Improve online store sales figures

Heatmap and scrollmap analysis allows to see a website from users’ perspective. By means of these tools, it is easier to determine what changes the website requires.


What value can Plerdy bring to online stores?

The work with a target audience lies not only in setting up and support of reverse communication but also in deeper analytics of users’ behavior.

The heatmap and the scrollmap answer most of marketers’ questions regarding users’ actions on a website. Users’ perception of the web design directly affects loyalty to the online store. Of course, the final decision to make a purchase depends on many factors: prices, delivery terms, additional advantages, etc. But the visitor who doesn’t understand the website design is unlikely to become a potential customer. On the other hand, perception of design is different in different countries, it depends on industry specifics, customers’ age category and even sex.

By means of heatmap, you can see the most and the least clicked components of the online store and create the most functional design. It will also let you find out what influences users’ behavior.

A Advantages of Plerdy for online stores:
  • Usability audit
  • Sales increase
  • Bounce rate decrease
  • Analysis of dynamic banners effectiveness