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09 June, 2021

Online marketing is becoming more and more popular. Thousands of professionals worldwide are working tirelessly to master new trends and promote their companies’ websites. Thanks to the development of technology, an online marketing ecosystem has appeared.

Online Marketing Ecosystem

An ecosystem is an environment in which different elements work together for the common good. In the case of online marketing, the elements are your tools. These tools include blogs, ads, social media groups, and anything that is partially yours.

Marketing channels that can become part of your ecosystem include:

  • Paid search
  • Search engine optimization
  • Display advertising
  • Social media advertising
  • E-mail newsletter
  • Text ads

Using each of the listed marketing channels, an entrepreneur can create their own online marketing ecosystem. The creation of such an ecosystem will allow you to use all online marketing tools to the fullest. This is guaranteed to increase results compared to using only one of the available promotion channels.

Trends in the online marketing environment from 2016 to the present day

Like any component of evolution, online marketing is constantly improving. Trends and preferences of customers are changing, which means that their search queries are changing too.

The top searches related to online marketing between 2016 and today are:

  • Free online digital marketing courses with certificates by Google
  • Digitador de Marketing Online
  • Online marketing
  • Online marketing rockstars 2018
  • Local online marketing agency

Each of the listed requests has become more and more in demand over the years until it has reached super popularity.

In addition to certain queries related to online marketing, there are countries where users are the most interested in this issue. The top countries in which online marketing has reached the maximum popularity are:

  • St. Helena Island
  • Laos
  • Kenya
  • Ghana
  • Vietnam

It is worth noting that these countries are included in other top lists related to search queries about marketing and promotion.

When trying to find the information they need, users use a variety of search queries. Search engines collect search queries by topic and category for the convenience of other users. Some of the most popular topics related to online marketing and its tools include:

  • Online
  • Manager
  • Influencer marketing
  • Safe & Secure Online Marketing Pvt. Ltd.
  • Internet marketing

Looking at the search queries of users and the countries in which this movement is developing, it can be stated that online marketing is flourishing.

The success of online marketing can be attributed to the fact that it is multifaceted and extremely functional. It carries in itself all the tools that an entrepreneur may need to promote their website. In addition, with the help of online marketing tools, entrepreneurs can create an image, set a style, and change the situation in the sales market.

Top 7 Online Marketing Tools

Online marketing tools are essential for receiving, tracking, analyzing, and improving site performance. With the help of online marketing tools, an entrepreneur can track the situation on the site and its progress. In addition, by choosing the right tool, an entrepreneur can be convinced of the effectiveness or ineffectiveness of a launched advertisement or promotion.

The list of online marketing tools that can help any entrepreneur to understand the performance of their site better is:


The main purpose of this tool is to track user activity on the page. For example, with Heatmap, an entrepreneur can track the number of clicks, their area, and page scrolling by the user.

Professionals use Heatmap to influence website performance. So, with the help of Heatmap, a specialist can increase conversion rates, find errors in page design, and find problems in published content. In addition, by using Heatmap, an entrepreneur can track the reaction of a site visitor to certain elements. This will allow the site owner to conclude how effective linking the site pages are and how effective pop-up forms are.

This tool allows professionals to soberly assess the effectiveness of a call to action and track the number of clicks. They can also analyze dynamic page elements and reduce the number of bounces from users.

Using all the tools included in Heatmap, the entrepreneur will have complete control over the situation and manage the site’s performance. Based on the data obtained, specialists or the site owner can make adjustments to achieve the desired results.

PopUP Forms

Popup Forms at Plerdy is an opportunity for entrepreneurs to set up effective pop-up banners on their websites. By using Plerdy, an entrepreneur can track, analyze, and influence the pop-up forms used on the site. Thanks to the capabilities of Plerdy, the site owner can significantly improve the efficiency of forms.

In terms of functionality, Plerdy’s PopUP Forms can help generate leads and inform visitors comfortably. In addition, PopUP Forms can influence the site’s efficiency, delay the user before leaving the page, and collect data about users’ emails. Finally, PopUP Forms can enable the specialist to influence the number of bounces and influence the buyers’ decisions.

This tool can significantly affect the site’s performance, so it is in great demand among specialists in online marketing.

SEO checker

This online marketing tool is indispensable for website owners who want to achieve promotion through search engine optimization. With the help of SEO checker, the site owner can get data that can affect both traffic and the number of site conversions. Furthermore, thanks to in-depth analysis of pages, SEO checker is a way to analyze the pages of a site and tell the owner where a mistake could have been made.

As for the SEO checker, it can analyze Google ranking factors in a matter of seconds. In addition, by using the SEO checker, an entrepreneur can speed up the optimization and increase website traffic. With the data obtained using the SEO checker, the entrepreneur can adjust the content and pages, thereby making it more attractive to search algorithms.

Session Replay

This tool allows the site owner to understand how site visitors behave on its pages. In addition, an entrepreneur can identify problems on pages and understand how users interact with its elements.

Session Replay allows the site owner to analyze the session replays of the site visitors. Thanks to this opportunity, the entrepreneur can identify fragments of the site that have errors and understand why users leave the site. In addition, the ability to keep a record of user activity on pages allows monitoring and analyzing their behavior. This opportunity can play a decisive role by analyzing the data obtained. As a result, an entrepreneur can modernize and adjust their website’s SEO much more efficiently.

By using Session Replay and recording user activity, an online marketer can increase the number of conversions, which will affect the promotion’s effectiveness.

Event Tracking

This tool makes it possible to supplement the data received by the site owner from Google Analytics. In addition, with the help of Event Tracking, the site owner can constantly receive up-to-date analytics on pages, along the way making changes to its structure. Thus, the site owner can track the metrics obtained both before and after the changes.

The main functions of Event Tracking are tracking resource indicators for their further analysis and making changes to the site, if necessary. The ability to constantly receive comprehensive and relevant data related to site traffic and user actions makes it possible to develop the site effectively.

As for marketing activities, such as launching promotions on social networks or creating an advertising campaign, by using Event Tracking, online marketers can track changes to the site after the start of the campaign.

By owning the data and competently analyzing it, an online marketer or site owner can make conclusions about the success of a particular company. This makes it possible to create a different promotion strategy.

Sales Performance

This online marketing tool is designed to show the website owner which pages are the most motivating for the user to make purchases. By analyzing the data obtained using Sales Performance, the entrepreneur can understand what convinced the buyer to confirm the order and what elements need to be worked on.

The aggregate data generated by Sales Performance can significantly impact the turnover and bottom line of the site.

As for the functions and capabilities provided by Sales Performance, with its help, the entrepreneur can globally influence the success and turnover of the site. For example, with the Plerdy tool, a site owner can determine the performance of each element on the site’s pages. Also, by analyzing the data, the entrepreneur can understand which elements are not effective. In addition, with the help of Sales Performance, an entrepreneur can influence the KPI and, focusing on the data obtained, make changes to the marketing strategy. Finally, by analyzing the data obtained with the help of Sales Performance, the site owner can develop a marketing strategy and weed out the least effective marketing channels.

Conversion funnel

Conversion funnel analysis is an essential online marketing tool if a company wants to get good results through marketing channels and online marketing. This tool will help site owners understand user behavior, familiarize themselves with the pages they ignore, and finally highlight the most effective marketing channels.

Plerdy’s Conversion Funnel empowers the entrepreneur to collect more sales funnel on-site data pages. After analyzing the data, the entrepreneur can make conclusions about its effectiveness. Also, the site owner can visualize the sequence of conversions and build hypotheses based on the data received. With the enhanced styling of the tools, an online marketer working with Plerdy tools has more opportunity to influence the metrics and results of the site. By analyzing the data obtained, an online marketer can improve the effectiveness of the sales funnel. Thus, it can affect the final turnover of the company and its bottom line.

Using all the online marketing tools, the site owner or the specialists who work with them can give the site direction and influence the bottom line. In addition, expanded data provides more space for analysis, which means the analysis result will be much more accurate.

In addition, the use of online marketing tools and, in particular, Plerdy makes it possible to use marketing channels more effectively, leading to an increase in the effectiveness of the promotion.

In order to continue to attract new buyers or customers, the site owner needs to use as many marketing channels as possible.

10 Types of Online Marketing Channels

Online marketing consists of a number of tools that can influence the success of a website. The further success of the Internet resource may depend on how correctly the marketing tools are selected. In addition, not only income but also traffic from the site may depend on the quality of the work performed on the site. That is why entrepreneurs often need the help of specialists in online marketing.

As for the online marketing channels themselves, the list of the most popular and effective tools is:

Search engine optimization

The main task of search engine optimization is to attract search engine algorithms to the site and potential customers. To do this, SEO uses many techniques, and each specialist tries to promote their own theory of ideal optimization.

One of the distinguishing details of search engine optimization is that each site needs its own approach despite all the knowledge of specialists. Therefore, methods that worked on one site do not always show the same results on another site. This is why online marketers are constantly experimenting.

Search engine optimization specialists help sites appear on the first page of search results using various metrics, data analysis, and selection of suitable keywords for the site’s target audience being optimized. If the search engine optimization of the site has been performed successfully, over time, the site traffic will begin to increase and the turnover, albeit gradually, will also increase.

Pay-per-click advertising

Paid advertising is another online marketing tool designed to drive traffic and page conversion rates. This online marketing channel differs from the previous one in that the site owner must pay for each click on the advertising banner that users make. This provides an incentive for the entrepreneur to launch exceptionally compelling promotional materials because the final effectiveness depends on the user’s interest in the offer.

It is worth considering that, with proper PPC setup, the site owner can count on a significant increase in traffic and turnover indicators. This is because ads will be published on the screens of users interested in buying the offered products.

Pay-per-click advertising is one of the most effective online marketing tools. It can pay off much faster than search engine optimization.


Sending emails is a method of website promotion that has long become familiar to many users. Despite the fact that emails have been used as a website promotion tool for a long time, they have not lost their relevance and still bring results.

Such mailing can attract a fairly large share of the target audience. A well-written email can explain about the company’s product and solve a customer’s pain points, so this marketing channel is one of the most effective.

Experts in sending emails understand how to communicate with a customer to make him want to buy a product. That is why this method is ranked third among the most popular marketing channels.

As for its effectiveness, using the data obtained with the help of Plerdy tools, the site owner can create an effective email, influencing the client and thereby motivating them to buy a product.


A blog is a great way to drive a lot of organic traffic to a website. By correctly comparing search engine optimization with expert content that can help solve customers’ problems, an entrepreneur can quickly bring their site to the top of search results.

The fact is that, these days, one of the main elements for promotion is customer interest and content expertise. Therefore, the more professional the content published on the pages of the site is, and the more problems it can solve, the better the results from blogging will be.

Do not forget about the uniqueness, because it, along with the expertise, has a huge impact on its success.

Content marketing

Despite the visual similarity to blogging, the tasks of content marketing are entirely different. In a blog, the entrepreneur pursues the goal of acquainting the client with information, thereby slowly leading them to cooperation. At the same time, the task of the content marketing is to give the user direction.

By competently using content marketing, entrepreneurs can increase customer loyalty and find out what customers expect from the site in the future.

The hallmark of content marketing is built around one of four goals: target audience, discussion of the issue, generation of leads, or increase in sales figures. First, the entrepreneur should fill the site with content. Second, the content that the site will be filled with should motivate the client to take the targeted action.

By using search engine optimization tools in content marketing, this channel for promotion can become highly effective. The use of a call to action in the text has a positive effect on the success of the content itself and the results of promoting and attracting new customers.

Social networks

Social media is the fastest growing and most effective marketing channel at the moment. Due to its popularity and the ability to implement dozens of new algorithms for reading data about user preferences, social networks have become an excellent platform for promotion.

Competent setting of advertising in social networks can significantly affect the traffic indicators and the number of purchases on the company’s profile and website.

Thus, the clever use of social networks can allow entrepreneurs to increase their target audience and the final profit.

Network marketing

Although this online marketing channel has much in common with promoting social networks, its principle is built differently.

For social media marketing, the main goal is to attract users with customer-centric content, but network marketing is different. The task of network marketing is slowly but surely converting an ordinary visitor into a regular customer through communication. Thus, network marketing cannot offer the same high numbers. However, it can be more effective.

Affiliate marketing

Although this name is not as standard on the Internet as the previously mentioned online marketing channels, it is an effective method of selling goods.

This online marketing channel assumes that, instead of the company itself and its website, another person is engaged in selling goods and services. This person may be in a better position to sell the company’s products. Therefore, such cooperation will benefit both the person selling the products and the company they represent.

This online marketing channel is used on trading exchanges, where goods from different companies can be sold under the same trademark. In addition, this marketing channel is often used by various small companies for negotiating cooperation with more extensive and more successful organizations.

Contextual marketing

This marketing channel can enable a website to become more interesting to users and potential customers through reviews, blogs, and opinions. Contextual marketing is interacting with different customer acquisition channels on a short-term basis to obtain the highest possible performance. This is what makes contextual marketing different from network marketing.

Network marketing aims to establish long-term relationships through long-term contracts, whereas contextual marketing aims to create sales funnels. Thus, an entrepreneur can significantly increase turnover and site traffic indicators using contextual marketing and all available opportunities.

Each of the online marketing channels studied in this list can be effective in certain cases. Several online marketing channels can increase the final result, but only if all the necessary work has been done efficiently. If an entrepreneur decides to use only one of the online marketing channels, they will need to make every effort to create the most attractive and high-quality offer.

Trends in Online Marketing in 2021

Like any niche, online marketing has its own trends that affect both website promotion methods and tools. Success and promotion effectiveness may depend on what tools and methods are trending now. That is why the trends of 2021 should be given special attention.

If you pay attention to all the trends that are currently used to promote sites, then the list will look like this:

Maximum relevance of the information

Thanks to changes in the Google search engine and an increasing emphasis on the expertise and relevance of content, this parameter has become extremely important for effective promotion. Unfortunately, using optimized but not unique content cannot bring the same good results. Therefore, many site owners try to publish only the freshest materials on topics related to the specifics of their site.

The use of relevant content cannot guarantee the site owner a rapid increase in traffic. But using it can increase the chances of content being reviewed and appreciated.

This approach can allow the site owner to attract audiences through measured and expert content. Then, having gathered an audience, an entrepreneur, with the help of marketing channels, can further motivate site visitors to buy. Such actions will affect their final profit.

Social networks

Using social networks as one of the main promotion tools

The popularity of social media makes it a highly sought-after online marketing channel. Thanks to the opportunities that social networks offer entrepreneurs, they often become the main tools for promoting a company.

Using content, photo materials, and targeting together can bring an entrepreneur thousands of new visits and repeat customers.

It is worth noting that, just like in online stores, competition in social networks is constantly growing. Therefore, for effective promotion using social networks, entrepreneurs have to experiment and put forward new theories and promotional methods.

Content marketing

Due to the particular focus of search engines on the quality of content these days, content marketing for the entrepreneur has become one of the most exciting trends this year. Its essence lies in the fact that entrepreneurs using unique content create an audience around their company. After a company has an audience, entrepreneurs work with it using one or another marketing channel.

Do not forget that, with the help of high-quality content, you can also motivate the buyer to make a purchase. For this, content marketing specialists, using data and analyzing it, look for customers’ potential pain points.

Specialists use the content as an opportunity to help the client find answers to his questions. At the same time, by mentioning the buyer’s pains, they motivate the user to buy because the described product can help solve his problems and pains.

Thus, content marketing may soon become one of the leading marketing channels for attracting buyers. But it is worth considering that, to achieve the goals, the content must be as expert and relevant as possible.

SEO optimization

Search engine optimization is an online marketing strategy that has enjoyed particular popularity over the past few years. Even though Google mentions the expertise and usefulness of the content, the optimization of content and pages, as before, brings results. However, to achieve the desired performance, the page and the content hosted on it must be optimized. Optimization takes place by introducing keywords into text and media content, and at the level of system files and site code.

All manipulations with the site used for search engine optimization to one degree or another aim to attract the target audience and search algorithms. Such a strategy can allow the entrepreneur to receive a steady stream of organic content in the future.

Web analytics

As one of the promotions and online marketing trends, analytics is processing data obtained using specific tools. The most popular tool for tracking analytics and getting the data necessary for analysis is Google Analytics.

Although Google Analytics is proprietary software of the company, the data available in it is not always sufficient for a sober assessment of the situation and the site’s position at the moment. To increase the amount of data and get much more accurate results on the entrepreneur’s indicators, you can use Plerdy tools. With the help of Plerdy tools, the site owner or online marketer can see the whole situation and understand why the indicators are not growing.

Thoughtful analysis of the data obtained with the help of Plerdy. It can enable the technician to pinpoint the error and quickly correct it. As for the popularity of web analytics, the main one is the ability to track the success of innovations on the site. In addition, the ability to build hypotheses about the future development of events and site indicators also plays a role.

Marketing advantage

This online marketing trend is as simple as possible, but practical at the same time. Its meaning is that a site can be at the top of search results only if it has the most relevant data in online marketing. It is also essential that the site owner uses all currently effective promotion channels.

Web applications

According to data provided by Google, more than half of user traffic comes from smartphones. Mobile sites or responsive design have been around for a long time, but they are still not able to provide the client with the maximum level of comfort.

Launching an application for a company website or an online store is a new trend that can significantly affect traffic and conversions on the site. After launching such an application, the entrepreneur gets one step closer to the client and, for the client, this is the most convenient of all the proposed solutions.

Virtual reality

This relatively new technology allows customers to interact with the real three-dimensional world using special devices.

The use of virtual reality is not limited. With it, you can create 3D commercials. Going through the experience shown in the video, the client will be able to understand how much they need your product. Moreover, virtual reality can help sell a product and attract a new audience thanks to the interactive component. Thus, using virtual reality, an entrepreneur can enlist the support of a large customer base, which will undoubtedly affect the company’s income.

Artificial intelligence

The most popular search engines have long been powered by artificial intelligence.

The use of AI on a website can allow an entrepreneur to obtain data that is as accurate as possible about their audience. The fact is that AI is impartial, which means it can segment the site’s audience much more efficiently. Based on the data, AI can suggest options for interacting with it. What’s more, AI can provide the most effective recommendations without biases or opinions of its own.

Voice search

All popular search engines currently use the voice search function. By optimizing the content on the site pages for voice search, an entrepreneur can increase the traffic and conversion rate on the pages.

Voice search requires some optimization.

It is worth considering that about half of the users who use Google Chrome every day use voice search.


This trend has emerged with the rapid development of social media and its use as an online marketing channel. Chatbots allow companies to provide customers with the information they need without distracting from the work of the organization’s specialists.

A chatbot is a program in which answers to the most popular questions are recorded. Then, it can interpret them and provide customers with information that interests them. The use of this technology can increase customer loyalty and make it possible to answer their questions quickly.

In addition, chatbots perform well during remarketing, and their frequency of use in the marketing environment is increasing every quarter.

Local SEO optimization

Quarantine restrictions have forced users to search for the services they need nearby more often. Through the use of local search engine optimization, a company can appear in the “near you” tab in the Google search engine. The opportunity to show the client that the company is nearby, according to experts, can bring an increase in site traffic and the number of services sold.

Influencer marketing

This online marketing channel has become the fastest growing, even then searching and optimizing content for search engines – all thanks to the development of small-scale media personalities with loyal fan bases. Advertising products through agreements with such users can bring a staggering increase in sales and popularity to a company.

The effectiveness and profitability of influencer marketing are determined by the type of influencer the company wants to partner with. To maximize efficiency, an entrepreneur needs to balance between investing in influential marketing and expected results.

The effectiveness of the online marketing trends listed above has already been tested. At the moment, they are increasingly used in online marketing, and many of them already compete on equal terms with the old methods of website promotion. Some of these trends will probably soon be eliminated, but others will take their place in the list of online marketing tools as among the most effective.

Online Marketing vs. Emarketing vs. Digital Marketing

Online marketing, email marketing, and digital marketing are concepts that are often confused and used interchangeably. Despite a large number of similarities, considering them in detail, these are different directions, which, nevertheless, are interconnected. To understand how these types of marketing differ and which one is right for you, it is worth considering each of them separately.

Emarketing is marketing, the main purpose of which is to build relationships between customers and the company. Online marketing tools overlap with those used in emarketing and digital marketing. However, the goals of these three types of marketing are somewhat different. Therefore, it is worth considering that the most effective promotion channels are media, reviews, and email marketing campaigns.

By using the tools inherent in this type of marketing, an entrepreneur can better connect with a potential client. Due to this, there will be many more opportunities to influence customer decisions regarding purchasing products.

Online marketing – although online marketing covers most of the tools, its jurisdiction is to work with search queries and PPC. With the help of Internet marketing and its channels, an entrepreneur can achieve an increase in traffic, and also the number of conversions on the site by promoting the site in the search engine.

The list of marketing channels used by online marketing includes all other marketing tools linked to the Internet. The main goal of online marketing is to attract the target audience using relevant queries, assumptions, funnels, and other methods.

Digital marketing – digital marketing is a collective term for marketing in the minds of ordinary people. Digital marketing includes all the tools of Internet marketing and online marketing and many other promotional channels. Digital marketing goals can vary depending on the wishes of the site owner. Due to the many marketing channels available, entrepreneurs can use any aspect of promoting and popularizing their company.

How to Start and Run an Online Marketing Agency Business

The niche of marketing agencies is extremely popular as a start-up since, despite the high competition, the demand for these services is not decreasing. Moreover, by hiring experienced professionals, an entrepreneur can significantly increase their income by fulfilling orders related to website promotion and customization.

As for the sequence of actions an entrepreneur has to do to launch his own agency, the list is:

Study the question in as much detail as possible

Often, the owners of successful agencies are specialists who have mastered enough data to lead a department in this niche.

By constantly developing and tracking online marketing trends, it is possible to create an effective business plan and promote the company’s website. In addition, it is possible to filter employees during hiring by testing their professional skills.

Finding a niche in online marketing

Like any type of marketing, online marketing is a large-scale concept, and the level of competition in this niche is very high. Therefore, to achieve some success and start a profitable business, you need to choose the niche you specialize in.

By choosing a niche in which you already have experience, you will protect yourself and will understand what kind of work front you have to do. In addition, you will be able to correctly distribute the workload between staff, depending on their professional skills.

Competitor analysis

To be successful in any niche, you need to understand who you are competing with. By analyzing the leaders of your chosen niche, you can correct the mistakes made on their sites and take them into account in marketing campaigns on your site. Moreover, by evaluating the effectiveness of certain elements on competitors’ sites, you can better understand what your potential customers need.

Creation of a company website

A site is necessary to attract potential customers to your company’s services.

When creating a website for your company, you should remember about the information obtained from the analysis of competitors’ websites. Then, by competently managing and analyzing the received data, you can create a better website. In the future, this will help you and your business compete with other companies for customers on an equal footing.

Add a portfolio to the company website

No client will work with a company without experience. Regardless of how many years your employees have been working in the chosen niche, the company must show the results of its work.

The quality of the portfolio has a fundamental impact on the client’s decision-making. Therefore, the better the portfolio is designed on your site, the higher the chance the consumer will turn to you.

Create a social media profile

Social media is one of the most effective online marketing channels at the moment.

A company’s presence on social media can positively impact its visibility and attract new customers to your site. Due to the popularity of social networks, publishing your products on an account can bring the first customers to your site.

These steps are just the basis on which various online marketing channels and advertising campaigns will be used in the future. Having devoted enough time and attention to each of the listed points, an entrepreneur can launch an effective and profitable business.

Ad Agency or Marketing Firm?

The terms marketing firm and advertising agency are often used interchangeably. In addition, they are sometimes adjoined with the words advertising, marketing, digital, and other terms related to the promotion of sites and products.

Although there is no precise definition for these terms, the client needs to pay attention to the methods used by the organization.

Agencies and firms have different methods of influencing websites and audiences. Therefore, having understood the differences between the two types of organization, the entrepreneur will decide which company they should turn to. However, to better understand what an entrepreneur needs, it is enough to consider the specifics of marketing firms and agencies.

A marketing agency is an organization that provides services in the field of promoting sites and company products. Most often, agencies provide more creative services, such as identity, branding, and company positioning. In addition to the services listed, marketing agencies also often tackle slogans and other niches where a little imagination and a better understanding of the client is needed.

Marketing agency projects are often extremely long, and their advertising campaigns can easily last several years. However, thanks to a unique approach and a focus on customer perception, cooperation with them often brings positive results, and the company’s website begins to gain its audience.

A marketing firm is a results-driven organization. The result in the case of cooperation with such a firm, as a rule, is a rapid increase in sales.

All actions of marketing firms, their tactics, and strategies aim to effectively increase the turnover and number of sales of the company. To do this, specialists in such firms use analytical data to build their effective strategies.

The duration of cooperation with marketing firms can vary, so it is difficult to call this parameter a difference from a marketing agency.

Through different marketing channels to implement their marketing strategies, these firms and their services are popular among entrepreneurs.

The question of which is better does not apply in this situation. Marketing agencies and marketing firms work in the same niche, but they have different goals and methods to achieve them. Therefore, an entrepreneur must choose with whom to cooperate, focusing exclusively on their own wishes and what is needed for the company’s website at the moment.

Best Online Marketing Agencies in the USA vs. UK

As with any niche, online marketing has its own leaders. To start a successful business, you need to focus on the leading agencies. We will consider them below.

Online Marketing Agencies in the USA

Marketing agencies in America are top-rated, as new companies are created and opened there every day. As a result, the demand for agency services is very high. Still, some companies do their jobs so efficiently that they become the best in the country.

To understand why these particular agencies became the best, it is necessary to consider their indicators in more detail, which we will get to know later. The list of the best US agencies is:


  • Services: lead generation, search engine optimization, content, and analytics
  • Minimum project price: $ 1,000
  • User score: 4.9

Dream theory

  • Services: creative branding, search engine optimization, content, backlinks
  • Minimum project price: $ 1,000
  • User rating: clients note the personal approach and high efficiency of cooperation

Mighty Citizen

  • Services: digital transformation, branding, research, design, and content
  • Minimum project price: $ 25,000
  • User rating: 4.9


  • Services: digital transformation, branding, search engine optimization, and social media marketing
  • Minimum project price: $ 5,000
  • User rating: 4.9

Disruptive Advertising

  • Services: PPC advertising, paid advertising, and lead generation
  • Minimum project price: $1,000
  • User rating: 4.9

But it is not only the United States that has leaders in the marketing agency market.

Online Marketing Agencies in the UK

Great Britain is not lagging because, in its territory, the niche of website promotion is also in great demand. The ranking of the best online marketing agencies is:

The Bigger Boat

  • Services: design, development, product marketing, social media marketing, email marketing, and SEO
  • Minimum project price: $ 1,000
  • User assessment: clients note the high efficiency and effectiveness of the services provided by the agency

Creative sponge

  • Services: Creative branding, social media management, contextual advertising, and digital advertising
  • Minimum project price: $ 1,000
  • User rating: the company is one of the leading in the UK, and its clients note the high efficiency and attentiveness of specialists in the services provided

Wow-How Studio

  • Services: Graphic design, animation, video editing, and post-production
  • Minimum project price: $ 1,000
  • User rating: 4.9

Directive Consulting

  • Services: PPC management, SEO management, content marketing, and analytics management
  • Minimum project price: $ 5,000
  • User rating: 4.8

Bird Marketing Limited

  • Services: PPC, branding, SEO, web design, and creative marketing
  • Minimum project price: $ 1,000
  • User rating: 4.9

Despite the fact that each of the listed online marketing agencies has its own copyright strategies, they are all considered the best. Focusing on such companies, an entrepreneur can adopt good ideas and tools from the chosen company and further develop their own business. If an entrepreneur wants to get the maximum result and promote their website, they should contact one of the listed companies.

List of Online Marketing Services in the Healthcare Industry

The health sector, in particular, needs to be effectively promoted. For example, promoting drugs or doctors’ services can help users get rid of their ailments. In addition, information in this area is in the highest demand among consumers.

It should be noted that the level of competition in the healthcare sector is very high. Therefore, it is necessary to resort to all marketing channels for effective promotion and advertising of products. To understand how to attract new customers to your company, you need to familiarize yourself with the list of popular marketing services among healthcare companies.

Search engine promotion

This service is popular with both drug companies and clinics. By analyzing users’ search queries, the company’s website is optimized, thereby making it more relevant to the requests of potential customers.

Social media promotion

Thanks to social media, a clinic or company can notify a potential buyer of its existence. Competent targeting and publication of offers in the target audience’s feed can significantly increase the service’s popularity and affect the company’s turnover.

Adaptive design

Users planning to purchase a particular product always want maximum comfort during the checkout process. To provide customers with the desired comfort level, you should launch a website with a responsive design. You can also think about creating an application with a catalog of your company’s products.

The demand for such solutions is associated with the constantly growing popularity of smartphones. However, do not forget that smartphone users account for the lion’s share of traffic on websites at the moment.

Digital advertising

This service is also in demand due to its efficiency. The ability to customize digital advertising for different target audience segments allows professionals to use the available opportunities to the fullest. Correct ad settings can affect both the number of the attracted audience and its quality.

Display advertising

Media advertising is also in demand in the healthcare industry. One of the reasons for its effectiveness is the age range for which advertising should be useful and accessible. By using display advertising, a company can influence both the popularity of its services and the demand for them. This opportunity arises because display advertising can advertise the offer and create orders through the promotion of products.

Email marketing setup

Paradoxically, with the help of emails, a company can significantly expand its customer base.

By sending relevant offers to interested customers, a healthcare company can achieve sales and consistency as well. In addition, this opportunity increases the company’s income and enables it to conduct effective remarketing in the future.

In addition to the listed marketing channels, dozens of other methods attract users to the site, but these services are in the greatest demand. In addition, the marketing channel that can attract the largest number of users to the company’s website depends on the niche and direction of the company itself. Low-quality ads will not attract the desired number of customers, regardless of the marketing channels used.

Best Local Marketing Ideas

As in any other niche, the main development engines are competition and a fresh look at the situation in the online marketing niche. Dozens of new marketing ideas appear on the web every year, each of which can be the key to a website’s success if you choose the right one. As for which ideas in the field of online marketing in 2021 are worth paying attention to, the list of favorites is:

  • Promotion of Facebook reviews to attract leads
  • Creation of entire pages for each separate ad campaign
  • Local content promotion on Facebook
  • Using local optimization together with social media promotion
  • Creation of advertising campaigns from a third party
  • Setting up radial targeting in Google Ads
  • Setting up targeting for a company location

Each of the listed ideas can bring big profits to the company. In addition to the listed ideas, there are hundreds of others, but these ideas seem to specialists to be the most effective in the current situation in search engines.

Pros and Cons of Online Advertising

Like any tool, online advertising has its benefits and drawbacks. However, having weighed all the pros and cons, an entrepreneur can estimate how highly profitable it is to use this type of advertising and what results they can expect.

Moreover, knowing the positive and negative factors of advertising, an entrepreneur can soberly assess their capabilities. This will allow you to plan your advertising budget and help avoid unforeseen risks properly.

Pros of Online Advertising

Online advertising boasts some advantages. The list of benefits of using Internet advertising is:

  • Ability to search for clients among all Internet users
  • Ability to send an offer directly to the interested user
  • Ability to track expenses
  • The cost of this type of advertising is quite affordable
  • Ability to interact with customers
  • More choice of the kinds of advertising

The pros that have been listed often win over entrepreneurs. But do not forget that where there are pluses, there are always minuses.

Cons of Online Advertising

Despite the popularity of online marketing, online advertising has some disadvantages. The list of disadvantages of Internet advertising is:

  • Not all users are ready to share their data
  • The scale of your ads is limited
  • CTR decreases over time
  • High competition
  • The complicated process of setup and launch
  • User fatigue from advertising

Comparing all the pros and cons of online advertising, an entrepreneur, focusing on the available data, can make the right decision. However, it is worth considering that the effectiveness of advertising often depends not so much on its type as on its quality. Therefore, entrepreneurs should be as careful as possible to design their offers when starting an advertising campaign.

Online Marketing for Law Firms

Law firms often rely on the services and opportunities that Internet marketing provides. In addition, in advertising their services, legal entrepreneurs often use Internet marketing.

The list of the most popular Internet marketing tools used by companies to promote their website and services is:

  • Search engine optimization
  • Pay-per-click ads
  • Promotion on social media
  • Content marketing
  • Creating a blog

Using the listed tools, the owner of a law firm can significantly affect the traffic rates and conversions on the site. In addition, by advertising its services using the listed tools, a company can increase its customer audience.

Ways SEO Online Marketing Transforms Business

Search engine optimization is one of the most effective tools for website promotion. With the help of search engine optimization, entrepreneurs can make the pages of their sites more relevant and, therefore, in demand from the point of view of users.

The more efficiently the site page is optimized, the better the chances the user will visit your site and perform the targeted action.

A shortlist of reasons why a company’s website needs search engine optimization is:

  • Search engine optimization can attract customers who ignore paid ads
  • Users constantly use queries to find the information they need
  • Search engine optimization is currently one of the most effective tools for attracting customers to the site
  • SEO can improve conversion rates
  • Local search engine optimization shows incredible results and can significantly affect the profitability of a business

For these reasons, it is worth adding that, despite its effectiveness, SEO does not bring results instantly. Instead, it takes time for the optimization to affect the site’s performance. Therefore, when planning a strategy for promoting their company, entrepreneurs should take this into account.

Online Marketing Strategies That Work

Despite the abundance of online marketing strategies, not everyone can show a genuinely significant result. Therefore, to understand which strategy is suitable for a particular site, it is necessary to analyze the site’s data and the behavior of users who have visited it. As for the most effective universal marketing strategies at the moment, the list is:

Search engine optimization

Search engine optimization is one of the most established strategies for website promotion. With its help, a specialist can make site pages more relevant to the user’s search query. Thus, the site traffic increases and, with it, the chance of confirmation of the purchase by users increases.

Pay-per-click advertising ( PPC )

The advantage of such a marketing strategy is that, from the moment you start advertising, targeted traffic will begin to flow to the site. Thus, by correctly setting up pay-per-click advertising, an entrepreneur can dramatically increase website traffic and company turnover.

Content marketing

Content marketing is a well-established tool in website hosting that helps entrepreneurs get high-quality organic traffic. Creating expert content that addresses users’ pain points can attract a huge audience of potential customers. Thus, an entrepreneur can create a customer base, working on which they will increase the turnover of their company in the future.

Social networks

The advancement of technology and the popularity of social media go hand in hand. Thanks to advertising on social networks and an adequately configured target, an entrepreneur can attract users interested in buying a product. The effectiveness of this method is extremely high, but its effectiveness depends on the quality and settings of targeted advertising.

Email newsletter

Sending emails to users interested in purchasing goods is a fairly popular and effective method of influencing customers. Thanks to such mailings and well-designed offers, an entrepreneur can get traffic and increase the company’s turnover.

High-quality website design

The first thing a potential client of the company interacts with is the site and its design. The better and more convenient the website design is, the higher the chance that the client will trust the company and confirm their order.

Conversion rate optimization

CRO as a tool that allows an entrepreneur to test all the elements of the site for effectiveness. For example, by testing user interaction with different site elements, an entrepreneur can understand which buttons and tabs will be the most effective.

Influential Marketing

By advertising products and attracting users by buying ads from influential and famous people, an entrepreneur can significantly expand the audience. Users are more likely to listen to the individuals they follow, and therefore advertising by a blogger can be more effective than paid advertising.

Each of the listed strategies will show excellent results if the quality of their execution is at a sufficient level. By combining the listed strategies, an entrepreneur can increase promotion effectiveness, which will affect the traffic and conversion rates, and ultimately the company’s profits.

The Guide to B2B Marketing

B2B marketing is marketing based on mutually beneficial cooperation between two or more companies. Such cooperation may consist of the supply of necessary services to the enterprise, the delivery of materials, or any other interaction. Any company that sells its services or products to other companies usually uses B2B marketing strategies.

B2B marketing assumes that if a user orders a service or product, then they sign a contract or agreement on behalf of the company. If we are talking about examples of B2B marketing, then a business built on B2B could be:

  • Coworking
  • Printing service company
  • An email marketing company

In this case, each of the listed companies sells their services to consumers, but they act as consumers. Thus, entrepreneurs doing business in the B2B niche can make a profit regardless of the users. This is possible because their target audience is the companies they work with.

B2B boasts its own marketing strategies. The list of the most popular B2B strategies is:

  • B2B email marketing
  • B2B digital marketing
  • B2B content marketing

Each of the listed strategies has its own tools to build relationships between two or more companies. Thus, using B2B marketing tools, a company or enterprise owner can gain attention from other companies and close profitable deals.

Easy Real Estate Marketing Ideas

Online real estate marketing is an indispensable element in allowing companies to become famous. But, at the same time, the number of marketing campaigns and ideas associated with them is so large that entrepreneurs do not know where to start.

To simplify the promotion as much as possible, you should focus on simple marketing strategies.

A checklist of simple marketing strategies for real estate companies is:

  • Add the ability to evaluate real estate directly on the site
  • Make an introductory video about your company
  • Start a blog and answer questions that interest your audience
  • Create an article or video with an overview of the most exciting places in the area
  • Order unique business cards
  • Use your social media story
  • Use memes to promote your services

Each of the listed strategies is an opportunity to quickly and easily attract the target audience to the company’s website. An entrepreneur can get quick results by wielding these simple ideas without wasting their time on planning, analysis, and complex diagrams.

Free Online Marketing Courses For Social Media Skills

Continuous improvement of your skills is the way to success in any business. By improving their own skills, a specialist can remain in demand and attract more customers.

Studying all the new trends in marketing, it will be easier for business people to navigate and formulate their desires by communicating with specialists.

Specialists and entrepreneurs can take free courses to improve their skills. The list of the most popular courses for improving your own skills is:

Introduction to Social Media Strategy

This course can acquaint future specialists with the basics of promotion. You can answer the questions of “how to increase brand awareness” and “how to make a product popular” in this course.

  • Level of training: beginner to intermediate
  • Main course topics: introduction to working with social media, content creation, the use of marketing tools, and paid advertising strategies
  • Bonuses: two free months on Skillshare

Introduction to Social Media Advertising

This course is designed to acquaint users with the intricacies of working with social media. After completing this course, a young specialist will master the basic principles of working with social media.

  • Level of preparation: beginner to intermediate
  • Main course topics: setting company goals, targeting, creating compelling content, and integrating companies for long-term success.
  • Bonuses: two free months on Skillshare

Social Media Monitoring

This course is designed to teach young professionals to track and select keywords and integrate them into the content. In addition, the user will become familiar with the basics of search engine optimization and methods of monitoring social networks.

  • Level of preparation: all levels
  • Main course topics: keyword filtering, Google searches, influencer acquisition techniques, and the ability to cue content
  • Bonuses: none

Advanced Social Media Marketing for Picking Up Clients

This course invites specialists to familiarize themselves with extraordinary strategies for promoting a company on social media. The methods and tools used in this course can give quick results, but only if handled correctly.

  • Level of preparation: intermediate
  • Main course topics: myths and mistakes in social networks, the art of using Facebook groups, and attracting users via YouTube
  • Bonuses: none

Email Marketing for E-Commerce

This course aims to familiarize mid-level professionals with the basic principles of email marketing automation. Having mastered this course, users will be able to customize, optimize, and personalize email marketing.

  • Level of preparation: intermediate to advanced
  • Main course topics: email marketing automation, optimization, and personalization
  • Bonuses: none

Each of the listed free courses can help a specialist improve their skills in one way or another. However, it is worth remembering that the higher the specialist’s qualifications, the more demand they are in in this niche.

What Is Better: SEO or PPC?

SEO and PPC have proven to be effective online marketing channels. Nevertheless, disputes between specialists regarding what is better have not subsided. To understand which marketing channel is better in a particular case, you need to familiarize yourself with both solutions’ pros and cons.

Pros and Cons of SEO

Search engine optimization, like any Internet marketing tool, has its advantages and disadvantages. The list of the advantages of search engine optimization is:

  • Cost-effective optimization
  • Duration of the effect of SEO optimization
  • The site’s position achieved through search engine optimization is stable and does not change for a long time

Despite its rather impressive advantages, search engine optimization also has some disadvantages. The list of the disadvantages of SEO optimization is:

  • It takes a long time to get the result
  • Process continuity and the need for continuous optimization updates
  • Good optimization takes a lot of time

For some niches, the pros are more important than the cons. But search engine optimization is not suitable for all business goals.

Pros and Cons of PPC

Pay-per-click advertising is in demand across all e-commerce niches. PPC can often be found in various marketing strategies and, in each strategy, this tool takes the position of a fast and effective method of promotion. PPC also has its pros and cons. The list of the pros of PPC is:

  • Ability to get results quickly
  • The ability to adjust the size of the advertising campaign and its cost
  • No need to monitor search algorithms as they do not affect the performance of PPC

At first glance, all the factors speak in favor of PPC over search engine optimization. However, pay-per-click advertising also has its downsides.

The list of the disadvantages of PPC is:

  • The need to constantly spend money to get results
  • Finding keywords for PPC takes a long time
  • Likelihood of wasting your ad budget due to competitor malware

Each of the voiced shortcomings can be decisive for an entrepreneur. Therefore, before launching PPC, the site owner should analyze the pros and cons and decide how critical the situation is in their particular case.

As for which is better, SEO or PPC, there is no exact answer to this question. The site owner should decide which to choose based on the available data and their analysis.

Each niche has its own super effective marketing channels. To find them, you must use all the methods available to the entrepreneur.


Online marketing is a complex system made up of dozens of tools and hundreds of different strategies. None of the online marketing strategies can be universal. The use of each tool or their combination in the context of other sites can produce a different effect. To predict the results of specific marketing campaigns, it is necessary to analyze in detail the data obtained using Google Analytics and Plerdy. Based on the numbers and indicators, the site owner can create a hypothesis about the effectiveness of using one or another online marketing tool. But, to be sure of the data obtained, the idea must be checked on the site. Only by analyzing the data received will an entrepreneur accurately assess the effectiveness of specific marketing tools or marketing strategies.