Website Usability Checklist: 210 Points

Creating a website is hard work, but making sure it’s user-friendly? That’s an entirely different challenge. It’s like a game of Jenga that never ends – you tweak one thing, and the whole website comes tumbling down. If you want to ensure your website is truly usable, look no further than this Website Usability Checklist: 210 Points Testing!


General recommendations for usability

Check the usability of the product page

Product filtering is an important influence on usability

User registration

Usability analysis of the buying process

Additional elements that affect sales

The first touch of a potential customer

Website structure as part of usability

Other usability design tips

Call to action is not an integral part of usability

Usability analysis of content

A well-designed website is important for usability

Analysis of the basket in the online store

Search on the website

Internal linking on the website


Website usability is a complex process that requires dedication and attention to detail. Writing a comprehensive checklist can help website developers ensure they are building an effective, user-friendly website. This article has provided you with a 210-point website usability checklist to get you started. So what are you waiting for? Let’s start testing! Now, go forth and make the web more usable for everyone!