Partnership with Plerdy gives new opportunities for business development

Uniting efforts helps to increase effectiveness. The Plerdy Heatmap is a quality tool designed to understand a user better than competitors do.


Why should you start a partnership with Plerdy?

We track clicks online and work on service improvements non-stop.

The Plerdy team consists of professional internet marketers who have personally experienced advantages of working with a heatmap. The tool, designed for that, was used in our own projects. We shared it with a few digital agencies, since we were interested in feedback.

In a few months, we received first comments relying on which we improved the heatmap and added the option of tracking scrolls on every page. Such changes were appreciated and assured us that developing our own product was reasonable, since it was significantly better among similar ones.

We are open for partnerships with digital agencies, other online services helping SEO&PPC specialists, and internet marketers.

Become a partner
I If You:
  • professionally work with SEO;
  • develop diverse commercial online projects (online stores, news portals, specialized services);
  • are interested in metrics helping to understand users’ behavior on a website;
  • regularly do AB testing for certain webpages,

then Plerdy service will become a reliable and useful tool in your work routine!


Our partners:

  • Netpeak - one of the biggest digital marketing agencies in Eastern Europe, that provides services for comprehensive business development.
  • Promodo - international digital marketing agency providing such services as SEO, PPC, E-mail, SMM, Analytics, usability, consulting and audit.