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Discover simpler data analysis methods and learn to generate detailed reports effortlessly, starting today.

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Plerdy’s analytics Event and Goal Tracking Tool

Track specific visitor and user actions on your site. Swiftly tailor events, monitor interactions, and enhance user engagement with your:

Forms (like pop-ups or email subscription forms)
Website images
Product photos
Onsite videos
Call-to-action (CTA) buttons
Ajax content
Trending interactive gamification
Other page elements

Trusted by some of the world's largest enterprises

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Experience the functionality and practicality of our Event Tracking tool.

Marketers appreciate these features and advantages, making our tools a preferred choice. Plerdy’s time-saving and forward-thinking metrics give your online business a bright future. We know you’re busy. Therefore, we made it as easy as possible. Sign up with Plerdy and begin real-time tracking instantly. Seamlessly analyze user behavior and data gathered from your website traffic. Easily manage your data, so that you can focus on your key business priorities.

Andrew Chorny CEO at Plerdy

Andrew Chornyy, Founder and CEO at Plerdy

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Additionally, our advanced Plerdy tools boast compatibility with both Google Analytics 4.

Plerdy installation only takes seconds.

You’ll get necessary info for successfully performing and tracking your advanced website traffic data analysis—located right in your easy-to-understand dashboard.

Plerdy’s Event Tracking Tool is code-free and more user-friendly than ever.

But these aren't the only reasons major brands favor Plerdy.

Let’s cover a few advantages that make our valuable Event and Goal Tracking tool stand out from other sub-par analysis options.

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No coding necessary

There's no need for additional website setting adjustments

Avoids interference with your existing HTML code

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Event Tracking Tool Advantages

Our Event Tracking tool showcases both functionality and practicality. These advantages and features get marketers excited to use our tools. Plerdy’s time-saving and forward-thinking metrics give your online business a bright future. We know you’re busy. Therefore, we made it as easy as possible.

Once you sign up with Plerdy, immediately start your real-time tracking. Effortlessly analyze data/user behavior collected from your website traffic. Easily manage your data, so that you can focus on your key business priorities.

Let’s take a deep dive into Plerdy’s micro/macro advantages below:

Macro- and Micro-events Tracking

Use our Plerdy tool to identify macro- and micro-events that affect your users’ experience. These updates stream your data in real time. Immediately see when your users:
Submit forms Subscribe Leave your page

Detailed User Behavior Data

Set up and receive detailed analysis reports from Plerdy’s Event and Goal Tracking tool which automatically displays your users’ interactions with a particular: Item Link Element Our data helps improve your website information and visuals. Then, your users stay engaged with your web content and become loyal, lifetime fans.

Event Prioritization

Build powerful hypotheses and create specific targeted events to avoid getting lost amidst your data set. Example: Step 1: Investigate: Take a look through your store’s “search” results. Then, see which element people click the most. Step 2: Solution: With that data, you'll be able to improve your page clicks with new element designs or CTA.

Sync with Google Analytics 4

Easily sync your Event and Goal Tracking tool with Google Analytics 4. Simply, go to your site’s settings and check the box to transfer the events. This also works automatically when Google Analytics is installed via Google Tag Manager. However, you will still need to configure the trigger according to the provided instructions though.

 Event Tracking Tool

 Event Tracking Tool

Our Event and Goal Tracking tool displays your users’ site behavior as they go through the conversion funnel

You can evaluate your website design and functionality to identify problems that increase "unnecessary click" rates. You can also see which website elements distract your visitors from the most important CTA, content, and interactive elements. For example, a random image in a place that’s unnatural attracts more attention from your visitors than an "Order Now" button in the correct place.

Marta - 0001

Marta Rogach,
Business Development Lead
at Plerdy

The Importance of Tracking Events

Each website aims to ensure that your user performs a certain valuable action such as:

Pressing your banner button

Adding a product to their cart, wish list, or item comparison

Following a link

Performing other actions that affect micro- or macro-goals that are profitable

Clicking on a filter or sort

Using tabs, sliders, or other dynamic elements

Event Tracking Tool Advantages

Historical Data

Plerdy keeps track of your user interaction history in a log and whenever you need your data history, a detailed report will be readily available. Just create a new event in your Plerdy account.

Data Aggregation

The Event and Goal Tracking tool automatically summarizes your users’ mouse clicks on each site’s child HTML element (i.e., elements nested within another element). This will easily organize your analysis better. Moreover, the activity tracking data will be readily available in your analysis report for elements with an image, name, price, etc.

Automatic Event Data Summary

Our tool tallies every click users make on all your elements. For instance, if twenty users click the “Add to Cart” button, the Event and Goal Tracking tool will report twenty clicks for this button. Benefit from quicker analysis by concentrating on the most crucial data.

Data Segmentation

You can analyze your site’s overall statistics for each event in your analysis report. Also, you can configure filters to track how different metrics change over a selected period. It’s always necessary to assess the overall user behavior on your webpage and develop strategies to improve engagement. —This helps cut down time-consuming routine data processing.
For example, you should analyze your data separately for devices and traffic channels. —Since every user is unique, group-based data analysis can significantly enhance your site's user experience.

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