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Each online marketing specialist knows about the importance of SEO in promotion. However, quick manual analysis of the essential parameters is usually impossible, so using automated tools is essential. Ahrefs is a popular platform with plenty of helpful instruments that help optimize the relevance and determine the priorities in marketing strategies. In addition, SEO Dashboard, Keyword and Site Explorer, Rank Tracker, and other tools are available in different toolsets with a specific price for each.

Ahrefs pricing is different for every monthly and annual plan. Each provides a detailed analysis of Search Engine Optimization characteristics and suggests new features to implement. So, let’s discover each tariff’s contents and reveal their prices.

How to Use Ahrefs?

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The official website provides a free guide for ordinary Ahrefs users and digital marketers, including 47 lessons lasting approximately 1 hour. Sam Oh and Si Quan, experienced SEO specialists, describe each instrument and pricing for Ahrefs plans and say how to implement them with maximum efficiency. In addition, the online course provides the following tips:

  1. Analyze the traffic of your competitors. Using Site Explorer is recommended to get the search attendance data for a certain period. However, the instrument may have a 20% error and doesn’t represent the value of social, direct, and referral traffic.
  2. Determine the most visited URL. The same tool shows the percentage of traffic for each web page and its value in USD.
  3. Understand what people search with Google. Keyword Explorer determines the most relevant key phrases on the necessary topic and analyzes the volume and traffic potential of the specific words.
  4. Analyze the most relevant URLs. With the keyword tool, it becomes easy to see what pages get the most visitors and what keywords have the highest rank positions.
  5. Get the data about the site flaws. Site Audit defines the apparent Search Engine Optimization mistakes that may result in lower attendance and reduce the relevance and ranks them considering the importance of their correction.
  6. Estimate the difficulty of keyword rankings. The difficulty score shows if it’ll be efficient to use the unique word for higher SERP rankings.
  7. Discover the competitors’ backlinks. The Ahrefs database includes many links that help see what URLs the other websites used for efficient link building.
  8. See the progress in getting higher positions. Rank Tracker helps see if the changes and fixes improved the relevance, resulting in higher SERP rankings.
  9. Analyze the content quality. Site Explorer shows if the content suits the modern Google search algorithms and may supplement the search requests.
  10. Get the efficient links. Ahrefs tools provide a list of more than 70,000 pages that may help improve the content and implement suitable link-building strategies.

The tools are paid for regardless of free access to the guide. So, let’s understand Ahrefs pricing and whether it’s worth it.

Comparison of Ahrefs Pricing

Here, you can find the table with the detailed description of the tariffs and see what each consists of.

Feature/Name of Plan Lite Standard Advanced Enterprise
Monthly price $99 $199 $399 $999
Annual price (per month) $83 $166 $333 $833
Tools in pricing Dashboard, Explorers (Site, Keyword), Rank Tracker, Alerts, Audit Everything from Lite + 6m history chart of SERP positions, Domain Comparison, Batch Analysis, Report Sharing, etc. Everything from Standard + 2y of history, Google data studio, Ahrefs search, Dashboard folders, etc. Everything from Advanced + unlimited history, pay by invoice, directory listing, API, SSO, etc.
Number of users in pricing 1 1 1 1
Data export rows (Dashboard) in pricing 500,000 1.5 million 4 millions 10 millions
Verified projects

(Rank Tracker) in pricing

Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Number of reports (Site Audit) in pricing Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Keyword lists (Keyword Explorer) in pricing 5 50 100 250

However, the users perceive the pricing for Ahrefs products different, the reviews confirm that:

“The SEO tools by Ahrefs have a very low price,” – Greg Bianiasz, Chief Marketing Officer at Marketing & Advertising Agency.

“The $99 plan is cheaper than the other websites’ tools,” – Alex Chaidaroglou, Director of Altosight.

“The plan is expensive, and there are no free trials,” – User, C-Level Executive at Marketing and Advertising Agency.

“Keyword research reporting is better in other tools – here the price is too high,” – Andrea Hester, Director of Operations at Clearfire Inc.

To Sum Up Ahrefs Pricing

Overall, Ahrefs pricing is affordable, and many online marketing specialists use particular tools for analyzing and improving the essential SEO parameters. So, it’s crucial to determine the critical search engine indicators to investigate and choose the suitable tariff plan to reach the specific goals.

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