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Design dynamic and impactful website pop-up forms with the Plerdy pop-up software.

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Plerdy’s pop-up Software

Maximize the effectiveness of Plerdy pop-up software with tailored messages, optimized landing pages, and compelling calls-to-action. Collect website visitor feedback. Improve conversions, increase sales, and conduct surveys.

No need to hire developers and designers.
Transform your website visitors into subscribers, potential customers, and loyal users with our engaging pop-up forms.

Trusted by some of the world's largest enterprises

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Who Benefits From Plerdy’s Pop-Up Software

Website owners and marketers use Plerdy’s pop-up tool to:
  • Increase sales
  • Improve user satisfaction
  • Create effective conversion funnels
Higher conversion rates lead to more sales. Plerdy pop-up software:
  • Helps visitors navigate
  • Decreases bounce rates
  • Encourages purchases
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Using Plerdy’s Pop-Up Software Effectively

Plerdy pop-up software’s effective with the right message, landing page, and call-to-action. Collect website visitor feedback. Improve conversions, increase sales, and conduct surveys.


Plerdy pop-up software offers three survey options: NPS (Net Promoter Score), emoji reaction reviews, and open-ended questions:

  • Improve your visitor user experience
  • Increase sales
  • Engage directly with customers using interactive pop-ups
  • Identify website customer likes and dislikes
  • Discover customer hang-ups during shopping and checkout experiences

Create perfect user journeys using Plerdy pop-ups and optimize front-end website functions.

Increase sales

Plerdy’s pop-up software displays alternative options. Define groups of URLs for a pop-up displays: recommend similar items for "out of stock” products.

Google Ads Remarketing

Divide your audience into two categories.

Visitors who:

  • Closed pop-up forms
  • Clicked pop-up form call-to-action button
  • Target your most engaged visitors using remarketing banners with Plerdy’s Google Analytics integration.

Offers and discounts

Overcrowded website pages cause users to overlook relevant promo messages. Highlight special offers with pop-up forms.

Abandoned carts

Shoppers don't purchase during every browsing session. Cart abandonment happens for various reasons. Offer discounts or promotions using Plerdy pop-up software right when visitors intend to bounce. Instead, Plerdy pop-ups inspire visitors to complete their purchases.

Larger email base

Efficiently collect emails and enhance engagement on your blog articles with Plerdy's Pop-Up software. Pop-up traffic channels successfully increase potential customer numbers.


Use Plerdy pop-up video forms to:

  • Offer website visitors meetings/calls
  • Display services
  • Specify product benefits
  • Hold live online presentations


Offer visitors segmented products to filter search criteria. Example: “Shop for him, shop for her, shop non-binary.” Launch tailor-fit email marketing campaigns per segment.

Lead magnets

B2B niches generate lead magnets through specific content: case studies, reports, analyses, checklists, instructions, etc. Customers exchange emails for exclusive access to offers. Collect emails, increase your sales funnel leads, and optimize your target audience.


When shoppers search for items, show similar discounted products using Plerdy pop-ups. Increase sales and improve user experience.

User groups

Plerdy pop-up form software provides targeted marketing by configuring messages and segmenting users into specific groups per device and traffic channel:

  • Reward newly registered users with discount codes
  • Promote special offers to repeat customers
  • Offer deals on previously purchased products that customers already love

Wheel of Fortune

Launch fun gamified website pop-ups to award gifts, discounts, or prizes with pop-up deals to boost visitor purchases.


Invite target audiences to webinars or conferences. Lead generation increases website traffic.


Clearly explain each product feature to seamlessly assimilate target audiences into your SaaS products and other tools.

 Pop-Up Software Pop-Up Software

 Pop-Up Software Pop-Up Software

Discover Plerdy's Ready-Made Pop-Up Software Solutions

Choose pop-up forms depending on task and improvement goals:

Form Designer

Teaser buttons invite users to click and fill out pop-up “contact forms.” Add events to customize your pop-up form fields. Handle individual tasks Solve atypical occurrences Example: customers can opt-in for email notifications when out-of-stock items become available.

Promotional Form

Create pop-up forms with a call-to-action button leading to your landing page. Plerdy’s template focuses your target audience toward: Special promotions Deals Offers Discounts Sales

Increase Emails

Collect usernames and emails utilizing Plerdy’s ready-made pop-up form solution. Customize fields to gather subscribers quickly.

Collect telephone numbers with our user information form

User info template forms contain two fields: Name Phone number Add events: like “Request Call Back” buttons.

Video Form

Upload (up to) 30-second vertical pop-up videos. Avoid disrupting visitors/content visibility by displaying pop-up forms at the bottom left or right screen locations- Example 1, Example 2.

Add Your Own Banner

Display your own website banner (png, jpg, webp, gif) using Plerdy’s pop-up software. Plerdy’s perfect for branded websites to entice target audiences with visual solutions.

Consumer Loyalty Index (CLI).

Gather feedback using Plerdy’s pop-up numerical ranking system (1 through 10): Assess customer loyalty Analyze user likes/dislikes

Customer Satisfaction Score (CSAT)

Get customer reviews utilizing Plerdy’s website emoji pop-up form. Visitors select emojis to evaluate their experience. Collect feedback Assess user satisfaction levels

Customer Effort Score (CES)

Ask questions and create multiple-choice answers. Plerdy’s CES pop-up form Identifies necessary improvements.

Wheel of Fortune

Create promotional offers and reward users with special gifts when they click your call-to-action button and complete form fields with Plerdy pop-up software.

Pop-Up Software Pricing

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Pop-Up Form Software Set Up

Easily configure pop-up forms settings:

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Form Editing

Pop-up Form Description

Add perfect messages for your target audience

Edit Form Elements

Change pop-up form field names

Privacy Information

Add links for privacy/terms of use

Message After Submitting

Add "Thank you" messages. Link your social media pages

Choose Your Form Background Color

Show pop-up forms with/without backgrounds

Pop-up Form Images

Stunning images increase conversion rates

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Form Display Settings

Shortcut Button Settings

Display Plerdy’s pop-up form by activating Shortcut Button settings for sidebars or minimalist buttons.

Pop-up Timing

Configure how many seconds your pop-up form will appear after visitors:

  • Land on-site
  • Browse specific pages
  • Perform certain actions
  • Make a move to click the X button
Traffic Groups

Segment users by:

  • Traffic channel groups
  • Traffic channels
  • New/returning visitors
Where to Show

Add specific URL pages, choose pop-up form display locations, or enter the key into the title. Easily segment and define target audiences.

Form placement

Choose your exact pop-up form display placement per individual page. Example: left, right side, or mid-screen.

Other Settings

Pop-Up Software-03
IP (Internet Protocol) List (where the form is displayed)

After setting pop-up form configurations, test pop-up displays under your IP in Chrome Incognito or alternate private browsers. If it’s configured correctly, simply activate and save. Detect errors or change specific settings, then activate your pop-up form display for all IPs.

Virtual Pageviews in Google Analytics 3 or Events to Google Analytics 4

Required to gather a remarketing audience through virtual pages in Google Analytics. (Google Analytics 3: collect audiences via virtual pages. Google Analytics 4 is event-based.)

Embedded iframe

Embed pop-up forms (or other forms, ex: contact forms) on desired web pages. Example: add playable onsite YouTube videos. (All display rules would get ignored.)

Impression Performance Analysis

After your campaign launch, evaluate your impressions to conversions ratio (or form submissions)

Pop-Up Software-04

Important indicators:

Impression Loss

Issue: forms didn’t display
Reason: users took another action before pop-up forms appeared

Form Closing Metrics

If both factors are low, adjust/improve forms to target your audience's interests via analytics results

Example: if users frequently close your pop-up, consider changing your:

  • Message
  • Proposal
  • Call-to-action
  • Exclude specific low-performance website pages in display settings
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