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Heatmaps are a set of online tools for user behavior tracking and analysis. Experienced marketers, UX experts, and SEO specialists rely on such software to record clicks, hovers, scrolls, and other interactions with a website. Many heatmaps, including Plerdy, have a free trial mode that allows you to benefit from their features free of charge.

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How are Heatmaps tools used?

It’s not widely known that 98% of online users don’t buy products on the websites they visit. To understand the reasons behind this online behavior, website owners conduct occasional usability audits using free or paid heatmap tracking software. However, in addition to the UX analysis heatmap software also allows you to:

Who needs Heatmaps tools?

First of all, heatmap software will come in handy for marketers of online stores and other commercial projects who want to get a broad picture of user behavior on their websites.

Also, heatmap software is a must-have tool for usability experts, analysts, UX designers, and SEO specialists. You cannot conduct a comprehensive website UX analysis without the latest statistics on clicks, mouse hovers, and scroll data. Besides, Plerdy tool offers a free version for beginners allowing them to get acquainted with the basic functionality of the tool. Although the free subscription has some limitations, such heatmap features are more than enough to analyze the main behavioral patterns of website users.

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What do Plerdy Heatmaps tools include?

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Key advantages Plerdy Heatmaps tools

Plerdy heatmaps were designed bearing in mind the primary needs of website owners and marketers:
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