How to Quickly Identify And Fix Problems on On-Site Pages?

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Hi there!

My name is Marta, I am a Marketing Manager, and in this video, we will learn how to analyze and describe problems on the on-site pages.

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So imagine you are analyzing one of the pages on your website. You open the heatmap and see that some of the elements need to be removed, changed, or replaced in another section of the website because their performance is low.

These are your assumptions, but you want to double-check with the Head of Marketing before changing anything. Or you want to ask the designer’s opinion or advice.

It is easy and quick with the Plerdy’s full-page screen capture & visual feedback tool.

In one of the previous videos, we explained how to take a screenshot of the entire page, and now let’s see how to use it for describing and discussing specific problems.

So we took a screenshot of the page with the heatmap data, and to add the comments, we need to choose the area for which this comment is relevant, and here we can add text – for example, we choose the tag “NEW” and write for our colleague “We should make it clickable”

A person with whom you share the ss will be able to answer this comment so you can have a discussion directly on this page. You can add multiple people to this screenshot, collaborate and discuss specific problems with all of them together.

Also, you can resize this comment, move it or delete it when it is not needed anymore.

That’s it for now, to download the screen capture tool go to

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