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The Plerdy website’s SEO Chrome extension is a reliable assistant in SEO analysis. First, install Plerdy optimizing extensions, crawl pages or monitor website quality changes, both minor and great. Then, go to the Chrome Web Store and click on the Install button.

What Does the SEO Chrome Extension Do?

Plerdy Chrome extension for an SEO check of websites provides web specialists with a multi-tool to handle deep text research. It gives users all the necessary information to improve SEO metrics, fix SEO issues, and enhance impressions.

Andrew Chornyy, Founder and CEO

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Exploring for Optimization Errors

The first function of the Plerdy extension is a quick search engine SEO on-page audit. During an SEO analyze of websites, it analyzes the following parameters:

  • Title, description, H1
  • H tags (headings) number
  • Style attributes within the body
  • JavaScript files
  • Tags with comments on the page
  • "A" tags with "#" in HREF
  • The presence of a meta tag noindex, nofollow, canonical
Analysis of Internal Links

The SEO check website extension allows you to analyze the anchor text of an internal link, detect sub-optimal naming, and switch to more relevant variants. Internal links are important because Google’s algorithms pay attention to them. Relevant anchor text helps to understand whether the webpage is helpful. It also marks related topics and gives a chance to achieve higher-ranking positions.

Analysis of External Links

External links connect other domains with links on your owned pages. Pay attention to using this function of an SEO check website extension. External links are even more important for rising the ranks in search engines to top positions as they show how many and which links go out from examined pages.

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SEO Text Analysis

Analyzing text semantics with the Plerdy Chrome extension has never been easier. Explore the site's text content effortlessly without wasting time. In one click, an SEO plugin Chrome extension provides you with a statistical report on the most important metrics:

  • Total word count
  • Stop words percentage
  • Total uniqueness
  • Average sentence length
  • Water Ball of Readability (FRES)
Analysis of the Uniqueness of Words

When analyzing text using the multifunctional Chrome extension, pay special attention to the uniqueness of all existing words onsite. Algorithms find repetitions, highlight non-original examples and duplicate sentences. Hover a mouse over a word to see repetitions all together. In addition, you can see detailed information on any screen section where you activate the extension.

  • Pop-up windows
  • Dropdown menus
  • Sliders
  • Other dynamic elements
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Screenshot of the Entire Site Page With SEO Data

You can take screenshots of any abstract with discovered data and open documents to employees or customers. Add comments and answer questions. Then, take the following five simple steps:

1 Install this Chrome extension
2 Click "show unique words"
3 Take a screenshot
4 Create an account at You will get a registration link in a pop-up window
5 Now you can add other emails or open access by link
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Stop Word Analysis

A great feature of the analyzer Chrome extension is this tool, which determines the noise word bindings of the checked text. Use this data to improve articles on your site. Be strict and remove all unnecessary synonyms and unclear additions to keep published texts in great shape.

Keyword Analysis

Keywords are one of the 200 search engine ranking factors. Marketing specialists cannot do without this investigation. The SEO test Chrome extension will list keyword groups that are automatically aggregated based on the following categories:

  • table, tables
  • sell, selling
  • brand, branding
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Image Analysis

Images play a significant role when it comes to web page ranking. Therefore, they should have an appropriate figuration to improve your articles’ positions.
The Plerdy Chrome extension checks the number of ALT tags for each sample. It highlights images with missing attributes. As far as it allows adding a text description to the image, it can include keywords as other parts of the text. Algorithms of Google Chrome and other search engines also consider this parameter.

Open Graph

Plerdy allows analyzing whether pages suit the Open Graph standard. With it, you understand how users see page previews in search engines. A relevant page gathers more attention and ranks higher in Google. Algorithms check the following parameters:

  • og:title – object’s title that appears within the graph
  • og:description – similar to meta description, a short page explanation
  • og:url – a canonical object URL or its permanent ID
  • og:type – a necessary specification that defines the object type
  • og:image – an URL that presents objects within the graph
  • og:site_name – represents how your website is named
Automatic Information Collection

Do you have a large site with thousands of divided sections? You need to add some Plerdy extension tracking code before closing the body tag. After that, statistical information will be collected automatically. Paid packages of the Chrome extension store webpages’ data history from 30 days ago. Don't risk losing first positions on Google over silly mistakes!

Andrew Chornyy, Founder and CEO

Our Case Study

Plerdy’s team has personally checked the efficiency of our tool. Our website had some low-performing blog articles. However, the content was valuable and attractive to users, so there was no need to change it.

Instead, we have analyzed our articles with the Plerdy tool to make invisible but high-impact changes. Our SEO test has shown the problem with missing keywords on a current page but found in Google Search Console. It allowed us to improve our ranking. In only two weeks, we have achieved some impressive results.

66 Increase

in the total number of impressions was recorded

395 New keywords

were added to our articles

518 Existing keys

became more efficient for optimized articles

Key Benefits of the Plerdy SEO Checker Chrome Extension
  • While starting the promotion, any eCommerce project's main task is growing micro & macro conversions. This is why you need to start with an SEO extension appliance. You can expect results in Google search optimization the first month after indexing. If the purple line of a chart does not show an increase, there is an SEO disorder on the site.
  • Every PR, market, or social media expert spends long hours looking for tiny formal mistakes. The Plerdy SEO Chrome extension saves time and money for business owners. It is better to devote free time to marketing tasks or communication with nice colleagues and rely on algorithms in such machine-line work.
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