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Experience the full potential of A/B testing with Plerdy's complimentary tool. It offers more than just optimization — it becomes a key strategic asset.

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Harness the unmatched potential of Plerdy's A/B testing tool, entirely free of charge.

This A/B testing tool guides businesses towards enhanced user experiences and increased conversions. Discover the unique strengths of Plerdy in the competitive arena:

Uncompromised Quality: Zero-cost doesn't mean skimping on features. Enjoy premium functionalities without financial burdens.

Intuitive Interface: Jump right into A/B testing with Plerdy's tool, featuring a user-friendly dashboard and a minimal learning curve.

Real-time Analytics: In our A/B testing tool lets you gauge and adjust strategies with the most current data.

Seamless Integration: Blend Plerdy effortlessly with your current CMS and platforms.

Data-Driven Insights: Ground your decisions in solid facts, eliminating guesswork.

Opting for Plerdy means smart optimization while conserving your budget. Far more than a free A/B testing tool, it's a vital partner for digital success.

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Create A/B Testing

Dive into the streamlined process of crafting A/B tests with Plerdy's robust, free tool. Pioneering the domain of user-centric optimization, we've paved a hassle-free route for both beginners and experts.

What sets us apart? Consider the meticulously structured reporting table where each test—be it live, concluded, or in draft mode—has its dedicated space.

Settings A/B Testing

When it comes to the nuances of A/B testing, Plerdy's tool simplifies the journey without compromising on depth or capability. How? By blending intuitive design with top-notch features, all without pinching your pockets.

Here's your roadmap for setup:

Name Your Game: Start by adding a unique name to each test for easy identification.

Specify Your URL: Enter the URL of the page you wish to A/B test. This ensures targeted testing for precise improvements.

Page and Variants: Slide into your desired page for testing. An intuitive dashboard allows on-the-fly modifications—tweak colors, adjust sizes, or alter margins in HTML and CSS.

General Settings: Fine-tune device targeting, define your audience by device type, country, or traffic source, and pinpoint the test's end date.

Event Goals and Integration: Configure goals like "Button Clicks" or "Thank You" page views. Seamlessly sync these events with Google Analytics 4 for comprehensive tracking.

Lay Out the Aim: Set your sights on specific goals, whether it's a page view of "Thank you" or other markers serving as micro or macro objectives.

Lastly, always ensure the supplementary tracking code for A/B testing is in place. With Plerdy, setting up becomes a breeze—effortlessly merging precision with a user-friendly touch.

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Real-time report

Unveiling the magic behind Plerdy's A/B testing tool—a free platform that serves real-time insights on a silver platter. No longer wade through outdated data or stale figures. Instead, get a grip on how your tests pan out, moment by moment.

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Here's what awaits in the live report:

Test Snapshots: Gain an immediate view of your ongoing tests, clearly detailing each aspect.

Data-Driven Tables: Filled with figures to illustrate which variant is performing better. Now with added insights on how different devices respond to each variant, providing a deeper understanding of user interaction.

Device Analysis: Delve into which devices see the most improvement, offering tailored strategies for device-specific optimization.

Traffic Channel Insights: Evaluate which traffic channels are yielding the best results, helping you refine your marketing strategies.

Interactive Graphs: Visually compare and contrast performance across different segments. Easily identify which changes are making an impact.

Engagement Metrics: Each table in the report now includes vital metrics like average scroll percentage and average session time, giving you a comprehensive understanding of user engagement.

Plerdy's tool is your data-driven crystal ball, offering a glimpse into your optimization efforts' immediate and future impacts. Dive in and let these real-time revelations steer your strategy.

How It Works

Navigating the intricacies of A/B testing can often seem like charting unfamiliar waters. But with Plerdy's free tool, we've turned the tide, making it smooth sailing for neophytes and veterans. Here's your compass to mastering our platform:

Get started with Plerdy

Plerdy isn't just another tool in the shed—it's the wind in your sails, guiding you toward optimization success without emptying your treasure chest.

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