Event and Goal Tracking

Event and Goal Tracking is one of the Plerdy tools designed for tracking specific user activities on a website. You can configure events to record user interactions with forms, images, videos, buttons, scroll bars, Ajax content, and other web page elements. Unlike alternative analytics software that only counts page views, Event and Goal Tracking enables you to focus on the selected objects. This helps to record user behavior within website pages to detect each and every important interaction. Besides, you can always synchronize all recorded events with Google Analytics for advanced data analysis. Just 1 second and 1 click. No extra settings.

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What are the key benefits of Plerdy event tracking?

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Why is event tracking important?

After all, every website is meant for making visitors complete a specific action. You want them to click a button, watch a promotional video, follow a link, or reach any other goal that in the long run, will bring you profit.

The Event and Goal Tracking feature helps to understand what actions users take on their conversion path. You can either verify the effectiveness of your current design solutions or detect the problems that increase the bounce rate. You can also notice what website elements distract visitors from the most critical CTA, content, and interactive elements. In the course of tracking, it may turn out that a useless image gets more attention than an Order Now button.

That’s how Event and Goal Tracking enables you to build a unique conversion funnel tailored to your business needs. You get a chance to increase a specific kind of user activity depending on what you want. It’s an outstanding tracking functionality that other analytics tools cannot provide.

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