Best 8 Digital Marketing Platforms

Nowadays, conventional selling strategies with radio or TV are gradually becoming a past-day thing. More efficient digital marketing platforms are replacing them. When it comes to winning over customers or discovering new promotional opportunities, digital marketing platform services are the best asset to businesses of all sizes.

Depending on your branding objectives, different marketing digital platforms and services offer automated tools for client targeting and measuring your campaign efficiency. On top of that, the best digital platforms for marketing are time-saving yet affordable.

What is a Digital Marketing Platform?

Digital marketing platforms are software programs that spread your brand message across online channels such as web search engines, email, social networking sites, web pages, mobile applications, etc. The main focus of new digital marketing platforms is creating multiple conversion-oriented messages for customers to interact with during the sales process. Top digital marketing platforms enable you to monitor the performance changes of these messages. Then you can divide effective strategies from useless ones. Furthermore, digital marketing services platforms provide companies with well-organized team communication.

Digital marketing platforms and strategies include a full suite of services. For instance, there are tools for social media, email, lead earning, and management. Various digital marketing platforms provide a wide range of features that differ depending on specific business goals. However, they share similar automation levels, common tools & tactics when analyzing campaigns and managing content, resources, and sales. Furthermore, marketing across digital platforms is affordable and requires less effort.

Digital Marketing Platform by Plerdy

Meet the Plerdy digital platform, a multitool for highly-efficient onsite improvements. By using only one tool, you access various analyzing and site-building functions:

  • viewing heatmaps and visitors’ session recordings;
  • designing pop-up forms, analyzing their application;
  • tracking eCommerce in different periods;
  • analyzing users’ behavior related to a particular goal;
  • checking SEO data and its changes.

Experienced users of the Plerdy digital platform find it as efficient as no other tool. For example, Alfredo Gonzalez Estrada, a CEO, says that Plerdy is a very good digital marketing platform for monitoring and usability.

Russell Kipnis, a CEO, finds that with the Plerdy digital marketing platform, “you can see how users interact with your site, where they spend time on it, and what interests them most.”

What Are the Benefits of Digital Marketing Platforms?

Although listing all advantages of digital media marketing platforms is difficult, here are the best ones:

  • increased number of customers;
  • mobile-friendliness;
  • cost-effectiveness & time saving;
  • scheduling tools;
  • high rankings in search engines;
  • increasingly personalized advertising;
  • improving marketing teamwork.

Most people are used to online shopping. Therefore, unlike traditional marketing avenues such as TV or printing, popular digital marketing tools and platforms allow you to reach more purchasers. Besides, they adapt your content in the best way for mobile devices.

As small-size entrepreneurs often have a limited advertising budget, digital marketing platforms for email and social media give them access to free online channels. Moreover, with features like content calendars, both money expenses and time consumption decrease.

SEO tools of digital marketing platforms help you optimize your website to reach high-ranking search engine positions. In addition, CRM enables you to create personalized advertising based on tracking your customers’ shopping process.

Team members access all marketing undertakings of your business. Therefore, platforms of digital marketing help strengthen cooperation between employees.

Best 8 Digital Marketing Platforms

All top platforms for digital marketing combine a large variety of tools. However, each has its distinguishing features. The list of the best digital marketing platforms examples includes the following ones:


Digital Marketing Platforms - 0001The TrueNorth digital marketing platform focuses on promoting as straightforwardly as possible by eliminating unnecessary time-consuming aspects of work. Thus, TrueNorth is a multifunctional digital marketing platform with analytics and marketing management tools.

Marcus Taylor is the founder of the TrueNorth digital marketing platform. As time flies, his ventures are becoming continuously more ambitious. And TrueNorth is among the best recent ones.

The methodology of TrueNorth is called Growth Ops. It is based on maintaining agility, accountability, and alignment of marketing teams. As Marcus Taylor says, alignment requires a clear picture of your workflow goals, the steps required to achieve them, and the current progress of all team members. Moreover, Growth Ops includes agile marketing features.

Such establishments as Truman Agency use the TrueNorth platform services for digital marketing.


Digital Marketing Platforms - 0002

The main purpose of the ActiveCampaign digital marketing platform is to improve user experience in businesses of all sizes. ActiveCampaign concentrates on automating all marketing processes.

Jason VandeBoom, a self-taught technologist and software engineer, founded ActiveCampaign in 2003. Today, this platform for digital marketing is used by about 150,000 clients, including such corporations as Fundamental, Chico Rei, Lifepreneur, Technology, and Smartlook Tools.

ActiveCampaign offers an extensive range of automation tools & templates and the best machine learning. Therefore, a dedicated team can accomplish more tasks over short periods.

SendPulse Marketing Automation

Digital Marketing Platforms - 00013

SendPulse is a multichannel marketing automation platform built around the idea that even both small businesses and well-established companies can have access to marketing essentials.

Founded by Kostyantyn Makarov back in 2015, SendPulse has evolved from a bulk email service into a marketing automation powerhouse. The platform now combines marketing email campaigns, SMS, and messenger chatbots so businesses can opt for a channel that works best for them. The latest edition to the ever-growing set of features was their automated CRM system that helps businesses manage deals and customer data.


Digital Marketing Platforms - 0003

Marketo is a digital marketing platform providing modern strategies for taking prospective businesses to the next level. It helps companies streamline websites’ processes and achieve the best long-term success.

In 2006, Phil Fernandez, David Morandi, and Jon Miller founded Marketo. Their purpose was to create a platform tailored to the needs of the selling industry.

Marketo utilizes AI to leverage visitors’ behavioral data for growing client relationships. More importantly, this digital marketing services platform identifies the best prospects you should concentrate on. The agencies utilizing Marketo include Fujitsu, Panasonic, Roche, Cloudera, and BNZ.


Digital Marketing Platforms - 0004

Brian Halligan and Dharmesh Shah founded the HubSpot digital marketing platform in 2006. They had noticed a shift in the habits of people doing their shopping. Here is why they created a platform that would empower enterprises to make buyers their main focus.

HubSpot stands out with its best award-winning client support team. Dedicated team members are always ready to help you optimize every aspect of an individual selling strategy. Around 120,000 clients worldwide use the HubSpot digital marketing platform to provide an unmatched customer experience. Suzuki, WWF, SoundCloud, SurveyMonkey, Trello, and ClassPass are among the companies utilizing this platform.


Digital Marketing Platforms - 0005

The philosophy of the VBOUT digital marketing platform relies on the matter of clients’ feedback. Richard Fallah, the founder of VBOUT, asserts that this Internet marketing platform maintains direct personal relationships with customers. In addition, it provides them with unparalleled consultancy expertise.

Another advantage of the VBOUT platform for digital marketing is its high level of customization. You can tweak the best popular digital marketing tools according to personal needs and pay only for the features that you use. Moreover, integrations with numerous third-party apps (Shopify, HubSpot CRM, Magento, WordPress, Facebook Custom Audiences, and Google Analytics) ensure extremely efficient marketing tactics. An intuitive interface is also one of the best benefits of this platform.

The companies using VBOUT include MDC Vacuum Products, LLC, Spiderbox Design, MatchPlay Partners, and TagStone.


Digital Marketing Platforms - 0006

The founder of the SharpSpring digital marketing platform is Rick Carlson. His main goal was to bring automation tools and marketing analytics to small and mid-size start-ups.

SharpSpring’s VisitorID tool helps companies track two times as many website visitors compared with competing digital marketing platforms. It reveals clients’ motivations behind each click. Another benefit of SharpSpring is the opportunity to build a blog in the SharpSpring digital marketing platform. It will help you gain brand authority.


Digital Marketing Platforms - 0007

The main focus of the Act-on digital marketing platform is to help businesses develop a brand that customers care about and create strong connections with them.

Raghu Raghavan founded Act-on in 2008. He says he took into consideration the success and failures of predecessor digital marketing services when building an Internet marketing platform himself.

Act-on offers an automated SMS marketing tool for targeting both local and global consumers. Besides, its highly visual automation environment (Automated Journey Builder) enables marketers to create multi-channel, multi-touch communications workflows.

The companies using Act-on include Sharp, AutoZone, RSA, RLH Corporation, and RSA.


Without any doubt, digital marketing is taking over the industry. According to expert estimations, it occupies half of all global advertising spending. Due to changes in shopping habits and sales processes, businesses should consider using platforms for digital marketing.

Another reason for companies to start using the best digital marketing platforms is the increasing competition in advertising. As a result, more and more developers are taking advantage of integrating multiple platforms for digital marketing. That is why efficient online marketing solutions are crucial for your brand development.

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