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For modern online businesses, knowing the motivation behind user activity is crucial. It allows them to understand why people complete specific actions, what they want to achieve, or why they fail.

When the volume of website visitors is high, it’s hard to process user activity data manually. That’s why marketers use visitor tracking tools. Such software monitors user activity on a website automatically records critical interactions and generates meaningful insights. It helps marketers analyze campaigns, offer more relevant content, and convert leads. Visitor tracking also benefits sales departments that see when people are ready to purchase. It’s also helpful for product teams to optimize the user experience and retention.

This article lists the top 8 visitor tracking tools businesses can use to analyze their customers. Learn what features they have and who uses them.

Plerdy – Visitor Tracking Tools

Plerdy is a conversion rate optimization platform with powerful visitor monitoring functionality. After adding its script to your website, you will view real-time statistics on user interactions and other valuable data.

To enable companies to track their leads, Plerdy offers:

  • Heatmaps. View what website elements are the most popular or ignored.
  • Event tracking. Create events to obtain user activity statistics about specific design elements.
  • Session replay software. See the website pages with the eyes of your leads.
  • Conversion funnel analysis. Visualize what visitors do at different customer journey stages.
  • Sales performance. Find out how design elements affect sales to maximize revenue.

Top 7 Visitor Tracking Tools

This section includes the most popular visitor tracking solutions and facts you should know about them.


Mixpanel, currently led by CEO Amir Movafaghi, provides self-serve product analytics. It monitors user behavior on web and mobile applications and generates custom reports based on the collected data. You can see which user categories engage and retain best, build funnels, create cohorts, and segment data. Mixpanel also includes a team dashboard that enables an entire company to collaborate and share the same data.

Mixpanel claims to have over 6000 existing customers, including GoDaddy, Lemonade, Yelp, Expedia, and ZipRecruiter.


Kissmetrics is a behavioral analytics platform Hiten Shah and Khiladi Poswal started back in 2008 in San Francisco. It’s a person-based analytics solution you can use to optimize a SaaS product or an e-commerce store. Kissmetrics for SaaS generates reports on new trial starts, subscriptions, churns, monthly recurring revenue, time to signup/new feature adoption, and other activities critical for product teams. E-commerce Kissmetrics’ plan supports Shopify integration and tracks total sales, revenue, new visitors, visit to purchase/cart to purchase conversion rates, and site searches.

Lucidchart, SendGrid, Unbounce, Carvana, and Microsoft use Kissmetrics.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics, the most renowned website analytics solution, was launched in 2005. Marketers usually integrate it with other tools as an additional source of information. Google Analytics tracks session duration, the number of pages per session, traffic source, bounce rate, and conversions (goals). Here you won’t find information on what actions (e.g., clicks, scrolls, hovers) users completed on different pages. Google Analytics provides general information about user traffic. You can see how users find your website, detect the most popular pages, or learn what user groups are the most common.

Based on BuiltWith‘s data, around 28 million sites use Google Analytics.


Salespanel is an Indian company from Pune, Maharashtra. They offer a website analytics platform for B2B marketing and sales teams. This software identifies website visitors, tracks their actions, and captures leads coming from different channels. It ensures a single customer view to align the efforts of marketers and sales reps.

Salespanel has a strong focus on lead analytics and management. It runs lead tracking, identifies qualified company visitors for lead generation, and alerts your sales team when people are ready to convert.

SMI, N-iX, Fox Smart Business, AppyBee, and Nopio use Salespanel.


Hitsteps is a company from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, that provides website analytics for online businesses of all sizes. Founded by Armin Nikdel, this platform combines real-time visitor management with live chats. You can follow the navigation path of every visitor to learn how they browse the pages. Hitsteps also enables you to interact with leads while they stay on the website. It’s a unique opportunity to communicate with people via the online chat widget to answer their questions or sell something. Apart from the mentioned features, Hitsteps also supports a dashboard with live reports, browser usage statistics, heatmaps, page speed meter, and profiling.

Tata Steel and Jade Global use Hitsteps.


SimilarWeb is an Israeli company founded in 2007 by Or Offer. It slightly differs from other solutions in this overview. SimilarWeb is a platform that measures the total traffic coming to different websites in a specific niche. You can view Top Websites, Android Apps, iOS Apps, Browsers, Search Engines, and other rankings to understand how people navigate the web. This approach doesn’t give a granular look at user activity but allows you to get the big picture. You learn competitors’ top traffic sources to analyze the market and build a strategy that will help you outperform others.

Walmart, Adobe, DHL, Adidas, Google, The Economics, and many others use SimilarWeb.


This website tracking tool provides versatile statistics on traffic. You can view how people use the web resource right now with live analytics. It also collects information on individual visitors, measures referrals, conversions, bounce rates, time on the website, and other metrics. With Web-Stat, you can enjoy 46 traffic reports to fit any needs.

AnaSpec, Homestead Technologies, and Mistral Solutions use Web-Stat.


Businesses have many visitor tracking tools to choose from. You can measure every customer activity or use generalized statistics. The right tool will simplify the research and generate real-time insights that can help you maximize your business achievements.

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