pages
  • Storage of data 5 days
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Per Month

  • 10000 pageviews/day
  • All pages
  • data storage - three months
  • Unlimited Custom tags
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Per Month

  • 25000 pageviews/day
  • All pages
  • data storage - six months
  • Unlimited Custom tags
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  • 50000 pageviews / day
  • All pages
  • data storage - six months
  • Unlimited Custom tags
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Main features

  • Setting up through the Google Tag Manager or placing the code before the closing tag body, takes 30 seconds of time.
  • These clicks are collected and displayed in real time.
  • Ability to view all data in tabular form.
  • Blocking of IP users.
  • View clicks on a website in real time.
  • Separation of clicks on PC, smartphone, tablet.
  • The ability to access the account through the site, just open the menu bar with the combination of ctrl + alt + h
  • Keep clicks for 6 months
  • See what channel of traffic clicks come from
  • Track custom tags
  • The accuracy of the data is 99%
  • Simple settings, no programmers required, quicker and more convenient than Google Tag Manager
  • The functional set is constantly being improved

Plerdy Service for Digital Agencies and Freelancers

Plerdy Heatmap is a tool for a convenient analysis of user behavior on a website.

Plerdy will help digital agencies and freelancers, who work with several projects simultaneously, to collect click statistics on the dashboard.

It is convenient because you can add all your clients and view reports online.

Advantages of Plerdy for digital agencies and freelancers:
  • Unlimited amount of clients
  • Unlimited amount of reports
  • Data storage according to package terms
  • Providing information online
  • Participation in the referral programme (getting 10% from every payment made by customers you involved).