Improve your website, relying on credible data

Check out your website usability by means of heatmap and scrollmap. Knowledge of users’ behavior will let you make the website better.


What value can Plerdy bring to websites?

Website is a company’s business card. It makes the first and often the most important impression about the business. Modern websites are usually multifunctional and complicated. This way, companies try to present themselves, their product and services properly.

Aiming for being outstanding, designers often offer extraordinary solutions. Hence, websites gain on new features, additional services, etc. But most of visitors are usually conservative and rely on their previous experience.

To understand how informative and and usable your website is for your target audience, it is necessary to monitor users’ behavior by means of heatmap and the scrollmap. These two tools will show successful your design is, how visitors react on new features, and what additional conclusions you can make, relying on the data collected.

A Advantages of Plerdy for websites:
  • Conversion increase
  • Usability audit
  • Proper placing of links on content pages
  • Users’ behavior analysis