Net Promoter Score (NPS)

Are you looking for an excellent way to collect feedback? Place a Net Promoter Score survey on your website to communicate with customers. Plerdy software offers highly customizable NPS forms that can be displayed at any point during the customer journey. You don’t even need coding skills to implement them. After a quick setup, the Plerdy tool will automatically collect responses and use the NPS score calculation formula to generate the Net Promoter Score for your website instantly. The detailed Net Promoter Score statistics should help you enhance support quality, fine-tune your website design, optimize marketing strategies, and draw a range of other benefits.

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What is the functionality of Plerdy NPS software?

NPS Survey Customization

Create unique online NPS surveys with engaging questions, brand elements, and tailored design to outperform the industry-standard Net Promoter Score. With Plerdy software, you can change every survey detail, add personalized questions, and automatically run Net Promoter Score calculation for real-time findings.

Advanced Display Rules

Choose the best moment to show an NPS scale survey and collect positive, passive, or negative feedback. Our Net Promoter Score software enables you to display an NPS scale based on real-time behaviors. For example, NPS scales can pop up when someone leaves the website page, makes a certain number of clicks, scrolls up, etc.

Audience Segmentation

Focus on the target audience you need to survey instead of finding the industry average Net Promoter Score. Plerdy NPS software lets you narrow down the number of respondents by showing online surveys on selected website pages or only to people from specific traffic sources. The tool also supports segmentation by device type and other parameters.

Multiple NPS Campaigns

Run more than one website survey at a time to find out Net Promoter Scores at several stages of the customer lifecycle. The same NPS score calculation formula used under different circumstances lets you learn what various leads think about your brand.


Automate NPS Calculation

Learn what portion of customers are your promoters and detractors automatically. Plerdy tool collects customers’ responses online and uses the NPS score calculation formula to provide you with accurate statistics. Since you don’t need to manually count excellent and bad website reviews, you save a lot of time dealing with strategic business tasks.

Create NPS Surveys at Different Stages of Your Conversion Funnel

The customization capabilities of Plerdy software are so broad that you can display an NPS scale at any step of the customer journey. For example, a direct Net Promoter Score question is a good way to understand why many people leave at a specific point. You get a chance to do something to keep them, increase sales, and build long-lasting relationships.

Get User Feedback on Website Changes

Each time you change something on a website, you risk making it worse. Net Promoter Score calculation software is a great asset for product teams to test the success of updates. Place a survey to instantly collect feedback from website users and see how they like the innovations. Good NPS response means you are doing everything right.

Improve Customer Satisfaction Based on Customer Feedback

Rely on the Net Promoter Score (NPS) to let website users guide you. Plerdy software generates timely reports on detractors, passives, and promoters to show what people think about your brand. If the rating is not good, you can adjust your customer policy and web design to enhance customer satisfaction.

Engage your Passives and Detractors

Passives and detractors are the most valuable categories of customers since they point at your weaknesses. Our online NPS software with automated Net Promoter Score calculation allows you to research why people don’t like your business and at what point of the customer journey something goes wrong.

Improve your Customer Support

Plerdy software offers the best free NPS scales you can display based on triggers. For example, ask website visitors to rate the work of your support after they close the chat, fill out the contact form, or complete any other action. The Net Promoter Score enables you to evaluate the effectiveness of different support channels and make sure they meet customers’ expectations.

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