Terms of Use

Last updated: August 26, 2022

If you use the Plerdy Tools, please read the terms and conditions of these Terms of Use carefully.

The Terms of Use regulate the relationship between the Client and the Platform, namely: receipt, use, and payment of the Tools, Prices, Referral and Affiliate Program, and additional functions.

The Terms of Use are a document that is a public offer agreement, and by accepting it, you agree to its terms and agree to abide by its provisions.

References to the words "we," "our," or "us" (or similar words in meaning) mean the Plerdy Platform.

References to the words "you," "you," or "yours" (or similar words in meaning) mean our Client, the person to whom we provide the Tools.

By integrating Plerdy into your site, you agree that you have read, understood, and are bound by these Terms of Use. Unfortunately, if you do not agree to the Terms of Use, we will not be able to integrate Plerdy Tools into your site.

Acceptance of the Terms of Use is considered to be registered on the Site.



1.1 Account - is a functional part of the Site, through which the Client has the opportunity to pay for the use of the Platform Tools and can manage the receipt of the Tools.

1.2 Affiliate Program - is an interaction algorithm designed to support marketing, SEO, PPC, CRO, and Growth hacking agencies and increase the number of Users and profits.

1.3 Blog - is an informative part of the Site where Plerdy employees post informative articles and which the Client can comment on.

1.4 Client - is a legal entity or an individual entrepreneur who registers on the Site, integrates Plerdy on its website, and receives the Tools.

1.5 Client's Consent (hereinafter "Consent") - means a voluntary, specific, informed, and unequivocal expression of will, in which the Client using a statement or explicit affirmative action agrees to the processing of his Personal Data.

1.6 Guest Post - is an author's article that the Client has the right to place on the pages of the Blog.

1.7 Personal Data - means any information that directly or indirectly allows identifying the Client and/or the User. For example, name, surname, phone number, IP address.

1.8 Plerdy Platform Site (hereinafter “Site”) - means a web page or group of web pages on the Internet, which are located at: https://www.plerdy.com/, through which the Client receives Tools from Platforms.

1.9 Plerdy Platform (hereinafter referred to as the “Platform” or “Plerdy”) - is a tool that allows to realize the Client's business goals in the field of marketing research, optimize sales and analyze User behavior which increases site conversion rates, and get Tools.

1.10 Pop-up form - is an element of the Site's interface displayed on top of the Site's web page in a browser and is used to advertise the Product and/or obtain additional information and/or obtain Consent.

1.11 Price - a system of rates for payment for the use of Instruments provided to the Client.

1.12 Referral Program - is a cooperation form between Plerdy and the Client, according to the Client has the right to place links to the Site for a fee.

1.13 Third Party - means a natural or legal person, government agency, institution, or body other than the Client, User, Controller, Processor, and persons authorized by the Controller or Processor under their direct supervision to process Personal Data.

1.14 Tools - are an algorithm of actions performed by the Platform for the Client in digital marketing to improve the conversion of the site and sales of the Client's Products.

1.15 User - is a natural person or legal entity that interacts with the Client (through its website) and receives Products from the Client.


2.1 To receive the Tools, the Client undertakes to register on the Platform Site.

2.2 The Client can register in one of the following ways:

2.2.1 by filling out the form by specifying your e-mail;

2.2.2 using a Google Account.

2.3 During registration, the Client is obliged to indicate the domain name of his site on which the Plerdy Tools will be integrated and agree to the Privacy Policy and Terms of Use.

2.4 If the Client is already registered on the Site, then the Client is obliged to log in when re-entering the Site.

2.5 The Client can log in in one of the following ways:

2.5.1 by filling out the form, specifying your e-mail and password provided by the Platform;

2.5.2 using a Google Account.

2.6 After registration, the Platform creates a personal Account for the Client and provides access to it.

2.7 If, during the authorization, with the help of a Google account, a different e-mail is specified then the one specified during the registration, i.e., a new e-mail was provided that was not previously provided by Plerdy, a new Account will be created for the Client.


3.1 The Platform provides the following Tools:

3.1.1 Heatmap of site clicks. It is a tool for a set of online Tools for tracking and analyzing User behavior on the Client's website.

3.1.2 Tracking events and goals. This is one of the Plerdy Tools designed to track specific actions of Users on the Client's website.

3.1.3 Pop-up form. This is a comprehensive solution that allows you to quickly customize the display of Pop-up forms on the desired pages of the Client's site without the participation of programmers and designers.

3.1.4 Analysis of sales effectiveness in the online store. This is a powerful Plerdy tool that allows the Client to quickly and easily estimate the income of their own online store's income in a specific period.

3.1.5 SEO analysis of the Client's site. Plerdy SEO Checker is an online tool that helps SEO specialists and marketers always  to be aware of any SEO changes on the Client's website.

3.1.6 Conversion funnel analysis. With the site funnel tool, you can better understand User behavior and the steps that Users go through on their way to conversion. Plerdy records the interaction of leads with site elements and pages and allows you to visualize this online activity as a marketing funnel.

3.1.7 Recording User sessions. This is a Plerdy feature that allows the Client and web marketers to monitor Site Users' behavior. You can learn how the User navigates the page, making and noticing every important step.

3.1.8 Net Promoter Score® (NPS). Plerdy offers personalized NPS forms that can be displayed on the User's path to purchase at any relevant time.
Any Plerdy Client has the right, through the relevant function of the Account. *NPS is a registered trademark, and Net Promoter System are service marks of Bain & Company, Inc., Satmetrix Systems, Inc. and Fred Reichheld.

3.2 The Client has the opportunity to get acquainted with the Tools in more detail, using the relevant section of the Site.

3.3 The Platform allows the Client to try each type of Tools on a free basis, i.e., a demo version of the Tool. The Platform itself determines the period of the demo version of the Tool.

3.4 The Platform gives the Client the opportunity to get the full version of the Tools for free on the terms of the Free Price, but with limited functionality compared to other Prices.

3.5 Participation in the demo version of the Tool does not impose on the Client the obligation to start a paid subscription or continue to use the Tools.

3.6 Plerdy may at any time temporarily or permanently suspend any demo version of the Tool with or without prior notice.


4.1 The Platform provides the Client with the following types of Prices for providing Tools:

4.1.1 Free;

4.1.2 Start;

4.1.3 Business;

4.1.4 Premium;

4.1.5 Enterprise.

4.2 The Platform places on the Site the conditions for each Price and indicates for the Clients:

4.2.1 quantity: page views per day, click card reports, video sessions, active forms, gathering of potential Users, clicks on banner and promotions, pages per day for SEO audit, pages for integration with Google Search Console;

4.2.2 time: compare days in SEO audit and data storage.

4.3 The Client can get acquainted with the conditions and cost of each Price using the relevant section of the Site, which is located at the link:https://www.plerdy.com/pricing/

4.4 The Platform has the right to contribute to the terms of the Prices for providing Tools. In this case, the Platform makes appropriate changes to these Terms of Use and notifies Clients of such changes by posting a new version of the Terms of Use on the Site.

4.5 Plerdy allows Clients to monitor the operation of their web resources through SEO alerts. Such messages will help you to receive timely information about any changes on the Site.


5.1 Payment for the use of Plerdy Tools is made on a paid subscription basis. The Client pays monthly for the use of Plerdy Tools, in accordance with the terms of the selected Price.

5.2 The Client can receive the Tools in a demo version based on a free subscription, which allows the Client to get acquainted with the Platform and use it to perform some basic tasks.

5.3 Paid subscriptions are provided and paid by the Client on an annual or monthly basis ("Payment Period"), depending on the Client's choice. After the end of the Payment Period, the Client may cancel the paid subscription and switch to a free subscription.

5.4 The Client is not entitled to switch to a free subscription until the end of the Payment Period.

5.5 The Client has the right to change the Price until the end of the Payment Period, only if it originates from the Platform and recalculates the Instruments' cost.

5.6 To receive a paid subscription, the Client is obliged to go to the relevant section of his Account and pay for the subscription in the manner specified by the Plerdy Platform. After the Platform employees process the payment, the paid subscription becomes active for the Client. 

5.7 Payment according to the Platform Prices is made automatically after the first payment for the use of the Tools. All subsequent payments will be made in accordance with the previously selected payment terms (month/year) and the Price.

5.8 The Client has the right to refuse automatic payment for the use of the Tools, in which case, after the end of the Payment Period, the paid subscription will be terminated automatically and will be transferred to the terms of a free subscription.

5.9 The Client has the right to pay for the use of the Tool using an invoice. To do this, the Client must contact the personal manager or leave a request in the Account.

5.10 The Client has the right to order an additional function of the Tools according to the terms of its Price. To do this, he must write in the administrative part of the Account to the Platform employee, and the employee of the Platform will issue an invoice, according to the cost of purchased additional functions of the Tools.

5.11 If the daily limits on the number of views have been exceeded, the data collection by the Platform is automatically stopped, in accordance with the terms of the Price. Thus, you will be able to analyze the collected data within the limit.

5.12 The Platform may refund the Client. To make a refund, the Client must apply for the support of his Account, and the Platform employee will make a full refund for the appropriate payment of the unused Payment Period. No more than 30 days.


6.1 The Platform offers Clients to participate in the Referral Program and receive a percentage of payments by the posted link.

6.2 To participate in the Referral Program, the Client must:

6.2.1 copy the link to the Tool in the Account;

6.2.2 place a link to the Tool on its website, blog, social network page or share it with others through the use of social networks, messengers, or e-mail;

6.2.3 wait for payment for the use of the Tools by a person who has used the Client's link to the Platform.

6.3 The Referral Program is valid indefinitely. The Client receives a percentage of payment until the moment of payment for the use of the Platform Tools by a Third party.

6.4 Funds received due to the Referral Program are credited to the Client's "Bonus Account" created by the Platform during the Referral Program. The Client has the right to transfer the funds received due to the Referral Program to his bank account once within 30 (thirty) calendar days. The minimum withdrawal amount is $ 50 (fifty).

6.5 Payment of your Plerdy Account by your own Referral Link is not allowed. Under such conditions, referral bonuses will not be accrued.

6.6 The Client has the right to use the Bonus Account funds to pay for the use of the Instruments, in accordance with the selected Price. A significant advantage of using the Bonus Account is that after making a payment on it, the Client is credited with the amount 1.5 times more than the accumulated.

6.7 The percentage of the Referral Program is indicated in the Platform in the relevant section of the Site. The Platform has the right to make changes in the amount of the Referral Program fee without prior notice to the Client.

6.8 The Client is prohibited from:

6.8.1 spam your Referral links on forums and other online communities;

6.8.2 distribute links by mass mailing;

6.8.3 to place the Referral link on sites with discounts (coupon aggregators);

6.8.4 provide paid advertising using the Referral link on request Plerdy;

6.8.5 issue Plerdy discounts and promotions as your own;

6.8.6 provide false information about the Platform, mislead third parties;

6.8.7 pay Plerdy Prices by your own Referral link.


7.1 The Platform invites the Client to participate in the Affiliate Program and increase the number of its Users and profits.

7.2 To participate in the Referral Program, the Client must:

7.2.1 fill in the form on the Site accordingly;

7.2.2 get acquainted with the demo version and undergo training;

7.2.3 get a multiple promo code for each partner;

7.2.4 connect the sites of their Users and activate promo codes in the Account for each User separately;

7.2.5 make a payment and receive a discount of 30% for the monthly Payment Period and 40% for the annual Payment Period;

7.2.6 optimize performance and increase profits.


8.1 On the Site web pages, there is a Blog in which the employees of the Site post information materials.

8.2 The Client has the right to subscribe to the information subscription of information topics from the best marketer of the Blog, indicating his e-mail.

8.3 The Client has the right to place a Guest Post on the web pages of the Blog on the following topics:

8.3.1 new technologies in the field of Internet marketing;

8.3.2 checklists and recommendations of experts on site promotion; detailed answers to topical questions in the field of e-commerce; 

8.3.2 reviews of new digital Tools for SEO professionals;

8.3.3 cases using the Plerdy Platform.

8.4 The Platform places the Client's Guest Post on a free basis, while the Client receives the following benefits:

8.4.1 declare yourself as an expert on a particular issue;

8.4.2 find new Users or business partners;

8.4.3 share interesting experiences with like-minded people.

8.5 Requirements for the Guest Post:

8.5.1 the Guest Post must be written specifically for our blog (not rewrite);

8.5.2 the text of the article should be well structured and easy to read (subheadings, numbered and bulleted lists, inserted inserts, etc. help);

8.5.3 it must contain illustrations and (or) screenshots (in .jpg, .gif format and with the specified primary sources);

8.5.4 material is relevant and useful;

8.5.5 not much water in the text, but more examples.

8.6 During the placement of the Guest Post, reviews, including on the Site, the Client is prohibited from publishing the following content:

8.6.1 violates the intellectual property rights of the Third Party;

8.6.2 illegal in nature;

8.6.3 contains false or incorrect information;

8.6.4 misleads other Clients;

8.6.5 contains signs of pornographic or sexual nature, profanity;

8.6.6 humiliates the honor and dignity of other Clients;

8.6.7 incites interracial, interethnic, religious, sexual, and political hatred;

8.6.8 violates the rights and/or freedoms of other Clients;

8.6.9 contains advertising;

8.6.10 contains links to third-party sites that may harm the software of another Client;

8.6.11 contains an arbitrary set of characters that do not make sense;

8.6.12 contains links to sites that distribute pornography, unlicensed software;

8.6.13 contains links that are open advertising sites for network marketing, affiliate marketing, financial pyramids, earnings at home, and other types of fraud;

8.6.14 contains links to sites that advertise products and/or services for adults;

8.6.15 contains links that degrade the honor and dignity of other Clients;

8.6.16 contains links to escort and dating sites;

8.6.17 contains links to sites that promote beliefs, personal growth courses, rapid enrichment, etc;

8.6.18 contains obscene language;

8.6.19 contains slang in the amount of more than 30 (thirty) percent of the text of the message, correspondence, article, or topic;

8.6.20 contains flood;

8.6.21 contains various ways to attract potential customers such as "get rich quick," "build your wealth," "financial independence," and the like;

8.6.22 in which the rules of grammar are not followed;

8.6.23 contains links to online trading, trading tips related to stock markets, including, but not limited to, bulletin boards;

8.6.24 contains links to the sale of pharmaceutical products, including prescription drugs and counterfeit medicines, food, herbal or medicinal additives or drugs;

8.6.25 contains proposals for loan restructuring and debt relief;

8.6.26 contains links and/or information on mortgages and loans;

8.6.27 contains a link to the list of brokers;

8.6.28 contains religious and/or political information;

8.6.29 contains links to betting/gambling services, including poker, casinos, and sporting events;

8.6.30 contains links to political parties and/or organizations;

8.6.31 contains advertising of alcohol and/or tobacco products;

8.6.32 contains spam;

8.6.33 contains calls for violence;

8.6.34 contains defamation against other Users;

8.6.35 written only in capital letters;

8.6.36 use several grouped punctuation marks;

8.6.37 which humiliates or insults other Clients.

8.7 If the Client places content that violates paragraph 8.6 of these Terms of Use, the Platform has the right to delete the response and/or Guest Post without notice to the Client.


9.1 The following additional functions are posted on the Platform Site:

9.1.1 FAQ. Website of the Site, where the Client can get answers to his questions and problems that concern him;

9.1.2 Usability checklist site. Section of the Site, which describes the expert and comprehensive evaluation of the site, based on the study of the behavior of users of your site;

9.1.3 Information page "What is an SEO specialist afraid of?";

9.1.4 English for a marketer. The information section of the Site, which lists the basic rules of English required for a marketer;

9.1.5 UX game. An interactive section of the Site is used as an example of poor quality forms of feedback that may be posted on the Client's site.


10.1 All exclusive intellectual property rights in the Platform software, including design elements, text, graphics, illustrations, other objects, and components and their elements, belong exclusively to Plerdy.

10.2 The Client acknowledges and agrees that the Platform owns all intellectual property rights in the Instruments.

10.3 The Platform grants the Client a non-exclusive right to use the Tools.

10.4 The Client grants the Platform the non-exclusive right to use, copy, process and transmit his Personal Data during the term of use of the Platform Tools.

10.5 The Client warrants that the Personal Data and Information provided to them do not infringe the intellectual property rights of the Third Party.

10.6 If the Personal Data provided by the Client violates the intellectual property rights of the Third Party, the Platform reserves the right to terminate the provision of the Tools, delete his Account and cancel the relationship between them.


11.1 The Client is responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of information and password of his Account and protection of Personal Data of its Users when using the Platform.

11.2 The Client is responsible for immediately notifying the Platform of any known or suspected unauthorized use of the Account.

11.3 Plerdy shall not be liable for any damages incurred by the Client as a result of the use of his Personal Data by a Third Party without his knowledge.

11.4 If you use our site or software on behalf of a legal entity (such as your employer or contractor), you represent and warrant that you have the authority to bind that legal entity. If you no longer have this authority, you must notify Plerdy, and the legal entity will provide Plerdy with a new authorized representative. Plerdy is not liable if a person without the necessary authorization has received and paid for the use of the Tool on behalf of a legal entity.

11.5 We reserve the right to access your Account, the information you have provided, and the Personal Data you have stored with us for support, maintenance, and service or for any reason related to security, technical or payment reasons.

11.6 You are solely responsible for all activities of your Account and the protection of login information. You may not disclose login information to any Third Party or take any action that may compromise the security of your Account.

11.7 The Client agrees to notify Plerdy of any unauthorized access to his Account.

11.8 If Plerdy has reason to suspect a violation of these Terms of Use, we may terminate your Account. Your Account may also be removed if we find that you have provided inaccurate, false, or incomplete information.

11.9 Plerdy reserves the right to access your Personal Data and Account to provide you with support, maintenance, and Tools, or other valid technical, security, or settlement reasons.

11.10 The Platform is not liable for any indirect, actual, or consequential damages, even if we have been notified of the possibility of such damages or they have been caused by negligence.

11.11 The liability of the Platform for any claims related to the use of the Platform may not exceed the total amount of payment for one month of use of the Platform Tools, in accordance with the selected Price.


11.13 To the extent permitted by law, we provide materials and the Platform "as is." This means that we do not provide any guarantees, including but not limited to warranties of the commercial quality and suitability of the Tools for specific purposes.

11.14 If the Client uses the survey Tool, the Client is responsible for surveying the User to obtain, store, and non-disclose Personal Data. In case of unlawful disclosure of the User's Personal Data obtained by using the survey Tool, the Client is personally responsible for the unlawful disclosure of the User's Personal Data.

11.15 In the case of using the survey Tool, the Client undertakes not to use this tool for commercial purposes.


12.1 The Client confirms that he has reached the age of eighteen and does not use the Tools for illegal purposes.

12.2 The Client confirms that he agrees that his Personal Data may be used by the Platform or transferred to Third Parties.

12.3 The Client confirms that he agrees to regular debiting funds from the Platform from his bank card, in accordance with the terms of the selected Price and paid subscription, without his participation and additional notifications from the Platform.


13.1 All relations between the Platform and the Client, which arise as a result of fulfilling the conditions of these Rules of Use and use of the Tools, are regulated by the legislation of Ukraine.

13.2 All disputes arising from the relationship between the Platform and the Client will be resolved by the court in the courts of Ukraine, in accordance with the procedural legislation of Ukraine.


14.1 The terms of the Terms of Use are valid for the period of use of the Tools by the Client. In case of termination of use of the Tools and termination of the relationship between the parties.

14.2 The Platform has the right to cancel the relationship with the Client unilaterally and block delete his Account if the Client does not comply with the terms of the Terms of Use.


15.1 The Platform notifies the Clients about making changes to the Terms of Use by posting news on the Site. Plerdy updates the date of change of the current version of the Terms of Use in the line "Last update."

15.2 The Client is obliged to read the new terms of the Terms of Use, and the Platform is not responsible if the Client has not read the new terms of the Terms of Use.

15.3 Our electronic or otherwise retained copies of the Terms of Use are considered valid, complete, valid, and enforceable versions of these Terms of Use in effect at the time of your visit to the Site. If the Client uses the Tools after updating the Terms of Use, we have the right to assume that the Client has read the new version of the Terms of Use and agrees to the terms of the Tools.


16.1 The Client has the right to contact the support service of the Platform at: [email protected] to ensure his rights, in accordance with the terms of the Terms of Use and if the Client has questions about the use of the Tools or Prices.

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