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Session replay (session recording) tool is a Plerdy’s feature that enables website owners and web marketers to record how mobile and desktop visitors behave on a web page. You can find out how they navigate, playback the moves they make, and notice every crucial step. From the technical perspective, session recordings are video replays of mouse movements, scrolls, clicks, and taps performed while browsing. It’s like seeing your website through the eyes of potential customers to evaluate its quality and ease of use. The analysis of video replays can help you improve user experience, nudge people into completing the target action, and stimulate conversions. The best thing about the session playback software is that it records data both on mobile and desktop website visitors.

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Analyze visitor session replays

The opportunity to understand why people bounce, do something unexpected, or hesitate is precious. Our tool lets actions speak louder than words. It’s enough to view session video replays to analyze the behavioral patterns of users and start adjusting them.

Identify website UX design and performance mistakes

A perfect (at first sight) design, for some reason, may make your website visitors leave the web page. With our tool, you can see where people get stuck and make the necessary changes to facilitate navigation. The better the UX design and website performance, the more profitable your web resource is.

Record user sessions to see interactions with website elements

Every detail on your web page must have a clear purpose. Plerdy’s Session Replay tool enables you to determine the elements that don’t work as expected or confuse visitors. Thanks to advanced segmentation and video replays, you can also see which types of users skip a specific element and what they do next.

Discover why people are leaving your website

Session replay software helps to record any pitfalls in the visitor journey you may fail to notice at first sight. For example, many people exit web pages because of inconvenient content location, poor layout, confusing navigation, and many other issues. Once you see the moment when the visitors do that with our tool, you will know how to reduce the bounce rate.

Record website visitors to improve conversion rates

CRO analysis must ensure your traffic is targeted and find how to improve your site. Plerdy Session Replay tool provides the videos you need to determine which stage of the conversion funnel has something going wrong. Thanks to such video replay software, you can narrow down your testing efforts and optimize the conversion path quickly.

Record user behavior to provide quality customer support

If you are dealing with a frustrated customer, session playback software can be a tremendous help. View similar videos to clarify what problems the same category of users usually faces. This will help you better prepare for the following requests and find several possible solutions. Customers will appreciate such an attitude.


Session Replay tool will benefit anyone who cares about their online presence. Whether you are a web marketer or a small business owner who likes to do everything on their own, detailed videos with user behavior are invaluable. Besides, session replay software is often used by UX specialists who need to evaluate usability and build effective UX optimization strategies.


First and foremost, session replay software helps develop a smooth customer journey. It allows you to identify any bottlenecks, effectively eliminate them, and regularly monitor actual user behavior. Apart from that, our Session Replay tool provides another perspective on the data collected by heatmaps or scroll maps.


If the metrics of your mobile or desktop website versions deteriorate, but you cannot understand why session replay software is just what you need. Make sense of the numbers behind the user activity on your website and detect specific pain points. Session replays show the most realistic picture of how people navigate web pages.


User session replay Capture and view the entire customer journey across your web pages with Plerdy software. The tool provides insights into the digital experience of your visitors with movie-like recordings. Use them to troubleshoot and make your sites more efficient quickly.
Targeted recording Use session playback software to precisely record the pages you want to analyze. Select the web page to check it in more detail, or view how users behave everywhere. Then, it’s up to you. Nowadays, flexibility is essential to promptly detect any website issues, react to them, and fix everything.
Real user monitoring Use the chance to get better acquainted with your mobile and desktop users and see how they feel on your pages. Session replay software shows visitors’ actual behavior, with all their movements, clicks, taps, hesitations, and troubles.
Desktop session replays Watch how your desktop users navigate your website in real-time. The Session Replay tool records meaningful metrics, such as mouse movements, scrolls, and left and right clicks. It’s the easiest way to study what behavior patterns dominate your desktop website version.
Mobile session replays Our software is designed to capture and replay customer behavior on all devices, including mobile. Record how people zoom, tap, pinch, and swipe the content of web pages. Detect any problems and fix them instantly, or just make sure that your web page is still perfect.
Session playback and controls Enjoy numerous built-in functions that make session replay easy to use and pleasant. Play or pause a session whenever you need to. Then, fast forward to quickly get to the moment you are the most interested in or slow down to notice the slightest details and moves.
User segmentation Order millions of visitor sessions by a range of parameters to segment your mobile and desktop visitors. With our tool, you can quickly find and replay a specific session or categorize the collected recordings to get a fuller picture of the navigation patterns.
Skipped pauses Don’t pause website analysis if your visitors pause. Instead, save your time and effort by skipping the moments when visitors are inactive. Then, with our Session Recording tool, you can focus on the essential interactions happening on your web page.
Note-taking Make session replay analysis more effective by adding observations on the go. Create notes in the tool when mobile or desktop users face some difficulties. Session Recording software will save this moment with a timestamp so you can go back to it later.
Advanced filters Filter the collected recordings to understand better how different categories of visitors usually behave. Our software allows you to categorize visitors by the number of pages visited, browser, source, location, device type (mobile/desktop), interactions, and other parameters.
Confidentiality and security Be sure that your customer recording data is protected while you stay regulatory compliant. Plerdy’s Session Replay tool anonymizes interactions to make sure nobody can access personally identifiable information about your visitors.
Website performance Keep using your mobile and desktop websites to their fullest. The Session Replay software won’t slow down your website or affect its performance. You get a chance to use top-notch analytics without sacrificing your website speed or customer experience.
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