Session replay tool (session replays) is a Plerdy’s feature that enables website owners and web marketers to record how mobile and desktop visitors really behave on a web resource. You can find out how they navigate, replay the moves they make, and notice every important decision of users. From the technical perspective, session recordings are video replays of mouse movements, scrolls, clicks, and taps completed while browsing. It’s like seeing your website with the eyes of potential customers to evaluate its ease-of-use and quality. Once you analyze the video replays, it will be easier to improve user experience, nudge website visitors into completing the target action, and stimulate conversions. The best thing about the Session Replays tool is that it can record data both on mobile and desktop website visitors.

What can you do with PLERDY Session Recordings?

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Who Needs PLERDY Session Recordings?

The Session Replay tool will benefit anyone who cares about their online presence. Whether you are a web marketer or a small business owner who likes to do everything on their own, detailed videos with user behavior is a valuable resource. Besides, session recording software is often used by UX specialists who need to evaluate website usability and build effective UX optimization strategies.

Why Do You Need Session Replays?

First and foremost, user session recordings help to develop a smooth customer journey. They allow you to record any bottlenecks, effectively eliminate them, and regularly monitor real user behavior. Apart from that, session recordings provide another perspective on the data collected by heatmaps or scrollmaps.

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When Should You Use Session Recording?

If the metrics of your mobile or desktop website versions deteriorate but you cannot understand why, session replays are just what you need. Make sense of the numbers behind the user activity on your website and detect specific pain points. Session recordings show the most realistic picture of how users navigate a website.

Functionality of PLERDY Session Recordings

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