Session Replay Software

Plerdy’s Session Replay Software tool allows website owners and User Experience (UX) designers to monitor website visitor behavior.

Plerdy’s Session Replay Software

See how users interact on a website with mouse click tracking. Session replay analysis helps improve UX and strategically applies tactics to positively guide user actions towards specific goals.

Data Privacy Protection
Understand User Behavior
Find Flaws in UX Design
Analysis of User Behavior per Traffic Channels

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Effective Tool for UX Analysis

Plerdy is a convenient software tool for tracking and detecting anomalies in user behavior on selected webpages. Discover the exact user interaction that visitors had to undergo to arrive at their destination (example: searching for a specific product). The recorded session replay data helps troubleshoot your website, improving UX design and conversion rate.

Data Privacy Protection

Plerdy protects users’ privacy. Specific attributes get entered into the analysis report, but Plerdy doesn’t save this data. Data is processed and stored on our servers located in Germany. Plerdy strictly complies with European legislation on data protection and privacy; including General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Understand User Behavior

Plerdy’s Session Replay software proves that actions speak louder than words. It’s essential to receive data on why visitors left your website or took unexpected actions. Review and analyze visitors’ typical and atypical behavior patterns to optimize your sales funnel.

Find Flaws in UX Design

At first glance, the website design might look perfect. However, data might reveal that users are abruptly leaving your website. Use Plerdy’s Session Replay software to determine the reason, and make any necessary user-friendly/UX design changes.
The more intuitive the UX design and website performance, the higher the micro- or macro-conversion.

Analysis of User Behavior per Traffic Channels

Plerdy’s Session Replay software provides important insights into user behavior by different traffic channels. Generally, you can see clear user behavior patterns based on where users came from. Meaning, you can predict or affect user behavior or even change marketing strategy to achieve better results through replay analysis. Example: potential customers get an ad through a channel that generates traffic to your website. Upon arriving at your landing page, users may not find what they need. Hence, the user will normally bounce. Simply use session replay to analyze the time spent per session, per traffic channel and improve UX design accordingly.

Why Visitors Leave Website

Plerdy’s Session Replay software identifies website functionality that can hurt your conversion rate. For example, users might leave your website due to inconveniently placed content, poor page layout, confusing navigation, etc. By using Plerdy’s Session Replay software, you can improve your site’s design and performance.

Improve Conversion

Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) analysis shows if website traffic is converting into desired actions and/or sales. Session replay data helps determine problematic conversion process areas. With Plerdy’s Session Replay software, you can understand what areas require your most urgent attention, so you can quickly optimize the conversion path.

 Session Replay Software

 Session Replay Software

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Website Types Analysis

Plerdy records video sessions for many different website types such as Angular, React, or other frameworks. For Shopify stores, you can install the Plerdy Shopify App for session replay analysis. The checkout page will contain written information. To maintain user privacy, all fields containing personal information are automatically filled with a dots display.
Find it on theShopify App Store

Video Session Main Features

Quickly and easily set up a video session recording after installing the Plerdy tracking code. The user's session continues until they close the browser or tab. The session is automatically resumed if the user returns to the website within 30 minutes. Analyze and replay video session data URLs separately to evaluate website usability and develop effective UX optimization strategies. Get detailed information on user behavior in Plerdy’s video replay session table.

Session Replay Software is Useful for Everyone

For website improvement, Session Replay software is an indispensable tool that helps meet your website’s needs. It doesn't matter what your role is in the company: whether you’re a web marketer, UX researcher, or CEO (who likes to do everything themselves), you’ll find Plerdy’s session replay software useful.

Filters, Sorting, and Segmentation

Raw data might comprise thousands of hours of video, and it would not be possible to watch and analyze it all. However, with Plerdy’s Session Replay software, you can apply filters to retrieve only the necessary information needed for executing your data analysis in a timely manner. You will see the same replay events on the time scale and in the sidebar on a separate video.

Session Replay Software Default Settings

Plerdy recommends recording video sessions from all of the website pages. It's the same with any event, even if it's “0” on your Plerdy account settings.
Session replay helps you to understand why users leave the website—whether your Google or Facebook Ads are not set up optimally, or something is wrong with your call-to-action on your homepage. You can also configure your own settings, limiting the recording length, and adding automatic deletion of videos after a certain time.

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Other Video Recording Features

Selection of pages

Set up specific recording configurations: either a specific part of the URL, or the whole URL if needed.

Advanced settings

Set the desired countries, session groups, and video session length you want to record.

Confidentiality and security

Plerdy session records anonymize recorded interactions.


You can replay and view the entire video session or replay a video on a single webpage.


Add events based on this data, and you can easily find the right video session.


Add tags to desired video for further filtering and replay review.

Plerdy Session Replay Software Reviews

150+ Reviews on G2

"Plerdy is a CRO Tool for Tracking User Behavior"

Plerdy is a more affordable solution than the expensive leaders in CRO tracking. Plerdy allows you to track visitors' behavior and find out what they're doing after they arrive on a site. It's easy to install on any site. Then you get heat tracking, scroll depth, SEO page analysis, funnel conversion rate, live session replays, and more.

"A suite that covers almost everything you will need to improve your site"

Plerdy is an amazing suite that can cover a lot of aspects needed when in search of a perfect site.It has many options to dive deep in the analysis of the interface, if people convert or not through the links, and can help you debug issues and why users don't reach some points of your site. I find replay sessions amazing as you can follow real users browsing your site and find the mistakes in the design, or the well-done parts.

"A Comprehensive package for all your site audit needs"

Plerdy's video sessions feature has really helped out the clients that we work with. It is very easy to use, not only that, very easy to integrate a new site as well. I would absolutely recommend using Plerdy, no matter if you are just a sole-proprietor, or a company or are helping other clients.

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