Plerdy for Startups

Whether you need to increase sales, improve customer journey or learn your website visitors’ behavior. With Plerdy for Startups, you get access to the same powerful suite of tools at a fraction of the cost.
About the Startups Partner Programme
We provide Educators with the only software they need to teach leading courses in marketing, Conversion Rate Optimization. By using Plerdy, students receive a competitive advantage in the job market.Enroll in our program and use our highest tier of Plerdy for free

How much does Plerdy for Startups cost

1Startups are eligible for a discount of 50% for all annual plans in your first year, 25% off in a second year, and 10% off in a third year.


1If you are a current member or alumni of one of our approved incubator, accelerator, Venture Capital, and entrepreneurial organization partners who meet our funding criteria are eligible for Plerdy for Startups. Check out all of our approved partners here.
How to apply

Register a free Plerdy account

Contact support regarding Plerdy for Startups

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