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Comprehensive Website Analysis with All-in-One Tools

Elevate Your SEO and Conversion Rates by Monitoring User Behavior

UX&CRO: Ecommerce: Analytics: SEO: AI:
  • Website Heatmap Tool

    For UX and CRO analysis

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  • Session Replay Software

    Notice every important decision of users

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  • Pop-Up Software

    Effortless strategies to amplify aales aeads

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  • Net Promoter Score (NPS)

    Ask customers and improve the site

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  • Ecommerce Analytics

    Find out which element affects sales

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  • Event Tracking Tools

    Track users-specific activities

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  • Funnel Analysis

    Track where website visitors drop off

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  • A/B Testing Tool

    Optimize with A/B testing insights

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  • SEO Checker

    Monitoring the most important SEO data

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  • SERP Checker Add-on

    Real-time competitor tracking

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  • UX AssistantAdd-on

    AI-powered performance reports

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    Client Testimonials: The Impact of Plerdy

    Companies worldwide use Plerdy to Increase sales 1.5х!

    Celeste Rodriguez Head of Content in Pearl Lemon Official

    “I love Plerdy and I use it with great satisfaction. We started using it to see how to improve the UX of e-commerce and just by seeing the videos we made changes that have improved conversions. My clients are also thrilled with the results we are achieving with Plerdy. I have compared similar tools and Plerdy in my experience is the best.”

    Cristian Trappolini Executive Art Director in Lavoratore autonomo

    “The most efficient tool to simplify users’ behavior on your website What I like most about the app is that it doesn't affect the speed of a website and the fact that simplify the data of the user behavior. From a business owner’s perspective, this improves the understanding of the website performance in relation to usability.”

    Edward Toscano Business Developer in Mercury Advance AB

    Silvan Kurras Founder and CEO in FLOWYZE | IVA

    “Software for all website audit needs I would absolutely recommend using Plerdy, no matter if you are just a sole-proprietor, or a company or are helping other clients.”

    Mohammed Faizan Ahmed Sorathia Marketing Strategy Coach

    Mark Leeds President in Dr.Leeds

    Elba María Martínez-Pérez President in IDEAS Creative Group

    “Plerdy is the most accurate heatmap software as well as great customer support I like the accuracy of data, the ability to track clicks on dynamic elements and mobile data is the best among other alternatives. Also, the customer support team is always ready to help really fast.”

    Kate Lavrenchuk Digital Marketing Specialist in Folderly

    “A conversion suite with many tails. I personally prefer to do as much work in the same place without having to switch to different platforms, and this is where Plerdy shines. It's offering a more complete analysis than most products I've tried. I especially prefer to use SEO and UX analysis tools.”

    Andréas Henriksson Webbutvecklare in Divine Design

    Juan David Garcia Especialista en estrategia digital y creación de plataformas en línea

    Conversion Rate Optimization Tools
    Simple installation

    The one-time installation only takes 30 seconds.

    Cost efficiency

    Many free functions for marketing beginners.

    Data security

    The data transfer is protected with SSL technology.


    Reports for conversion rate optimization are created instantly.


    The installed script won't overload your website.

    Website improvement

    Build hypotheses to analyze and optimize your conversion rate.

    Additional metrics

    Assess usability based on heatmap data, and analyze

    Easy integration

    Integrate with other online services


    Enjoy seamless work in all popular browsers and with all popular

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