Improve your site based on reliable dat

The understanding of your target audience’s behavior will help you to perfect your site, when smart banners can considerably improve conversion.

Why is Plerdy useful for websites?

Modern companies create high-quality sites to tell about themselves, their products, or services.

To see whether a site is informative and convenient, it's necessary to check user behavior using click and scroll heatmaps. These tools will show how good your design is and how users react to any new visual elements.

If your site has sections or other pages that a certain group of your target audience needs to see, use the smart form builder. You can set pages, conditions, and device type that will trigger the display of a banner. This allows you to increase the number of visits to the chosen page or collect leads on your site.

Advantages of Plerdy for websites:

  • Increase of conversion on pages
  • Website usability analysis
  • Independently set smart banners
  • User behavior analysis
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