New features: update for Sumo-ling

Dear Sumo-ling. We care about your experience using Plerdy, so we are constantly improving our product. We have received numerous requests to provide certain opportunities in Plerdy, and we are ready to implement some of them in the near future.
We will be constantly adding new items to this page. The last update of this list is 04/02/21


  1. SEO report improve.
  2. Conversion funnel version 2.0.
  3. Ability to adjust/set data collection limits for each site.


  1. AMP version of the site.
  2. Ability to automatically delete recorded videos in the account.
  3. Panel menu for Safari.
  4. Improving SEO semantics analysis.


  1. More detailed segmentation of data by traffic channel.
  2. Screenshots of the heatmaps.


  1. Made adjustments to the API integration with the Google Search Console.
  2. Ability to replace the site in the account.
  3. Ability to select the time zone for each account.
  4. Calendar improvement (Custom date selection in the calendar).
  5. Changing the rules for recording video sessions.
  6. General statistics of the limits of each site in the account.
  7. Daily heatmap report and SEO.
  8. List of redeemed promo codes in the statistics of the AppSumo page.
  9. After logging in, open the page of all sites.
  10. If you chose to show 20 or 50 lines or another value per page, remember this.
  11. Sorting and storing in the table of all sites.
  12. The AppSumo page is not displayed for the main guest.
  13. Dashboard page redesign.
  14. Improve the appearance of graphs on product pages.
  15. Improving guest access.
  16. Added a column about traffic channels in the video session report.
  17. Added the ability to go to the desired page in the video session report.
  18. E-mail API SendFox.
  19. E-mail API SendinBlue.
  20. Making control of the delivery of reports by mail in separate settings.
  21. Ability to block the recording of data on certain pages. Finds this in Settings > Custom Tracking.

P.S. Note that this list is not complete. So follow our updates here)

With love, Plerdy team:)