Plerdy extension for CMS platforms

Plerdy is a website heatmap that you can integrate with various CMS platforms by means of particular extensions. By means of Plerdy you will see what elements of your website (buttons, banners, forms, etc.) are used the most often and how the map of clicks looks on different devices. Such information will help you do a usability audit of a website and optimize its content. Online stores are the first to get the most of practical use of Plerdy.

Integration of Plerdy with your website CMS

A free Plerdy extension is very easy to install on most of popular CMS platforms of online stores. After installation it starts to collect data about your users’ behavior:

Step-by-step instruction of installing Plerdy plugin

It is very easy to install. To do that, follow these steps:

Download the extension


Install the extension on your website.

To install the plugin on your website CMS dashboard, choose the extension Plerdy in the menu “Add extension”.


Receive a tracking code.

If you do not have a dashboard, you need to register on the Plerdy website. Add the information about your resource in the dashboard and receive a special generated code that you need to paste on your website.


Add the tracking code to your website.

After installing the extension, you can find it in the list of the CMS dashboard - Plerdy. Paste the code you received in the required field. Save the updates.

Check if you installed the tracking code correctly. To do that, click on some elements. Information about the clicks should appear in your Plerdy dashboard.

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