Creator of smart forms


Create pop-ups without designers and programmers


The creator of forms is necessary for:

Lead generation
By means of the forms creator, it is possible to generate leads on your own website. It can be information about current promotions, subscription for emails or webinar.

Attraction to products and services
The creator of forms makes it possible to showcase your products or services. Choose the time when a user will see your banner and the showcase page.

Improvements of sales
Increase sales by means of promotions and discounts. The forms creator influences a conversion increase and sales.

Advantages of the forms creator

Easy to create

To put a banner on your website, you don’t need to be a programmer or designer. It’s enough to paste Plerdy’s script and go to your dashboard. Choose the shape, number of fields, comments, additional banner settings.

Wide range of visual templates

Apart from the general look of a banner, you can choose any of the available cross-platform templates. Select design of windows that suit your website the most.

Data and statistics

On the dashboard you will have information leads from your website and the interaction with a banner. Track how many time a form is shown, the number of sent and closed banners. By means of such statistics, it is easier to see effectiveness of a promotion.

The creator of forms is a good way to increase conversion by means of:

Proper templates
Choose the look for a banner on your website or blog in the collection of templates.
Mobile coding
Mobile traffic is growing rapidly. Every form is optimized for mobile devices.
Setting goals by pages
Set conditions for showing a banner.