Notifications for SEO-analysis

SEO notifications ‒ is a tool that allows SEO specialists to always keep abreast of changes that occur on their website or online store. This way, you can track and respond promptly to any changes to the site's internal optimization that took place over the course of the day (comparing data from current and previous days).

Data for SEO analysis:

  • Title, Description, H1;
  • number of tags H;
  • number of style attributes in body and tags;
  • number of javascript files;
  • number of tags with comments on the page;
  • the number of tags "a" with "#" in href;
  • meta meta noindex, nofollow and canonical;
  • data of the semantic core of the site page

And this is just the beginning. To be continued ...

Important for SEO

All information is recorded separately from smartphones, and separately from - PC. Since Google crawls sites using the mobile-first principle, it allows you to segment data for individual use in the analysis.

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