Plerdy for Non-Profits

Plerdy offers a lifetime Business plan for approved Non-Profit organizations. If you wish to use a higher plan, we can offer a 50% lifetime discount on a yearly subscription.
About the Non-profits Partner Programme
To be enrolled in the Plerdy program for non-profits, your organization must be recognized as an official non-profit or charitable organization in your region.Enroll in our program and use our highest tier of Plerdy for free

How to Apply:

1Register a free Plerdy account
2Contact support regarding Plerdy for Non-Profits

Programme Eligibility

1We only enroll organizations that are non-governmental, noncommercial, nonpolitical in nature, and have no religious affiliation.
1*Exceptions are made for organizations that focus on environmental causes or advocate for equality of minorities and disadvantaged groups.
We reserve the right to revoke the offering at any point if:
  • The account is not compliant with our terms of service.
  • The account activity is not within our acceptable use policy
  • There are any new sites added that did not apply.
  • The URLs no longer fall within our eligibility criteria.
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