Interested in what we have planned? We create awesome tools for user behavior, conversion rate and SEO analytics. Thanks to Plerdy, you will find much insight into your site. It will be easy for you to build correct hypotheses on improving the site's conversion and usability. Plerdy will automatically collect all data on your site at any time. Save money and time on analyzing your site :)

The first and second quarters of 2022.

  • Update the dashboard with new recommendations.
  • A new type of popup form.
  • More data on user behavior based on clicks.
  • Integrate conversion funnel and video sessions.
  • New user behavior events.
  • New APIs to integrate with the best tools.
  • More SEO recommendations.
  • A/B testing.

The third and fourth quarters of 2022.

  • API or/and webhooks.
  • New APIs to integrate with the best tools.
  • There will be more...
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