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You need a heatmap in order to:

Increase website usability
Due to the heatmap, users’ behavior becomes clearer. A usability audit will let you determine strengths and weaknesses of a design.

Define click rates of your website
The heatmap allows to see the most and the least clicked elements. It is especially important for analyzing a new set of functions

Increase conversion
Taking into account behavioral factors, it is easier to make changes and decisions for content and conversion improvements.

Improve a website position
The more clicks you get on pages, the lower is a bounce rate. This figure influences SEO since a website rate grows brings more traffic.


Advantages of the heatmap


You can see the most clicked spots of a website

To install the heatmap, you need a minute. Just right after, you can start getting reports.

The heatmap will show:

"The hottest” areas - what users click the most;

"The coldest” areas - the least clicked elements;

Real-time reports.


You know how to improve a website

No more guesses what to fix. With the heatmap, you will definitely see what needs to be changed

By means of heatmap, it is easier to see the behavior of users coming from different channels:

Direct traffic;

Organic traffic;

Referral traffic;

Traffic from social networks;

Traffic from contextual advertising.

The data collected will b especially useful if you do:

Mass emailing;

Advertising campaigns;

Website optimization.

All data will be available immediately. You will not to wait till reports get finished.


Conversion increase and sales growth.

The heatmap allows to make right decisions with no doubts. A website improvement increases conversion which is essential for sales growth

The heatmap gives you tools for:

Conversion increase
To increase conversion, implement new solutions based on the heatmap
Usability audit
Analyze website design and users’ behavior by means of data
Users division
Collect data dividing users by the type of device, channel, location
Scroll analysis
Put important information on a page based on its most readable parts
Image quality evaluation
Choose only the banners that get the most clicks
Bounce rate decrease
Working with a content location, decrease a bounce rate on a website

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