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Powerful tool: heatmap, session replay, SEO, popup survey, eCommerce tracking and more.


Free plan available. 14-day free trial.

What’s included? Absolutely everything

Leverage Plerdy's robust analytics suite on your Shopify store. Explore visitor interactions with dynamic heatmaps and enhance CRO.

Capture every user action with session recordings and replay for nuanced UX insights

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    Heatmap - Uncover clicks, cursor moves, scroll depth.

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    Session recordings, replay - Analyze detailed user actions.

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    Popup - Engage visitors, collect emails, boost sales.

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    SEO - daily analysis titles, descriptions, keywords and Google Search Console

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    Ecommerce tracking - Find the connection between user behavior and sales.

Elevate SEO with detailed analytics and execute impactful A/B testing. Utilize e-commerce tracking to correlate user behavior with sales trends. Engage visitors effectively with tailored popup forms, fostering a seamless shopping experience.

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