What is an SEO specialist afraid of?

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Mobile version of the site
The lack of an adaptive version of the site
286 liked
Horizontal page scroll
128 liked
Changing the URL of a subdomain
78 liked
A lot of traffic from a smartphone
7 liked
Indexing of a website
A wrong sitemap.xml with doubles
77 liked
Updated the site and forgot to open Robots.txt
11 liked
The site is indexed with both http and https protocol
8 liked
Spam of indexed URLs
5 liked
The test site is indexed by Google
4 liked
Problems with internationalization
4 liked
Indexing of test / interstitial pages
2 liked
Analytics on the website
The analytics data disappeared
117 liked
Forgot to install analytics services
108 liked
Incorrectly configured Google Tag Manager
51 liked
Unconfigured goals in Google Analytics
39 liked
Google Analytics e-commerce tracking missing
2 liked
Site speed
A slow website
192 liked
Large image weight
86 liked
Extra JS & CSS on the site page
75 liked
A lot of JS & CSS files on the site page
71 liked
Red zone in Google PageSpeed Insights
4 liked
Many 500 errors
138 liked
A lot of 404 after moving
108 liked
Long loading time of the first byte on the site
81 liked
Failures in the server operation
74 liked
Prepare a lot of 301 redirects
47 liked
No render for the SPA site
45 liked
Incorrect database migration
43 liked
AMP version of the site
21 liked
Internal content optimization
Problems with robots.txt and many pages in the google index
116 liked
No friendly URL on the site
78 liked
Beginners who make critical SEO mistakes
72 liked
Sites where SEO basics do not work
71 liked
Incompatible canonical tag
54 liked
No ALT in pictures
35 liked
Faulty SEO module
30 liked
No micro-markup
0 liked
Search engine
New algorithm from Google
106 liked
Page reindexing takes a long time
79 liked
Google unravels PBN grid
44 liked
Google does not perceive adaptive, although no errors were detected externally
30 liked
Impressions in the Google Search Console do not grow in number
29 liked
The site region is not selected
11 liked
Sanctions from Google
1 liked
Google does not index new sites
1 liked
A very low conversion rate
99 liked
The high percentage of failures
71 liked
SEO/UX conflicts
66 liked
Numerous errors in the adaptive version of the site
62 liked
Website redesign
22 liked
The texts on the site are overspammed with keywords
121 liked
Incorrect Title & Description
66 liked
The written article will have no traffic
60 liked
Not enough content
37 liked
The content without keyword analysis
36 liked
Not targeted traffic on the site
33 liked
Text is not proofread by the editor
26 liked
Incorrect semantic core
0 liked
Forgot to fill the site with content
0 liked
The headings do not contain keywords
0 liked
The customer does not understand why "we have been doing SEO for a month and are not in the top yet?"
150 liked
When a client gives "a piece of advice" on SEO
116 liked
When the client changes something in the Title & Description
98 liked
When a client deletes pages on a site
76 liked
Forgot to pay for the domain or server
76 liked
A meager budget for backlinks
62 liked
Changing the domain
57 liked
The client creates duplicates of the page/categories/products
1 liked
External links
External links are not indexed
90 liked
Non-thematic site for the link
49 liked
The donor site refuses the purchased link
16 liked
Forgot to add the link
5 liked
Links will be removed
0 liked
Spam links
0 liked
Accidentally closed the meta noindex page
82 liked
Canonical errors
67 liked
The old Title & Description were restored from the backup
65 liked
The developer replaced H1 with div
62 liked
The SEO text disappeared from the page
52 liked
Moving to another CMS or Framework
2 liked
The developer deleted the Title
1 liked
The developer deleted Google Analytics
1 liked
Articles from the blog