eCommerce Analytics

Sales performance offers comprehensive eCommerce analytics and reporting for online store optimization.

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Plerdy’s eCommerce Analytics Tool

Use Plerdy analytics to see exactly which webpage elements your eCommerce customers interacted with before making a purchase. Quickly and easily understand how website elements impact eCommerce sales. Example: use analytics if users don't click on a promotional banner before making a purchase, you should improve the banner’s call-to-action (CTA), update the banner’s text, or remove it.

We’ll explore how our software enhances your eCommerce strategy

eCommerce Plerdy compares to Google Analytics.

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Advanced eCommerce Analytics Tool

Many online stores have various best-selling and hard-selling positions. Plerdy’s eCommerce analytics helps determine exact items that generate more or less profit. Simply decide which ones to put at the top of the eCommerce website, advertise, etc.

Online Store Design Analysis

Every element of your online store is crucial in shaping the customer's journey towards eCommerce conversion. Our analysis helps you understand how to organize your eCommerce site better. For example, it’s important what items you put up-front because these items are the first thing to catch your new visitors’ eyes. Plerdy’s eCommerce analytics provides data displaying which items are most effectiveness on your store site. Then just refine the product image and description.

User Group Analysis

Group and filter customers by applying certain user conditions to:
Analyze and tackle specific groups of customers Determine groups you should concentrate on Discover personalized solutions per each category/group
Our tool incorporates JavaScript to facilitate the application of user grouping conditions. Zero coding knowledge is necessary to use this analytics feature.

Traffic Channels Analysis

Understand, analyze, and optimize all traffic sources to improve advertising campaigns. Find the most effective marketing tool used to convert leads.

Goal Conversion Rate (Expectation vs Reality)

Ecommerce analytics is an indispensable tool for marketers, SEO, and Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) specialists who work with analysis, marketing strategy, and leads and goals conversion. This tool is specifically designed for all online stores that have shopping carts. Ecommerce analytics compares goals with comprehensive data to help optimize your conversion funnel effectivy.

 Ecommerce Analytics Tool

 Ecommerce Analytics Tool

Data You can Retrieve from Plerdy’s Analysis

Sales Over Time

Plerdy’s eCommerce analytics shows the total number of successfully processed transactions during a selected period. Also, compare this number against different periods or your goals.

Filter Purchase Data

Easily analyze one-time transaction users or loyal repeat item purchasers.

Total Online Profit

The total number of online profits assesses an online store’s profitability. You can make business decisions using that exact data.

Average Cost per Order

This indicator helps determine the real interest of customers in a brand or product.

Analyze Bought Items

Plerdy analyzes customers’ carts and offers additional items for purchase to other potential customers with similar preferences.

Conversion Rate Over Time

Measure your online store’s effectiveness and progress by constantly analyzing conversion rates and comparing them to previous periods.

Profit Generation per eCommerce Website Elements

Determine which eCommerce site elements are more helpful in converting a lead into a deal, and how much profit each element brought.

Pages Views per Session

Analyzing user navigation paths on your client's site can significantly enhance user experience. Find out whether customers landed onsite for a particular product or if they chose it from all those listed on your eCommerce site.

Page Depth Impact on Purchases

This is data collected from parts of your eCommerce site page that are the most effective for boosting sales. It helps you use the most “profitable” areas and optimize your most profitable items and useful information. Thus, increasing your online store’s macro conversion.

Unique Page Views per Session

Plerdy’s eCommerce analytics compares the total and a unique number of page views per session. You’ll see how often the user returns to the same page.

Andrew Chorny CEO at Plerdy

Andrew Chornyy, Founder and CEO at Plerdy

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Other Features of eCommerce Analytics Tool

Distinct Page Analysis

With Plerdy, easily select a specific page and analyze its “profitability” and “sales conversion rate”.

Real-time Monitoring

View your sales performance statistics that update in real-time (every second).

Traffic Channel Analysis

Select distinct traffic channels to determine which are more efficient and cost-effective in boosting your sales and profit.

Sales per User Device Type

Receive data on what device your customers used when they made a purchase, or when they didn’t. It might spark the realization that your online store is inconvenient for customers trying to purchase from certain devices, so that you can fix that problem.

Page Title Word Segmentation

Plerdy allows segmentation for webpage titles. Just enter the keyword or URL in the title of your search.

Distinct Order Analysis

Analyze distinct orders by selecting unique order IDs from the table.

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