Plerdy referral program

is the opportunity to get 30% from payments by your link

We offer our most active clients to share information and get money for it. The referral system allows to receive 30% from payments for Plerdy packages, done by your personal link.

How does Plerdy referral programme work

To participate in the referral programme you need to:

Share a personal link of Plerdy service with your friends or partners;


Wait till one of users you invited pays for a package.

In a month after, according to the commission, money will be transferred to your account. To withdraw the money you need to submit an application (and inform us about that on [email protected] ).


Commission percentage is formed according to the amount of payments:

1–2 payments — you get 5 %;

3–9 payments — you get 10 %;

10–19 payments — you get 20 %;

20+ payments — you get 30 %!

30+ payments — you get 40 %! *

Attention: the referral programme is unlimited, you keep receiving money as long as clients keep paying.

*If you are sure you can refer Plerdy to many clients, you can contact us to get a 30% to 40% referral commission from the start - Agency Referral

What do you do?

First and foremost copy your personal link.

Now you can:


Place it on your blog or in a guest post;


Send it to your friends and partners.

The more channels you use to share the link, the sooner you will return the money you spent.

What should you not do?

There are only 6 basic rules of what you should not do in terms of referral programme:

Spam with your referral links on forums and other online communities;


Share the link in bulk emails;


Place the referral link on websites with discounts;


Provide payable ads using the referral link;


Claim Plerdy discounts and promotions to be yours;


Spread fake information about the service, deceive users;


Pay for your package using your own referral link.

Advantages of paying from a bonus account

You can use your bonus money to do your monthly payments..

A significant advantage of using the bonus account is that the amount you take from it to pay for your package is multiplied by 1,5.

Money withdrawal

We let our clients withdraw money on WebMoney or a personal bank card

The terms of money withdrawal:


Bonus money can be withdrawn once in 30 days;


The minimum amount to withdraw is 50$.

Be aware that you cannot pay for your package using your own referral link. In such a case referral bonuses will not count.

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