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Plerdy SEO Checker is an online tool to help SEOs and marketers stay on top of any SEO changes on a website. After adding a tracking code to a website, SEO Checker automatically collects data for analysis from pages with traffic. So, now SEO analysis has become straightforward.

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Automatic SEO Checking of the Site Every Day

Here are the main and undeniable advantages of using Plerdy SEO Checker for analysis.

Mobile-first indexing

Statistical fact: Most people search for information on Google using mobile devices. Plerdy SEO Checker sorts and assembles SEO data separately for analyzing the desktop and mobile versions of the site. This is important, as sometimes there are fewer design elements on a mobile page than on a desktop page.

0% server load

Compare SEO Checker to any other similar SEO tool that creates server load when analyzed. During active crawling of site pages, the server receives too many requests, overloading it. Plerdy SEO Checker works in a fundamentally different way. After setting the tracking ID, the tool automatically and purposefully collects SEO data for analysis from those pages with at least one click per day. Make the hard life of the server easier. :)

SEO checking for small and large sites

It doesn't matter how many pages are on the site – 100 or 1 million. SEO Checker effortlessly collects all SEO metrics for analysis. You don't need to think about how to set up and when to launch the site crawler. Brew yourself some delicious tea or coffee and enjoy and calmly analyze the collected data. :)

Reducing the risk of losing organic traffic

There are situations when developers change something on the site on their own. And after a few days, when analyzing, you find that the title has been removed from the site or a whole block with useful content has disappeared. As a result – the probability of a decrease in Google rankings and the threat of losing traffic. As a result, there is a sharp drop in sales. You can't keep track of this without monitoring and analyzing SEO data. The business leader will be very angry. :(

Saving time for SEO checks

SEO analysis is a complex and detailed process that requires time-consuming and monotonous work. Plerdy SEO Checker simplifies things a lot. Save over 30 hours per month on SEO analysis! This is extremely convenient for single-site owners. What can we say about agencies that work with many e-commerce sites? In your free time, you can play Xbox or table tennis! :)

Key features and reports in Plerdy SEO Checker

New, progressive SEO analytics modules are developed and added every month. Now available for analysis:

Website technical SEO audit

Do some quick research and find out which pages of the site have SEO errors. For example, two H1 headers, canonical, the number of JavaScript and CSS files, the absence of a title, description, an extra meta noindex, and other nuances.

Analysis of the semantics of pages

This report analyzes the texts: the total number of words, percentage of stop words, uniqueness of words, the average length of sentences, wateriness, readability score (FRES), etc. The bottom block contains a detailed digital analysis of the top and stop keywords of the checked text. The SEO Checker tool also detects words written with Cyrillic letters in English words and vice versa.

SEO mistakes on mobile and desktop versions of the site

As SEOs know, Google crawls the mobile version of a website in the first place. SEO Checker collects SEO data of two versions of devices separately – analyze the one that Google bot crawls.

SEO checking site health

A special algorithm for assessing the health of site pages has been developed. Based on the parameters of this innovation, analyze and improve the condition of those pages that have low SEO indicators.

Tracking SEO changes – "it was" and "it is"

Plerdy SEO Checker can save the SEO history of each page for the last 30 days. Thus, the site owner or expert can easily detect the slightest changes by choosing any period for analysis.


Matching top words in title, description, or H1 is part of the analysis. If these words are not there, a red icon will appear in the report.

Duplicate pages

Check all pages with tables that have identical titles or descriptions.

Disallow URL

Sites have several technical pages: shopping cart, password recovery, search, etc. These pages can have a meta noindex tag. In any case, these pages will be in the report, but you can exclude them – just like any other URL.

Online SEO bug fix checking

After the analysis, the SEO issue has already been fixed. So how do you check whether it has disappeared? Elementary! Click on the “Check” button in the report table – the page will open in another browser window. Return to the report and refresh the page – the data for this URL will be updated. If one page is fine, the others will be updated the next day.

Filter and search for SEO errors

Sometimes, after collecting data for SEO analysis, you need to look at a specific URL or types of errors. This can be done using a filter or a search bar.

Integration with Google Search Console

Go to Google Search Console if multiple URLs have clicks and impressions. Follow the instructions in the Google Search Console settings. After successful integration check, export all keywords to Plerdy SEO Checker. The analyzer will identify those that are not on the site page. Optimize it by writing a new paragraph or rewriting the entire text. Rankins will grow at rocket speed! And there will be more traffic.

Single-page application (SPA) site

If you are the owner of a site of this type, change it to the second option in the settings before SEO research.

Who uses SEO Checker for SEO site analysis?

Plerdy SEO Checker is an easy-to-use analysis tool that is functionally accessible to both the novice and the seasoned SEO expert. You can activate the trial version of the extension free. Use SEO analyzer to solve complex, multi-level problems without spending extra money!

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