Improve sales of your online store

Click and scroll heatmaps allow you to see pages of online stores like your visitors would, when the smart form builder helps to promote special offers, discounts and collects leads.

Why is Plerdy useful for online stores?

The work with the target audience of an online store is all about establishing and supporting two-way communication with customers. To do this, you need to analyze data and create exciting offers.

A nice and functional design of an online store directly influences the loyalty of a target audience. Of course, the final decision about a purchase depends on many factors, such as pricing, delivery terms, additional benefits, etc. Yet a visitor who doesn’t understand how to use a site is unlikely to become its customer.

With the click heatmap, you can view the most and the least clicked elements of an online store and also independently prepare some offers on making changes to the design. This tool helps to understand why different segments of the target audience behave in a certain way.

Another useful tool, the smart form builder, allows you to tell the audience about discounts and special offers, get leads, increase the number of newsletter subscribers, and make other important notices on the pages that are the most visited by the target audience of online stores. Additionally, you can set a banner for display on different types of devices.

Advantages of Plerdy for online stores:

  • UX analysis
  • Evaluation of UI usability
  • Collection of leads with smart forms
  • Promotion of special offers and sales on the chosen pages
  • Sales increase
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