Website Funnel Analysis

Gain insights into user behavior and customer journey stages through detailed conversion funnel analysis.

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Plerdy’s Conversion Funnel Analysis Software

Discover specific points where visitors exit your site and identify ignored pages. This data helps improve your conversion funnel performance and reduces bounce rates—meaning more readers will continue to the next customer journey stage.

Conversion funnel analytics depends on website functionality.
Increased website traffic enables quicker analysis of potential customer flow. Without traffic, there’s no visitor data to collect.

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Online Store Funnel Analysis

In online stores, users go through the following steps during their shopping journey:




Thank you page


Based on this information, marketers can develop user behavior hypotheses to optimize their conversion funnel. Create a common funnel with different categories to streamline user behavior analysis.

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Service Website Funnel Analysis

Compared to online stores, service websites typically feature fewer pages. Hence, there are fewer user journey steps. Marketers should analyze their main page and most important landing pages such as Services, Contact Us, or the About Us page. Informational and educational articles should be separated into different funnels based on your goals.
Example: When booking a dental appointment online, clients will arrive on the main page. Users locate the call-to-action button to schedule their appointment and fill out the form. Upon finishing, customers see a confirmation about their appointment and a "Thank you" page.

Startup or SaaS Websites Analysis

Analyze your startup or SaaS websites with a Plerdy account. Evaluate each step separately to determine where users stumble and how to improve your marketing funnel. Then, carefully build a conversion funnel for your analysis.
It includes: Tool description Blog Registration Onboarding steps

Deeper Conversion Funnel Analysis

Once you visualize your user's path, examine why users leave your website without proceeding to the next page. Pay attention to clicks, scrolling, and what visitors are hovering over. Next, evaluate elements such as micro-events and user video sessions to discover user behavior at each user journey stage.

 Conversion Funnel Analysis

 Conversion Funnel Analysis

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Conversion Analysis Role

Every step of the conversion funnel analysis is important in e-commerce marketing. Funnel analysis is useful to everyone interested in website conversion, from business owners without a marketing team, to internet marketing experts. The conversion funnel analysis role is necessary for your marketing strategy.

Plerdy shows powerful insights:

How website visitors behave at different marketing funnel stages

Lead generation


Micro- and macro-conversion

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Data Collected for Conversion Funnel Analysis

Advanced Funnel Step Settings

Use a full or partial URL for more precise settings and data segmentation.
Plerdy’s funnel analysis tool gives online marketers and website owners optimal control over pages that are in the user path analysis and funnel conversions.
It’s easy. With Plerdy, create conversion funnels with a maximum of seven steps.

Visitors Leaving Your Website Analysis

Plerdy funnel analysis gives you data on the percentage of users that leave your website pages at any step.
In most cases, this indicates that the user who visited is not your target audience. Meaning that something may be wrong with your website landing page, or the user didn’t find the necessary information they needed.
Next, take a deeper look at Plerdy’s click map, scroll, or video session.
Analyze and optimize these steps. Significantly improve the percentage of users that transition to the next step of your conversion funnel and strategically determine your marketing game plan. Example: your Google Ads traffic isn’t following your conversion funnel. Simply analyze and optimize their path.

Marketing Channels Effectiveness

Explore direct, paid, organic, social, and other traffic channels. Discover which works best for your business. Among them, find the traffic channel where visitors bounce. Analyze what channel generates the lowest percentage of users who don’t take the next step toward making a purchase, or why users don’t complete a purchase/conversion. Then pass this task to marketers to optimize your advertising campaign.

Funnel Steps Segmentation by Devices

Sometimes certain device optimizations such as mobile are ignored, even though some URLs have more traffic from mobile devices. Analysis is necessary for your website’s sequence of user transitions. Plerdy funnel analysis can help.

Visual Appearance

View your conversion funnel data using Plerdy’s horizontal analytical display.
It’s crucial to choose a specific time to perform your funnel analysis. Data analysis is best when traffic is higher. Because having more data means better results. Utilizing metrics during a slow month generates different results.

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