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It is not an easy task to optimize and promote a corporate website or an online store. Especially considering search engines’ requirements regarding projects’ quality and constant growth of competition. But a free website promotion is possible, although you need to understand that its effectiveness will be predictably lower if you assign it to experts for a proper budget.

We have prepared a list of tips that you can implement yourself for free website promotion. But it won’t happen fast, so be ready to spend some longer time. Anyway, the implementation of the tips will benefit project. Then you’ll be able to decide if you need to apply for internet marketing experts’ services to keep working in the desired direction.

Google My Business

Google My Business” allows placing information about a company in Google+ and Google Maps so that potential clients can always find it. For example, you can point to the office’s location, its working hours, add some photos, etc. You can add some information about the company on this page.

google business
It’s a good way of promotion for online stores focused on a certain city with offices and distribution centers.

Pages in social networks

This point won’t be relevant for all kinds of businesses. For example, for B2B-segment entrepreneurs, this will make no sense. People will be unlikely to subscribe to a page of a company manufacturing bricks and like and share its posts. But for online stores, it is quite relevant to have pages on social networks, especially when it’s about women’s clothes, different accessories, gadgets, etc.

Crowd marketing

This is one of the internet marketing methods that can increase backlinks using recommendations on other resources. Usually, it’s forums,  social networks, etc.


It is important to follow the niche. Otherwise, the owner of a resource will delete the link. Besides increasing authority to search engines, such works can also bring sales for an store.

Guest posts

This is quite an old method of website promotion for free. It is admittedly effective but requires quite a lot of time. A guest article is one posted on a website similar to niche to get backlinks and attract interested users. The more popular is the site posting article, the more visitors you can get.

Optimization of content

No matter how useful and interesting the content of website promotion is, it is unlikely to appear in search results without intelligent search optimization. Well, it will be somewhere there, but far from the first page. It will be hard to make it all right for a person with no professional SEO experience. But there is a range of options that can be implemented personally:

  • optimize pages according to keywords;
  • write proper meta tags “title” and “description” that reflect the purpose of a page (if CMS allows it);
  • structure the content by means of elements of formatting (headings, highlighting, numbered and unnumbered lists);
  • add thematic pictures and videoclips from youtube where possible.

This is enough to raise the website promotion content’s relevance and improve its visibility in search results.

Mass e-mailing

This variant is suitable for web projects that have at least a few dozens of visitors per day. Get registered on any resource for bulk emails (MailChimp GetResponse, etc.). Generate and located in a side column of site an appealing form for subscription. You can also create a pop-up window with an interesting offer to convert more visitors into subscribers.


What’s good about mass email is it makes an audience come back to the website after promotion. This technique is effective during a festive season.


This is probably one of the most obvious ways of promotion which, for some reason, a lot of online store owners forget about or don’t pay attention to. Tell friends and relatives about site, share its link in social network profiles, and ask some people you know to do the same. It ensures at least the minimum traffic. And if product belongs to the popular ones, you can get first sales after promotion.

Advertisement sites

We would recommend that store owners pay particular attention to this point since popular advertisement websites have enormous audiences to find potential customers.

ad sites

It’s all plain and simple: you make an appealing advertisement with a nice description and a quality picture, place a link with the product in online store, or leave contact number and post in the thematic category. It’s better to try to post a few advertisements simultaneously so that you can check on the effect more easily.

Catalogue of companies

This free website promotion is more relevant for the businessmen who are focused on a certain region or a big city. Most city web portals usually have a category with a business catalog where you can add the website promotion of company or store.

Video channel on Youtube

It’s unnecessary to own professional devices and have tremendous experience as a cameraman to shoot a good video for an audience. For example, if you own an store selling home appliances, it’s enough to make a video review of a slow cooker (its quality, how it works, etc.).

youtube channel

You can increase the number of subscribers and generate visits to the online store using a video channel on Youtube and adding new video clips regularly. The videos can be different. They can be reviews or simple advice that potential customers would find useful.

The ways above are enough to attract visitors to website and get first sales after promotion. But, to keep the success and reach a constant increase in the income, it is necessary to work on different aspects using all the available tools of internet marketing. If an online store is comfortable for customers and visited by many users, it will always make its owner happy with high incomes.

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