Conversion funnel analysis

With a website funnel tool, you can better understand user behavior and the stages customers pass on their way to conversion. Plerdy records how leads interact with website elements and pages to allow you visualize this online activity as a marketing funnel. It shows the realistic step-by-step sales process in ecommerce stores and web resources. You can see where website visitors drop off, what stages they ignore, and decide how to solve their problems. This will help guide customers to the target action and boost ecommerce sales.

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Functional of Plerdy conversion funnel analysis software

Who needs sales funnel software

Basically, anyone who runs an ecommerce website or an informational online resource will benefit from Plerdy. If you are a business owner without a marketing team, use the sales funnel creator to improve your sales cycle and evaluate the overall situation on the website. In case you are a digital marketing specialist who is about to develop the next marketing strategy, the conversion funnel analysis software will make it data-driven. You will be able to know how online visitors behave at different stages of the marketing funnel, including lead generation, awareness, acquisition, consideration, etc. As a result, it should be much easier to shorten their way to conversion. Besides, apart from the marketing conversion funnel analysis functionality, Plerdy includes a range of additional tools. Heatmaps, custom pop-ups, and session replay software can also be used by digital marketing specialists to shape online behaviors.

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Plerdy sales funnel software benefits

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