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Heatmaps are a set of online tools for user behavior tracking and analysis. Experienced marketers, UX experts, and SEO specialists rely on such software to record clicks, hovers, scrolls, and other interactions with a website. In addition, many heatmaps, including Plerdy, have a free trial mode that allows you to benefit from their features free of charge.

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Website heatmaps benefits - Plerdy.

It’s widely known that 98% of online users don’t buy products on the websites they visit. To understand the reasons behind this online behavior, website owners conduct occasional usability audits using free or paid heatmap tracking software. However, in addition to the UX analysis, heatmap software also allows you to:

Increase Conversion Rate.

One way to boost conversion is to upgrade your website with special free software and online tools. Yet this step should be data-driven and must consider the real problems users face. An online click heatmap enables you to start tracking user behavior to see what hinders conversion, eliminate these obstacles, and test the website changes.

Find design mistakes.

Website design mistakes result in low conversion rates. If users cannot open a link, try to navigate using an unclickable element, or understand how something works, a free click heatmap tool will detect this. Heatmap software clearly shows what design issues make your website visitors leave the web page.

Improve your content.

A free website scroll map included in Plerdy’s heatmap toolkit shows the scroll depth of long texts. If users aren’t interested in the published web content, need more dynamic elements, or quickly get bored, improve it.

Optimize internal linking.

Properly placed hyperlinks keep users within a website and benefit your search ranking. Heatmap software is an effective way of tracking user behavior to determine whether people notice hyperlinks and click them.

Measure how effective your pop-ups are.

Free website pop-ups are an excellent tool for lead generation and feedback collection. Run pop-up analysis and evaluate their effectiveness (CTR) with multifunctional heatmap tracking software.

Analyze your call-to-action engagement.

CTAs encourage website visitors to move through the sales funnel. Use heatmap software to collect clicks on such elements and check whether the chosen CTA works.

Reduce your bounce rate.

With an online heatmap, you can understand what issues make website visitors leave your page and immediately fix them. The data collected by the free heatmap tool is a valuable guide on how to improve your web design.

Analyze dynamic website elements.

Website layout often contains dynamic interactive solutions. Heatmap tracking software collects data on such elements to reflect every interaction of website visitors.

Click tracking and mouse hovering heatmap.

Integrate free heatmaps with your website to track user interest in specific elements. Plerdy software shows how users click and hover over objects even if they change after the interaction (e.g., a fragment of the photo zooms in, an additional menu opens, etc.)

Analyze the sequence of clicks on a web page.

This heatmap data is essential to understand which elements on the page users click first and go after. You can follow the conversion path by tracking the order with the online heatmap tool.

What do Plerdy Heatmap tools include?

Website Click Heatmap

This free heatmap software shows how visitors to every website page interacted with its elements. The tool can also segment these users by their origin (traffic source) for more customized analysis and tracking.

Hot Segments

The tracking feature shows which parts of a website page have the highest click-through rate (CTR). The hotter the segment, the higher the CTR.

Website Scroll Map

You can see how deep every website page is scrolled on any device (computer, mobile device, or tablet). This free online software is helpful for analyzing the text in blogs and landing pages.

Mouse Hover Maps
(Mouse Movement Tracking)

These maps are designed to show that the cursor movement on a website page shows where the person is looking. Although hover maps don’t offer 100% accurate eye tracking, they allow you to see how website visitors move their mouse and which page areas they hover over most often.

Click Path Analysis

Try this free heatmap feature to determine in which order the selected elements were clicked and how website visitors switch between pages. Combined with a mouse hover map, click path analysis provides a more detailed insight into user behavior than video recordings.

Selected Text Tracking

Use Plerdy’s free custom tracking tool to view which website elements users select with their mouse while reading the content. This heatmap functionality helps you find out which portions of the text (paragraphs) users find the most relevant.

Cursor Position Map

See advanced data on the scroll depth of every website page. Unlike a traditional free scroll map, apart from scroll data, this feature also records mouse position on the screen. Such tracking allows you to understand whether the user studied the information or just glanced at it.

Automatic Synchronization
of Events with Google Analytics

Now you don’t need to tinker with setting up events in GA or GTM. Just configure your goals in the Plerdy heatmap tool to automatically add the corresponding events in Google Analytics. You will collect much more data, including clicks on the elements that aren’t recorded with the “onclick” command.

Who needs heatmap tools?

First of all, heatmap software will come in handy for marketers of online stores and other commercial projects who want to get a broad picture of user behavior on their websites.

Also, heatmap software is a must-have tool for usability experts, analysts, UX designers, and SEO specialists. You cannot conduct a comprehensive website UX analysis without the latest statistics on clicks, mouse hovers, and scroll data. In addition, the Plerdy tool offers a free version for beginners, allowing them to get acquainted with the tool’s basic functionality. Although the free subscription has some limitations, such heatmap features are more than enough to analyze the main behavioral patterns of website users.

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Key advantages of Plerdy heatmap tools

Plerdy heatmaps were designed with the primary needs of website owners and marketers in mind:
99% click collection accuracy.
Clicks are displayed on a live website.
Only necessary clicks are displayed.
Data is aggregated.
All clicks are recorded in real-time.
All events are instantly recorded.
Visitor segmentation.
Website dynamic heatmap.
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