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Why do I need a click heatmap?

Improve website usability
Developing a website or an online store, owners always want to present information about a company and its services in the most appealing way, yet in most cases, they rely on design and experience of existing websites. However, a potential customer may have another perception of functionality.

Learn what users think
Track what visitors do with any element of your website. The click heatmap makes it extremely easy!

Grow conversion
Based on received data you will be able to make important decisions to improve macro and micro conversions.

How does it work?

You see where exactly potential customers click on your website

After you are registered, a code is generated to be integrated into your website. Just 1-minute setup and the service will start to collect data.

How are results presented?

"Hottest" areas are the areas with the most clicks.

"Coldest" areas are the least active areas.

All clicks can be viewed in real time.


Click heatmap shows you how to improve your website

Useful elements (“Buy” button, banners, ads with special offers, etc.) and the most important information should be placed in the most active areas.

Also, you can easily check the effectiveness of promo activities, as the click heatmap starts to work the moment you launch a promotional campaign:

Email marketing

Contextual advertising

Other promotional campaigns

So you receive the data for analysis right away!


Easily increase conversion making your website more convenient for users!

All information is stored and displayed in your Plerdy online cabinet. Thanks to the flexible format of a table you can quickly examine data and take prompt decisions.

Click heatmap gives you:

Conversion Growth
Easy and affordable service for quick conversion increase
Usability Analysis
Analysis of your website users’ behavior
Website Improvement
An opportunity to adapt website usability to your visitors’ needs
Effective Advertising Campaigns
Success of advertising campaigns and their further improvement
Prompt Response
Timely response to changes in your users’ preferences
You are Always on Trend
Confidence that you are keeping your finger on the pulse