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High-quality UI/UX elements are crucial for any website. A well-thought-out design increases conversion, stimulates user engagement and enhances visitors’ chances to return to a resource.
We have prepared an overview of restaurant websites with 18 truly unique designs. Each of them deserves special attention as the owners of these places did their best to present them most appealingly. It is also worth noting that this list isn’t a rating based on a certain criterion. Instead, we compiled it for illustrative purposes to show the selection of the best restaurant sites. All of them can definitely win various ratings.

1. Eleven Madison Park 1

A renowned restaurant that serves new European haute cuisine. One of the most popular dishes is a lavender and honey-roasted duck from the chef, Mark Welker. The site is done in a minimalist design. A great portion of each page is taken with a white background with small text blocks.

2. Osteria Francescana 2

A well-known restaurant in the small town of Modena in Italy. At the beginning of its existence, it was almost closed because of the novelty of its dishes. Yet under its chef, Massimo Bottura, the place became extremely popular. The design of its site stands out with carefully selected images, which, thanks to a neutral background, create a great contrast. Each dish in these pictures looks exquisite.

3. El Celler de Can Roca 3

El Celler de Can Roca in Girona (Spain) was twice ranked first in the most influential ratings of European restaurants. The core of its cuisine is a new Catalan style. The design has some unusual solutions. For instance, on the homepage, you get acquainted with the team of this restaurant. The other pages are done in a vintage monochrome style. Horizontal scrolling is another interesting feature.

4. Central Central

Central Restaurante operates in Lima, the capital of Peru. The restaurant has become famous for its contemporary Peruvian cuisine. In 2017, this place was recognized as the best in Latin America. The design of its site deserves your special attention. After loading it, you can start an exciting journey within the web resource.

5. Blue Hill at Stone Barns Blue Hill at Stone Barns

This New York restaurant opened its doors in 2000. They cook dishes mainly from products supplied by local farms. But it’s not only about an unusual approach to cooking – but their website design is also unique.

6. Alain Ducasse au Plaza Athénée Alain Ducasse au Plaza Ath&eacute

This restaurant of Haute French cuisine is located in Paris. They usually use for their dishes fish vegetables. The website of this place has a beautiful parallax design, which perfectly balances graphics.

7. Piazza Duomo Piazza Duomo

Piazza Duomo is located in Alba (Italy). The cuisine of this place is based on the modern Italian tradition. The restaurant’s site has a typical parallax websites design and a nice flower theme.

8. Le Bernardin Le Bernardin

This New York restaurant serves exquisite seafood dishes. This place can be proud of its nice and carefully thought-out site.

9. Arzak Arzak

Arzak is located in San Sebastian (Spain) and is known for its Basque cuisine. Despite common gender stereotypes, this restaurant is led by a woman. The website design sticks to calm, sober colors. An introductory video and photos on the website are just great.

10. El Burro El Burro

This place serves a variety of Mexican cuisine dishes. Mostly these are tacos, burritos, and salsa. The design of their site sticks in your memory with bright, juicy images and color contrasts. Acid shades go well with calm, pastel tones.

11. Quay Quay

This fine-dining restaurant is located in Sydney, Australia. This is the most famous and renowned place on this continent. Quay’s team has decided to take the best “ingredients” of the web design world and use them on their site.

12. Paddock Paddock

The first New Zealand restaurant in our TOP is called Paddock. Besides a unique location, this place has a site with an unusual UI/UX solution. In fact, it only consists of three pages, but they include everything you need. A great example of a good arrangement of information and a well-planned structure.

13. Block 16 Block 16

This restaurant specializes in street food and takes it to an absolutely new level. Thanks to juicy burgers, french fries dressed with various sauces, and chef hot dogs, this place has gained its well-deserved popularity. Block 16’s team not only does their best to serve great food.

14. Baobab Baobab

This restaurant in the ancient Spanish city of Zaragoza also has a compelling website. With each scroll on the main page, you switch to another color. Moreover, all of these sections have a bunch of GIFs and animations. An unusual location of graphic elements complements the overall style and makes this site really eye-catching.

15. Mercer Tavern Mercer Tavern

This is a Canadian pub, so obviously, it’s not a typical restaurant. Yet it has such a great website that we had no choice but to include it in our TOP. The style of this site attracts with its minimalism. There are only one short page and a menu, but they allow you to check everything you need.

16. Quintonil Quintonil

Quintonil is a perfect place for fans of modern Mexican cooking. They created a nice website with adorable photos of their dishes and great navigation. Users can easily go to the necessary section and have quick access to reservations if they visit the place. The site also includes photos of people who work in Quintonil, which adds to a more personal approach.

17. elBarri elBarri

elBarri is a chain of six restaurants in Barcelona to try the tastiest tapas and other traditional Spanish dishes. In 2015, Albert Adrià, the chef of Tickets restaurant, was voted as the best pastry chef. These guys also keep their standards high.

18. Attica Attica

Those who are lucky to visit Australia or live there should definitely learn more about this restaurant. It serves unique local ingredients and opts for an informal style. Actually, this approach is reflected on the website of this place.


Awarded fine dining restaurants pay equal attention to their web presence and interior, service, or cuisine.
UI/UX elements are really crucial to website promotion and help to turn visitors into potential customers. We hope you have found this article exciting and useful. Subscribe to our email and push notifications as there is a lot of interesting waiting ahead.

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