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Brands effectively interact with the target audience through advertising. In the past, communication was one-way. With the development of technology, companies can receive feedback from customers.

Among the main goals of website advertising, the most significant are the following:

  • Increase targeted traffic and sales on the site.
  • Presentation of a new product, product, or service on the market.
  • Company brand promotion.
  • Attracting more buyers.
  • Creating brand value.
  • Proper positioning of the brand in the minds of customers.
  • Expansion of the sales market and increase in profits.
  • The motivation of buyers to action on the site.

Each company may have a different combination of goals that it is trying to achieve through website advertising.

Difference between paid and free advertising site online

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The Internet, along with television, has become a powerful platform for promoting goods – while print media is losing its importance in the field of promotion. Advertising on websites is paid and free.

There are three types of paid advertising for Google and Facebook Ads.

  1. The advertiser pays for each website user who clicks on an advertising banner or ad.
  2. Pay per impression or thousand impressions of a banner or video ad on the site.
  3. Pay for leads when a certain goal on the site is fulfilled.

Free advertising is more natural. For example, it may look like the company’s consultants answer questions from users on various sites distribute links to the company’s web pages through social networks —Twitter, TikTok, Youtube, Instagram.

Reason to use free advertising for a small business

Business goals can be achieved by using proper methods of promotion and advertising. For example, advertisements for jersey suits, which are so popular among young people now, posted on social networks and entertainment websites, are aimed at this target audience. They are worn equally by both boys and girls. As a rule, most buyers are young people from 14 to 35 years old.

Companies colorfully describe products on websites and use other advertising methods. For example, by posting photos on forums, they demonstrate the effects of “before” and “after”— this way, you can get a big response from customers. In addition, visualization of the effectiveness of the use of the product attracts the attention of potential consumers, which increases sales. By the way, this method is often used for advertising cosmetics.

You can use announcements and information about current draws or promotions like advertising. This technique gives a great response from potential consumers.

Advertising is not only intended to increase sales directly. The company’s image is important for the growth of consumer confidence in the products. Customers are informed about the benefits of using the product compared to similar products from competing companies. Also, using this method, they solve the problem of familiarizing customers with brand new products and launching new products on the market.

10 Best Ways to Advertise Your Website for Free on the Internet

The website promotion methods presented below are indispensable for businesses whose budget does not yet provide for paid advertising campaigns.


10 Best Free Advertising Sites for Business - 01

SEO-promotion of the site, among other things, involves writing high-quality, informative texts. With the help of quality text, buyers get more knowledge about the product.

To display a site in the first lines of search engine results, you must use keywords corresponding to popular queries. In addition, website content should be useful and unique, keeping the reader’s attention. Accordingly, you need to pay attention to the on-page SEO optimization of the site’s text content.

Google My Business


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Using this service helps you create contact with consumers by displaying information on maps and in the Google search engine. It is a great form of local SEO.

In the profile, you can add the address and contact information for the company to make it easier for buyers to contact you. The statistics collection system allows you to see:

  • How many times customers were interested in the company profile.
  • How many clicks were made to the site.
  • How many calls, route building, and subscriptions.

With the help of Google My Business service, you can establish feedback by answering questions and feedback from consumers.

Bing Places for Business

10 Best Free Advertising Sites for Business - 03

Customers will easily find data about your online store or get acquainted with the list of services provided. Using this service, you can add basic information about the company or store and post photos of the exterior and interior. Additional information will help customers find out the opening hours of the store or company.

You can make changes to your profile at any convenient time, and you can also receive notifications if there is a problem with your company data.

Apple App


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Apple Maps, a competitor and analog of Google Maps, processes over 5 billion unique requests every week. So just imagine how many users will be able to see your ad for free!

Customers get access to information about the establishment or store, including the address and phone number, work schedule, and customer reviews.

Add unique photos to attract more customers. You can change the date at any time. You must have an Apple ID to use the service.

Facebook Marketplace

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This is a convenient electronic trading platform, available to users from 50 countries of the world. The geography of the marketplace is constantly expanding. The advantage is that you can sell on the marketplace without paying any commission to the site.

Advertising is a relatively new feature of the service. However, it has excellent prospects associated with high attendance.

The trading platform has a convenient filter that allows you to select the offered products according to the consumer’s geographic location. Marketplace rules restrict the list of products that can be sold there. Before placing ads, you should read the terms and conditions – many of the features are paid.


10 Best Free Advertising Sites for Business - 14

Blogging has gone beyond the text format. Instead, an increasing role is given to photos, videos, and other visual content.

Your own YouTube channel will enable you to inform customers about the new products that the business represents. The video allows you to demonstrate the product’s performance and features. You can also create a repair or setup manual (depending on the type of product).

Advertising on blogs is based on the audience’s trust in the person who advertises the service or product.

The disadvantage of this method is the narrow focus of advertising to a relatively small audience. Accordingly, the response to advertising on the blog can be small. To advertise, you need to choose a strategy carefully. Aggressive advertising can provoke a negative reaction from the audience.

Other marketplace services

10 Best Free Advertising Sites for Business - 07

Services such as Yelp, MerchantCircle, and Nextdoor will help you tell Internet users about your business. It does not matter if your store is offline or you provide services remotely.

Include as much information about the business as possible. Don’t forget to include contact information, such as an email and phone number. These services provide an opportunity to maintain communication with customers by answering their questions and writing comments.

Useful information provided in the card will help search engine optimization on marketplaces.


10 Best Free Advertising Sites for Business - 12

It is the third most popular social network in the world. More than 1 billion unique users use it every month. At the same time, the distribution of visitors according to gender is approximately the same – your audience will be neutral.

Before advertising a product, you must correctly configure your account. A personal profile must be converted to a “business account” format or a new one created.

A win-win option is to promote your Instagram account through other social networks or the company’s official website.


10 Best Free Advertising Sites for Business - 13

The Internet is full of content. Therefore, it is impossible to achieve growth in the audience of the channel in a natural way, as it was 10 years ago.

SEO-optimization of the content description is the easiest way to help in promotion. For example, the title of the video should be bright, memorable – and at the same time reflect its essence and contain keywords.

The use of tags allows users to find the content they are interested in and increases the ranking of videos.



10 Best Free Advertising Sites for Business - 15

This web platform allows you to use audio visual recordings created specifically for them or selected from the library in commercials. Any video containing copyrighted audio will be blocked.

Advertising on TikTok can have three purposes:

  • Increasing the audience of the site.
  • Increase views.
  • Increase in site visits.

Each of the goals has a different promotion algorithm. For example it is better to use a video for advertising, the statistics of which showed a large percentage of user engagement.

All the described methods and channels of advertising are good in their own way. The choice of which web platform you use for promotion is influenced by the goals of the advertising campaign and the target audience. Social networks are good for promoting goods and services among young people. Older people prefer to learn information from search engines.


The idea that you can’t achieve impressive results with free advertising is wrong. You just need to use these opportunities correctly.

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