E-commerce Sales Performance

Sales performance is a powerful tool in Plerdy's arsenal allowing you to estimate the revenue of your own online store quickly and easily in terms of a specific period. Thanks to Plerdy's sales performance reports, you can understand which element on your website has produced the most significant impact on sales.

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Why do I need to analyze sales performance?

To determine the effectiveness of a single block on a page

By understanding which block is the most effective on the page/website, you can concentrate all the potential users' attention and increase the number of ultimate buyers.

To determine the effectiveness of elements on the page

Each element on the page plays an important role in the customer's conversion path. If you understand which element is most or least attractive to a potential customer, you can adjust them to increase the number of orders.

To measure key performance indicators (KPI)

KPI for online business, first of all, means conversion. Thanks to this and other indicators, you can assess the current state of your online business and develop a plan of action for achieving strategic and tactical goals.

To determine which marketing activities do not / generate revenue

Without trials and researching the effectiveness of these trials, you won't manage to find the marketing activities that yield concrete results.

To make adjustments to your marketing strategy

Understanding which methods and actions have fielded the best results for the "favorable" price, you can adjust your marketing strategy.

To find out which traffic channel is the most effective

You need to work on all possible traffic sources. However, you should clearly understand which source you should better focus on.

What kinds of data will you be able to track with the Sales Performance from Plerdy?

The number of transactions made during the selected period

Thanks to Plerdy, you can track the correct number of transactions (number of purchases) that were successfully completed during the selected period.

The number of unique users having made the purchase

Thanks to this feature, you can easily analyze whether users make a transaction only once or make purchases repeatedly.

The total amount of the online store's revenue

This amount will allow you to evaluate the online store's profitability and allow you to make decisions on further actions by handling the numbers.

The conversion percentage of the online store

Thanks to the constant measuring of this indicator and comparing it with the previous period, you can measure the online store's effectiveness.

The average cost of a single order

This indicator will help you determine the real interest of customers in your brand or product.

The quantity of products, purchased in the online store

Due to this indicator, you can analyze the customers' shopping cart and, make suggestions to potential customers based on their preferences.

The number of purchases, made in a certain part of the website height

By understanding which part of the screen is most effective on the page/website, you can place basic information or products and increase the number of ultimate buyers..

The "price" of certain elements on the website

In Plerdy, you can determine which elements of the online store have somehow influenced the successful ordering and how much profit a particular element has generated.

Total page views per session

By analyzing the client's path on the website, you can improve their user experience. In addition, you will be able to understand whether the client came to the website for a specific product, or chose it among all the products presented on the website.

Unique page views per session.

Comparing the total and unique page views per session you will be able to understand the customer came to the site for a particular commodity, or select it from all displayed on the site.

Who needs to analyze sales performance?

First of all, the owners of online stores and other commercial projects striving to develop their online business constantly. After all, sales performance analytics demonstrates how you are currently moving, compared to the expected performance.

Besides, sales performance is an indispensable tool for marketers, SEO and CRO specialists working on the development, analysis, and improvement of the marketing strategy and conversion in general.

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Plerdy's Sales Performance features

Plerdy heatmaps were designed with the primary needs of website owners and marketers in mind:
Page selection Select a specific page or order page and analyze its "cost" in the conversion funnel.
Real-time monitoring View sales performance statistics every second if you please. All the data will be automatically calculated and changed, depending on the selected dates and parameters.
Segmentation by traffic type Choose any type of traffic and analyze all the above-mentioned parameters only for it. Only a detailed analysis will allow you to determine which type of traffic is the most effective.
Segmentation by device type The reason for the low conversion rate may be hidden and, at first glance, unclear. Thanks to this feature, you can easily see what type of device generates no revenue and how it can be fixed.
Segmentation by date It is vital to analyze all the indicators not only consistently for a month/half a year/year, but also for a specific period of marketing activities or changes on the website. This will enable you to answer the global questions that haven't been answered yet.
Segmentation by word in the page heading Just specify the "keyword", placed on the required pages, in the filter, and you'll be able to analyze the collected data immediately.
Viewing the shopping cart with the order In the table, along with the list of the web pages that participated in the client's conversion path, you can see the created pages with the order number. By going to this page, you can view the order contents and customer data.
Analysis of the correct blocks/products placement on the page With real data, you can reasonably change the placement of blocks/products on the page to increase the number of transactions, the customer's check, and the profitability of your online business.
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