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Plerdy partner program is designed to support marketing, SEO, PPC, CRO, and Growth hacking agencies helping them to get more customers, more growth, more profit

Integrate Plerdy for your agency and customers now to get 30 or 40% discount per package

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How it works?
Apply and fill out the website form.
We’ll contact you to show the demo and conduct training.
Get unique one-time promo codes for each customer.
Connect the websites of your customers and activate their promo codes in the admin panel.
Make a payment and get a -30% (for monthly payment) or- 40% (for annual payment) discount.
Optimize performance and increase revenue based on Plerdy data.

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What you get
  • 30 or 40% discount for each of the connected customers
  • One free package for your agency's website
  • More accurate data to analyze your customers
  • Saved time for your team
  • More effective solutions for customers
  • Increased conversion and sales for clients
  • Membership in the closed community of Plerdy partners with priority access to updates
  • Joint case studies and conferences with Plerdy

Let’s help your customers succeed together. Achieve better conversion and growth rates in less time

Alex Kiselyov
Marketing Director at Ringostat.

Overall, I’m satisfied with this tool. Since I've started using it, Plerdy has improved seriously. Now, I can even analyze my website SEO with it.
Analyzing Plerdy Heatmap reports, I can always tell how a new page or certain design improvement affect my conversion. The Click sequence feature is one of my favorites. Maybe, more additional guides and tips would be nice. Especially, some smart tips linked to user activity on every page separately.

Russ Uvarovski
Head of Growth at Precoro

OSince I have installed Plerdy script, I have increased user engagement and conversion.
Plerdy consists of many tools for website improvement, and I really like it. With the SEO checker, I’m maintaining my website health. With popup forms, I’m communicating with users. And with heatmaps, I’m analyzing their response and behavior. Would be handy to have a plugin for Shopify.

Helga Zabalkanskaya
CMO at Newoldstamp

It's a very simple tool with huge opportunities for popup creation. What do I like most of all? Frankly, low price and cool features. I set up a popup once and still get new leads. I used the free version of Plerdy for 2 months. Then I switched to the paid version after estimating all the risks and opportunities.
It helps me generate new leads. I can’t say something is wrong with this tool.

How you can use Plerdy:
  • Heatmaps
    collect all clicks, including dynamic, to improve CR by over 20%
  • PopUp forms
    generate more leads from website pages and increase CTR by 30% with the right message
  • Feedback & NPS
    collect net promoter scores and easily analyze them
  • SEO-checker
    detect critical SEO errors on website pages to immediately fix them
  • Visitors Session Recordings
    analyze website behavior of every visitor to detect any unusual activity
  • Events and Goals
    quickly set up events and tracking as soon as you need them and synchronize events with Google Analytics
  • Conversion funnel
    better understand user behavior and the stages customers pass on their way to conversion
  • Sales Performance
    find out what website elements have the most significant impact on sales
Become a partner
Give your customers more
Website funnel optimization and conversion growth.
Lower churn rate and increased customer lifetime value.
Increased average revenue per user.
Decreased bounce rate.
Lower cart abandonment rate.
Increased customer retention rate.

Optimize metrics, collect and use data efficiently to help customers in any industry grow their businesses and sell more

Become a partner

Free 12-month Business plan for your agency’s website with automatic renewal

Billed monthly
Normally $29

$20/mo -30%

Billed monthly
Normally $29

$17/year -40%

Billed monthly
Normally $59

$35/mo -30%

Billed monthly
Normally $59/mo

$30/year -40%

Billed monthly
Normally $99

$69/mo -30%

Billed monthly
Normally $99

$59/year -40%

Ready to become a Plerdy partner?

Data-driven marketing for your customers. Plerdy helps to increase the efficiency of your marketing efforts and earn more

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  • 1 How to connect customers and track their data?

    • Open the settings page and use the Add a new site button on the List of websites page category. Enter a discount promo code and select the number of months to pay for. Then install the script of Plerdy and start tracking website data.

  • 2 How will the Plerdy installation affect website performance?

    • We know that you need a platform that won’t slow down website loading. That’s why we’ve added the defer attribute to our code. It prevents the browser from loading the Plerdy script until the page where it is located is fully loaded. Since the script is launched only after the page loads, it doesn’t affect its speed.
      Learn more about Plerdy and website loading speed here

  • 3 Can I change the Plerdy logo to my custom logo in the admin panel?

    • Yes, we support logo customization in the admin panel but only for partners who work with several customer websites. To change the logo, go to the Settings menu and click the Change logo link.

  • 4 Is analytics data confidential and how well do you protect it?

    • Analytics data is confidential and protected from third-party access with special SSL encryption. It’s a cryptographic protocol that ensures a secure connection between a website and a server by transmitting data in the modified, encrypted with a public key form. Only the secret key of the server receiving this data can decrypt it.
      Terms of Service
      Privacy Policy

  • 5 How do I provide access to connected customers?

    • To enable the team members of your customer to check website analytics, grant them guest access. To do this, go to the Settings tab – List of websites and add the necessary guest access to the table of the selected account. Enter the user's email, account password, and save changes.

  • 6 How is the discount for connected customers added?

    • Once you register your agency as a Plerdy partner, our manager will provide you with the necessary number of promo codes offering a 30% (for monthly payment) or 40% (for annual payment) discount. Every promo code is unique and can only be activated once to pay for the subscription of any duration. The amount of the discount is calculated automatically.

  • 7 How to pay for each of the connected customers?

    • After connecting a new website in the admin panel, you can specify the plan, choose the subscription period, and pay for it. You either pay for the selected term yourself or your customer fills out their payment information and the system automatically charges monthly payments.

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