Website Heatmap Tool

Optimize data-based website performance using Plerdy’s powerful heatmap tracking software.

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Plerdy’s Website Heatmap Tool

Plerdy’s heatmap tracking toolkit provides accurate user behavior reports. Just configure your Plerdy’s heatmap software settings to optimize conversion rates.
Optimize data-based website performance using Plerdy’s powerful heatmap tracking software. Marketers, SEO professionals, User Experience specialists, and CEOs use Plerdy’s heatmap software to:

Identify the most clicked elements
Recognize common user behaviors and anomalies
Adjust specific pages to optimize traffic flow
Decrease website bounce rates
Increase conversions and intended user actions
Compare different traffic channel data

Trusted by some of the world's largest enterprises

Heatmaps Provide Useful Website Data

Visualize website traffic flow, user behavior, and make data-based decisions to improve, test, and create successful websites. Plerdy’s heatmap software reports display micro- and macro-conversion data. Identify why “unnecessary clicks” increase with Plerdy’s heatmap tracking and analyze user browsing patterns. Then adjust your web pages to increase your click rates.

First-click Analysis

Collect visitors’ first-click interaction data: Users behave differently via arrival by specific traffic channels. Segment potential customers from Facebook traffic, Google Ads, organic Google searches, etc. Advantages:
Analyze direct and organic channels separately Compare user traffic types Observe your most frequently clicked elements per group Utilize heatmaps and start tracking your website conversion improvements today.

Improve Content with Heatmaps

Plerdy’s scroll map analyzes user viewing depth on long website pages.
Potential clients won’t see important information at the bottom if they don’t scroll down the whole page. Plerdy’s heatmap software displays where users stop scrolling and where they’re bouncing.
Immediately track user interaction improvements and increase click rates by moving important elements to the first screen (the optimal location).

Determine the Best Micro-conversion Websites

Properly placed links motivate site users to take action.
Advantages: Increases user session time Reduces bounce rate Boosts search engine traffic Plerdy’s heatmaps show micro-conversions.

Sales Impact Analysis for eCommerce Websites

Track navigation clicks before users purchase products with Perdy’s website sales impact reports. Analyze data, assign values to each item, identify and update unused page elements.
For least clicked elements, try: Changing your CTA Moving your CTA to the first screen Deleting low-value CTAs Simply implement these changes to see website improvements.

Plerdy’s Heatmap Tracks Clicks on Different Websites

Heatmap tracking collects data from Angular (SPA), Shopify, Magento, WordPress, Content Management Systems (CMS) and other website types.
Plerdy’s heatmap software records clicks and creates reports with 99% accuracy (without sampling data). Plerdy’s heatmap tracks large-volume websites that generate millions of daily page views per day.

Dynamic Elements Efficiency

Many websites utilize complex dynamic, interactive blocks: menus, pop-ups, drop-downs, sliders, etc. Dynamic heatmap tools evaluate user interaction.

Call-to-action (CTA) Effectiveness

Website pages are filled with CTAs—next to forms, banners, etc. If users don’t click your CTA button, your message wasn’t successful.
Identify user behavior anomalies by analyzing a CTA button’s effectiveness and improving your CTA overall.

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It's Not Just Marketers Who Need Heatmap Tools

Specialists in various niches use Plerdy’s heatmap tool to build competitive websites and achieve revenue boosts:

CEOs: providing customer value while increasing revenue

Marketers: convert traffic into sales

User experience designers: create interactive, user-friendly interfaces based on collected data.

Heatmaps help all eCommerce specialists.

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 Website Heatmap Website Heatmap

 Website Heatmap Website Heatmap

Main Features: Plerdy’s Heatmap Software

Set Plerdy’s heatmap tracking code on selected website pages. Data automatically collects click metrics. Plerdy creates heatmap reports for each URL.

Click Map

Plerdy’s heatmap click table displays click metrics URLs, segmented by device. Visually identify collected data and compare different events. For detailed analysis, click the link in the click table.

Click Segments Percentages

Pages are divided into five parts, summarizing web page clicks including hidden dynamic element clicks. Open each part to automatically load data into heatmap reports.

Scroll Depth

Discover scrolling zones when users arrive onsite. Check the scroll depth per page, per device: Desktop Smartphone Tablet Important heatmap tracking reports analyze: Product categories Landing pages Long pages Example: Say 20% of users don’t scroll past your web page’s second screen—this indicates optimization. Place your most valuable information at the top, so users see it immediately upon landing.

Mouse Cursor Movement

Many users don’t scroll. Instead, some users move their mouse cursor around the page—common for information-heavy displays.
Plerdy’s Mouse Cursor Movement report: Shows 10 equal page parts Identifies the screen with the most user interaction Discover why users don’t scroll with Plerdy’s curser movement tools.

Click Sequences

Plerdy’s heatmap click-through data shows what users click first and the sequences. If there are too many elements (slider, tabs, pop-ups, etc), users won't progress to another page. Discover which page elements interest users and increase interaction.

Event Creation and Integration with Google Analytics 3 and 4

After installing Plerdy’s heatmap tracking code, website click data automatically gets collected and stored. Plerdy’s heatmap software simplifies analyzing your search box or "Request Callback" button. Data’s stored depending on the package selected during your Plerdy sign-up. These events integrate with Google Analytics versions 3 and 4.

Andrew Chornyy, Founder and CEO at Plerdy

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User Groups

Each user behaves differently:

Current users (with accounts), are familiar with your site and can already find everything.

New users explore content and take longer to search for information. They should be analyzed separately.

Data segmentation: create numerous user groups as needed.

Just add special scripts to your website. Customized user groups automatically appear in your heatmapping filters (plus other Plerdy heatmap tools) providing in-depth analytics reports.

Website Heatmap Tool Pricing

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Click Segmentation for Website Heatmaps

Many niches generate main traffic from your mobile website version. Plerdy’s heatmap tool segments your analysis by:



What user percentage didn’t continue to another page

Traffic channel

Desired URLs search

The number of sessions without clicks

Click Segmentation for Website Heatmaps

150+ Reviews on G2

"Great tool to help visualise important data"

The heatmap and user interaction data. Being able to clarify what elements or sections of your website your customers are using or not using. To then have the power from the data provided to make further adjustments if you wish to.

"Information you miss with all other tools"

With Plerdy you get to see information you don't see with other tools or stats. For example, thanks to Plerdy click heatmaps, we found out that visitors omitted our most important navigation entries (possibly that they looked too much like headings).

"A very useful tool for business websites"

The heatmap is the most useful feature of Plerdy. It lets us have a bird's eye view of what keeps our website visitors. We love sharing information with our visitors and clients, and Plerdy helps us have a better idea of what we can or should do next.

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