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Working with screenshots is not fun. However, screenshot sharing is essential for efficiently setting up various production processes and making quick edits. On a high-quality screenshot, you can clearly show the developers their mistakes. Or discuss with the team all the details and subtleties of the visualization of the project using the full-size screenshot.

Snapshot extensions are in demand among marketers and designers. They are necessary to illustratively indicate an error or a particular segment that requires editing. Experts want to quickly, and most importantly, get a screenshot of the required page. And step by step, fix the edits made, highlight individual fragments of pages for a thorough discussion of the work results. But how do you get these opportunities?

Working in teams on various projects, professionals often face the inconvenience of annotating screen captures. The main problem of standard applications is the inability to select and comment on the critical area of ​​the image.

Just install the Full Page Screen Capture & Visual Feedback extension in your browser to solve the problem.

You do not need special knowledge and skills – it is straightforward working with this tool. First, watch a short video about its functions by clicking on it at https://ux.plerdy.com/.

Analyze several good reasons why you should pay attention to a product from Plerdy.

  • Save time – our screenshot tool eliminates the email need. Instead of lengthy textual explanations of the problem, share the screenshot with an email address or create a personal URL for your team. Your colleagues or clients will instantly see the significant inaccuracies and will be able to make changes many times faster.
  • No code required – Full Page Screen Capture & Visual Feedback masterfully copes with its tasks without changes on the site. Install it in your browser and use it as needed.
  • Innovation – This extension is progress in UX testing. Full Page Screen Capture & Visual Feedback from Plerdy will make solving user experience problems easier.
  • Management – product for screenshots Plerdy practical and functional. A specially adapted sidebar will help you quickly contact an employee or customer and send a ready-made screenshot. In addition, a visual demonstration on the site page will noticeably speed up the work.
  • Simplicity – you don’t need special knowledge and nautical maps to understand our tool. We made sure that every user can use the Plerdy tool for their purposes.

It makes it easy to take full-screen screenshots, add comments to them and discuss them with colleagues or clients.

The Plerdy team went to great lengths to create an easy-to-use, simple and effective extension. Test Full Page Screen Capture & Visual Feedback – Install it in your Google Chrome. Find the Tools tons of Plerdy you see other in-store extensions.

How to work full page screen capture

Full Page Screen Capture & Visual Feedback is a handy extension. Need a full-size shot? The tool will make it easier for designers, SEO specialists, and digital marketers to solve problems.

Four steps to using the plugin:

  1. Go to the Plerdy website.
  2. Choose a plugin for the Chrome or Firefox browser.
  3. Install Full Page Screen Capture & Visual Feedback from Plerdy.

After installing the extension to the browser, test its capabilities. Take a complete screenshot:

  1. Open the required page in the browser
  2. Run the extension in your browser window.
  3. Wait for the plugin to take a screenshot of the page.
  4. Log in to your account or create a new one.
  5. You now have access to screenshot management.

Once the scan is complete, you can correct the resulting image:

  • Highlight specific fragments.
  • Leave comments.
  • Share the screenshot. The process of transferring access is similar to granting access to Google Docs.
  • Discuss all necessary edits with the team, evaluating the work done.
  • Finally, open or close public access to the screenshot. But it should be noted – that it is impossible to post a comment on the screenshot in this case.
  • After a shot, you can delete it.

All screenshots taken are attached to your profile – return to the discussion of visualizations at a convenient moment. Full Page Screen Capture & Visual Feedback from Plerdy saves you time – built-in functions make remote work comfortable and effective.

UX-checker chrome screenshot extension

Full Page Screen Capture & Visual Feedback from Plerdy is a unique tool. Its functions can have a significant impact on work efficiency and time savings. Quickly share comments, edit and make quick edits – create new projects without wasting effort on explanations.

Compared to other types of extensions from competitors, Plerdy’s Full Page Screen Capture & Visual Feedback remains the most popular on the market. That is because its capabilities are several steps ahead of the competitors’ tools. In addition, Plerdy’s speed, range of features, and attention to detail have made this product unique.

Features of the tool not available to other screenshot extensions in Chrome:

  • Intuitiveness.
  • Ability to take a screenshot of the heatmap and other reports.
  • User-friendly interface.
  • High speed of work.
  • Variation in the use of the resulting screenshot.

The experts of the Plerdy company are constantly improving their products, making them multifunctional and convenient. Check out the practicality of Full Page Screen Capture & Visual Feedback by downloading the tool from the Chrome Extension Store.

Firefox screenshot full page using UX-checker

Is your favorite browser Firefox? Plerdy has a good solution. The UX-checker works with both Chrome and Firefox. If the work is related to the features of Firefox, use the application in the browser you usually use.

It’s easy to take advantage of all the features of the UX-checker:

  1. Visit the Firefox app store.
  2. Install the UX-checker in the browser.
  3. Then, use all available UX-checker tools.

Our application does not require any special code or special technical skills – this makes the UX-checker the best among the competitors’ products. We always strive to help our clients – Plerdy tools are regularly updated. Super-quality full-screen screenshots in Firefox are possible – opt for the UX-checker.


Screenshots are one of the main tools for communication between developers, designers, and marketers of different directions. A specialist can quickly and clearly show where an additional error is, what needs to be fixed or removed on a high-quality screenshot.

If you often work in the browser and are looking for a handy tool for taking screenshots – choose Plerdy’s UX-checker for Chrome or Firefox. The extension is adapted to work for users of any technical level. Regardless of specialization and knowledge, there will be no problems working with the UX-checker.

Install the smart tool now and try out all of its features. Then, save your time and improve your efficiency with Plerdy.

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