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Today’s market’s all about optimization. Find out how much a visitor loves or dislikes your site by asking them directly.

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Plerdy’s Net Promoter Score Tool

Your visitor sees an inviting display, and you’ll get streamlined analytics from our NPS® software.

Plerdy‘s effective NPS® software tool easily collects the customer feedback you need.
Simply create an NPS® (Net Promoter Score) form with Plerdy’s software. You don't even need programming skills to integrate Plerdy’s NPS® into your site.
After a quick setup, our Plerdy software will automatically display the form according to your configured rules. Use our detailed NPS® statistics software to improve your website design, the quality of your customer service, optimize marketing strategies, and so much more.

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Plerdy’s NPS® Software Advantages

It’s important to investigate your customers’ user experience to boost your business’ growth. You can use a site assessment software tool to determine what your customers think about your company, product, service, website, managers, etc.

Andrew Chornyy, Founder and CEO at Plerdy

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NPS Campaigns Frequency

It's important to understand what your visitors think about your site's key products and services. Then, identify and choose your most effective marketing approach. It's easy! Conduct multiple surveys simultaneously with our NPS® software to discover visitors' opinions. Plerdy recommends running a website survey for the same target audience for no more than 30 days. Then, you can monitor website design changes that you make, or how new products/services are received.

Setting Up and Analyzing NPS® Surveys

Edit NPS® Surveys

Create unique NPS® surveys to collect more feedback. With Plerdy’s software, you can easily change survey details, add personalized questions, and automatically calculate the Net Promoter Score for real-time results.

Advanced NPS® Display Rules

With Plerdy’s Advanced NPS® configurations, you can choose the best time to show your NPS® poll in order to collect positive, passive, or negative feedback. Plerdy’s software can display polls based on your visitors' site actions. Example: NPS® polls will appear when someone is about to leave a page, has clicked on something, and monitors scrolling up, etc.

 NPS® Software NPS® Software

 NPS® Software NPS® Software

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Testing Changes

Modifying website design elements can affect your visitors' user experience and lead to lower conversion rates. Plerdy's NPS® software is the perfect solution to avoid negative results because you can create surveys and collect user feedback on site updates. You'll know exactly what's working and what's not. This information is essential in optimizing your site.

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It's Easy To Create Surveys

Audience Segmentation

Focus on the audience you want to interview instead of targeting all of your users. Thanks to Plerdy’s easy-to-use NPS® software, you can display the survey on selected pages of your site or only to people from certain traffic sources. Now you can strategically narrow the number of respondents. The software will also help you segment your audience by device type, or divide them into user groups, like logged in and logged out users, for example.

NPS® Evaluation Groups

After running your surveys, you can divide your respondents into: Detractors - users whose ratings range from 1 to 6. They’re also known as brand critics: authors of negative reviews or your competitors’ potential customers. Neutrals - users whose score are 7 or 8. They are less likely to generate negative reviews. However, there is no guarantee that they will remain your customers in the future. They might bounce right after a negative user experience. Promoters - their ratings are 9 or 10. They are brand loyal and long-time clients who love and actively use the company's products. They also share positive feedback.

With Plerdy ‘s NPS® software tool, you can customize and improve your site without seeing a drop in engagement. Plerdy’s tool makes this easy by creating surveys, targeting specific visitors, and collecting insightful user feedback. Plerdy’s the way to go for effortless website optimization.

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