A quality service starts from understanding your clients

Providing a proper service online is only possible when you know your clients. The heatmap and the scrollmap will tell you about users more than any other statistics.


What value can Plerdy bring to services and SaaS?

More and more often there appear online services helping to solve different tasks. Some of them are on a startup stage and some function as a fully developed business.

Contrary to offline services, the digital world specifics is bound with huge data, including the data regarding users’ behavior. The peculiarity of most services is that you usually get access to the dashboard after authentication on the website.

The heatmap builds statistics based on users’ behavior in the closed part of a website. The data regarding visitors from different traffic channels, statistics of the most clicked areas of a dashboard open new opportunities for service improvements.

A Advantages of Plerdy for services:
  • Understanding of users’ behavioral factors
  • Content optimization and improvement
  • A possibility to redesign
  • Check out of CTA effectiveness