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SEO ALERTS ‒ is an on-page website analyzer that allows SEO specialists to always keep abreast of the changes that occur on their website or online store. Our SEO checker automatically collecting your site to evaluate the SEO factors taken into account by the algorithms of search engines. This is the perfect software for both newbies and SEO experts who want to analyze their web resource and stay updated on any changes getting notifications. You will be continuously informed about the state of website optimization to control the situation and promptly respond if necessary. To provide the most objective picture, our platform compares current and past data allowing you to track your website dynamics.


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Data for SEO analysis:

  • Title, Description, H1;
  • number of tags H;
  • number of style attributes in body and tags;
  • number of javascript files;
  • number of tags with comments on the page;
  • the number of tags "a" with "#" in href;
  • meta noindex, nofollow and canonical;
  • keywords density and other keyword analysis data

And this is just the beginning. To be continued ...


Who needs plerdy SEO analyzer?

If you are reading this, you are probably a site owner, an online marketer, or at least, are really interested in digital business and marketing. Here is another assumption: you may really need an SEO analyzer or another similar tool to make sure your web resource is noticeable in search engines. Such software will help you to attract more visitors and potential customers.

Understanding the capabilities of your website is the key step to make it more effective and generate more profit. Thus, proper website optimization is a must for anyone who wants to grow and promote their web resource. But what is the connection between SEO and website popularity?

  • 1 Why is SEO errors so important to check?

    • Well, let’s clarify this. Google has always been committed to showing its users the most relevant content. To ensure this, Google crawler visits all available websites, evaluates their content against certain requirements, and ranks these web resources. The site score depends on the level of website optimization. Why is it so crucial? When a user types a request in the search, the results are shown based on their rating. If your rating is bad, nobody is going to find you. In this respect, SEO alerts can help you to get the most out of your online business.

  • 2 For whom is Seo Alerts suitable?

    • Our tool is suitable for e-commerce marketers, website owners, digital agencies, SEO experts, corporate users, and other specialists that understand the vital role of continuous website optimization and quality SEO software.

  • 3 Why do I need to use Seo Alerts?

    • The data provided by Plerdy SEO analyzer will become a valuable asset to analyze primary SEO indicators, monitor them, and see what can be optimized. In addition, such software is a great tool to keep up with frequent changes in Google Search algorithms. Our SEO checker will save you from spending a bunch of time on manual analysis of your web resource.


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