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It's crucial for SEO professionals and marketers to understand the right time to update their website's SEO. Effective SEO is key to improving website conversion rates.

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Plerdy’s SEO Checker Tool Software

Fully optimize your site and keep users engaged with Plerdy’s SEO checker. Plerdy automatically collects SEO webpage data on every page with incoming traffic.

Our online SEO checker tool makes SEO analysis simple and clear.

Trusted by some of the world's largest enterprises

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Daily Automatic SEO Analysis

Utilize Plerdy’s SEO checker tool’s excellent SEO optimization analysis features. Let’s dive deep into SEO checker advantages.

Mobile-first Indexing

Plerdy’s SEO Checker tool is an indexing model. Collect and analyze important SEO data from mobile and desktop website versions. Website SEO rankings are now determined mainly by Google’s “mobile-first” approach. Most users are now generating website traffic on their phones.

0% Load on Servers

With Plerdy’s online SEO Checker tool, there's no need to worry about server overload. Plerdy guarantees a 0% load impact on your servers.
Notice immediate advantages when comparing our SEO Checker load rate to similar SEO tools when scanning your website.

SEO Analysis for Small and Large Websites

Other tools are more expensive. Unlike inferior competitor SEO tools, which struggle with loading multiple pages.
Plerdy’s SEO Checker tool effortlessly collects SEO metrics for all website pages—whether it’s a hundred or 1 million—with zero max page-load limitations. Set up Plerdy’s SEO Checker and automatically collect data with each webpage click.

Save Time on SEO Analysis

Many online businesses struggle with SEO analysis. It becomes confusing and time-consuming.
Save more than 30 hrs./month on SEO analysis. Plerdy’s SEO Checker streamlines your SEO analysis process. This is especially convenient for e-commerce business owners who manage one website.

Reduce the Risk of Losing Organic Traffic

At times, developers may alter website design elements to address a drop in ranking or a decline in traffic and sales. Nevertheless, this can backfire without an SEO analysis. Plerdy’s SEO Checker tool allows online businesses to stay up-to-date with SEO trends. Website changes bring in traffic and optimize conversions.

Andrew Chorny CEO at Plerdy

Andrew Chornyy, Founder and CEO at Plerdy

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Who Uses the SEO Checker Tool for SEO Website Analysis?

Both beginners and experienced SEO experts can easily use Plerdy’s SEO Checker analysis tool.

Our free version offers limited features, but try Plerdy’s full version in our 14-day free trial.

Plerdy’s SEO analyzer solves complex, multi-level tasks without the added cost of time and hiring additional marketing personnel.

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 SEO Checker Tool SEO Checker

 SEO Checker Tool SEO Checker

Plerdy’s SEO Checker Tool Key Features and Reports

Create and develop new progressive SEO analytics modules every month. Here are our different types of features and reports:

Page Semantics Analysis

Analyze your pages’ texts and receive data regarding: Total number of words Percentage of stop words Uniqueness of words Average sentence length Wateriness ratio (stop words/unimportant words) Readability Flesch score And more Additionally, Plerdy provides detailed digital analytics of your text’s top and stop words. Our SEO Checker tool also identifies words that can be written with Cyrillic letters using the English alphabet and vice versa.

SEO-health Analysis

Plerdy developed a special algorithm to evaluate web page conversion rates. Use this data to analyze and improve pages with low SEO performance.

Track SEO Changes

Plerdy’s SEO Checker tool stores each page’s SEO history for up to 30 days. SEO specialists can detect and analyze the slightest changes by selecting dates within the last 30 days. Easily optimize SEO changes with the click of a button.


Fully optimize your site with Plerdy’s SEO Checker tool. Add more top words to your title, description, or header for webpages that have a “read'' alert icon in your analysis report.

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Technical SEO Audit

Quickly research and find out which website pages have SEO errors in:


Open graph protocol


Alt images

No title

Extra meta noindex

Number of JavaScript & CSS files

Many other SEO analytics nuances


Duplicate Pages

Websites have anywhere from ten to hundreds of web pages. It could be challenging to keep track of each page. Plerdy’s SEO Checker tool finds URLs that have identical titles or descriptions. Then, your visitors won’t be confused by repeated information on multiple pages.

Marta - 0001

Marta Rogach,
Business Development Lead
at Plerdy

SEO Checker Pricing

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Disallow Pages

Exclude webpages that normally wouldn’t appear in your site’s search results.
Example: Shopping cart Password recovery Search Product search, etc. These pages likely have a no index meta tag. However, they’re included in your analysis report if needed.

Check the Correction of SEO Errors Online

Update SEO via URL by clicking "Check" in your Plerdy account to verify SEO errors. A page with detailed stats will open in another browser window. Simply refresh the original page to update the URL. Webpages automatically update the following day if it has zero errors.

Filter and Search for SEO Errors

Plerdy’s SEO Checker tool collects many types of website SEO data. But sometimes there might be too much data.
Plerdy’s tool shows specific data from your report through a filter or search bar such as: Certain URLs A group of errors from your SEO data collection

Single Page Application (SPA) Website

Before starting SEO research for SPA websites: Access your Plerdy account settings Select “Scan JS site”

Export All Analytics Data to Google Spreadsheets

For high-volume URLs, easily export SEO data to Google Spreadsheets. Large datasets are now easier to view with Plerdy.

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Integration with Google Search Console

Integrate Plerdy’s SEO Checker tool with Google Search Console. Here’s how:

Step 1

Add your email (as instructed via Google Search Console settings).

Step 2

After a successful integration check, export all web pages, keywords, metrics, and clicks to Plerdy’s SEO Checker.

Step 3

Plerdy SEO Checker tool automatically compares and identifies keywords from the top 100 Google searches that weren’t found on your website page.

Step 4

Optimize your site. Create new paragraphs or rewrite text if necessary.

Plerdy SEO Checker Tool Reviews

240+ Reviews on G2

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Plerdy SEO Checker Tool - 0001
"Very powerfull tool...."

We have been using Hotjar for a long time but Plerdy comes in very powerfull. You can even scan your website and have some sort of SEO report in a matter of time. Plerdy development is so fast and they come up with new features literally every month. You don't have keep switching to another tool because Plerdy can also handle a little feedback from your customer via NPS etc. Such a great tool.

Plerdy SEO Checker Tool - 0002
"Better than most of the competitors"

Most competitors offer recordings and heatmaps ONLY, but Plerdy has more features such as SEO, user tracking, UX, etc. I like the most their UX. It's really easy to use and honestly, it tracks 99.9% of recordings. It is even able to monitor for 10 s.

David K. on G2

Plerdy SEO Checker Tool - 0003
"Amazing tools useful for CRO and SEO tracking"

I love Plerdy tools. The conversion of my site improved significantly when I started using them. Favorite tools - Heatmap and SEO Checker. They help track user behavior and changes on the site.

Alice Z. on G2

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