Smart PopUp form builder


Create pop-ups without designers and programmers


The smart form builder helps to:

Generate leads
Use the smart form builder to generate leads on your website. For example, you can provide information about ongoing promotions or offer newsletter or webinar subscriptions.

Present your products and services
The smart form builder allows you to showcase your products or services. Choose the time of display and a showcase page.

Improve sales
An advantage of dynamic windows is their individual customization based on users. You can select an optimum device type, timing, conditions (before or after leaving a page), and location (a page, a title, or a group of pages) for the display of an offer window. Unlike ordinary banners, pop-ups get 100% attention.

Increase the number of subscribers
With smart forms, you can offer your potential customers to subscribe to updates or register for a certain event. Just use one of the available forms designed to collect email addresses or phone numbers.

Run promotions and sales
Tell about your special offers (promotions, sales) using dynamic banners. Invite website visitors to pages detailing some appealing offers and increase your conversion.

Advantages of smart forms

Easy to create. Easy to edit.

You don’t need design or programming skills to add and edit forms on your website. Just paste the script once and go to the Smart forms section of your personal Plerdy dashboard. There you can individually choose a type of the form, set it and turn on.

Collect data. Analyze results

The dashboard of Plerdy includes information about the leads collected with dynamic forms. Track how many times your forms are displayed as well as the ratio of sent data to closed banners. Such statistics greatly helps to see the efficiency of every offer made.

Connect to other services

For quick integration with other email services and CRM systems, Plerdy supports an API connection. Collected leads are automatically sent to the dashboards of email services, which significantly simplifies the work with newsletter lists.

The smart form builder is a great way to increase conversion with:

Optimized solution
The script doesn’t overload or slow down your website
Smart forms seamlessly work in all known browsers and with all popular screen resolutions
Easy installation
The installation takes 30 seconds. You can use smart forms right after the script is installed

Works With Email Services & CRM

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