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Nowadays, millions of people generate a tremendous amount of text content. People write blog posts for Instagram and Twitter, articles for mass media websites, product descriptions for online stores, etc. And only a few paid attention, measured the typing speed, and analyzed the results to increase it. Fortunately, a typing speed test online allows doing it quickly.

The test offers users to type a text and gives a specific time depending on the selected conditions. There are several options to test your typing speed:

After completing the task, the specific indexes (words/characters per minute, accuracy) help you understand your writing abilities level. And now, let’s know why keyboard typing speed tests are essential.

What is an Average Typing Speed?

The writing manners are individual, that makes the results diversified. For instance, copywriters, programmers, and SEO specialists type more than 50-60 words per minute, while ordinary users have approximately 40. The results depend on whether the job requires creating text content and the amount of time spent writing in Microsoft Word or Google docs.

Words Per Minute (WPM)

The word speed typing test counts the words written without mistakes during a specific period. It’s allowed to correct the text or remove extra spaces, but pressing the buttons becomes forbidden when the time ends. WPW index of 40-50 is considered normal, while 100-120 is high.

Characters Per Minute (CPM)

The index is usually confused with the keystroke indicator. CPM is how many letters, punctuation characters or numbers appear on the paper, or online document till the time until the test finishes. The keystrokes are the button pushes (spaces, uppercase letter hotkeys, etc.). Typically, CPM is WPM multiplied 5 times, and the approximate results are 180-200.

How to Improve Typing Speed?

The experts recommend following the particular rules to improve the CPM and WPM results:

  1. Sit properly. You should sit up straight and have a keyboard parallel to your chest. Don’t tilt your neck more than a 30-degree angle, and keep both screen and keyboard insight.
  2. Place your fingers comfortably. You should have elbows at no more than a 90-degree angle, and place the working fingers of the right and left hand on the “F” and “J” buttons.
  3. Play typing speed test games. Make a schedule and spend 5-10 minutes a day for the test to see if you should improve your abilities.
  4. Start slowly. Don’t force your work to get a better test result. It will help begin slowly to develop an automatic reflex of the finger muscles to press the necessary buttons.
  5. Keep practicing. If a job offer or any other reason requires high typing speed levels, practice by writing blog posts, articles, reviews, or commonly describing your favorite topics in Microsoft Word.

Typing speed tests lets you see the training results and understand if you’ve improved your skills.

Why is Typing Speed Important to Everyone?

The entire world is digitized and makes users provide many activities by typing text online. People create websites, advertise their products, write promotional articles, or commonly make school projects. Sometimes, the time limitations require setting up strict deadlines to create the text content. Therefore, it’s essential to find how to test typing speed, analyze the results and improve the skills.

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