Why Plerdy Does Not Slow Down Websites? 

15 September, 2020

It is claimed that the more external scripts are installed on the website, the slower the website load is. So most website owners prefer not to install any additional program scripts, although they are necessary; others subvert the load speed.

This is true. Many external scripts slow down the load speed and this worsens the website SEO quality.

Developing the Plerdy marketing platform, our team considered this aspect and the slow down of the load speed that worried the website owners. So it has written the Plerdy script in such a way that it would not slow down the load speed.

Plerdy marketing platform structure and work principle

The script of Plerdy marketing platform is given below:


When the website load speed is checked, the load time is considered so as the size of all files and scripts. So, the lower is the service script “weight’, the faster the website is.

But the script file size is not the only factor that influences the page load speed.

The browser will not load a certain part of the page until all the above-mentioned scripts are loaded. That is why some pages that have a big deal of inner and external scripts are loading so slowly.

Our team has considered this and, as you have noticed, we use the defer attribute in the script structure.


This attribute prohibits to load the Plerdy script until the page with this script is loaded. So the script will not affect the page load speed as it will run after the page is loaded.

The script load speed after loading the page load is given below:


Below is the cached speed of the second load of the script:



If you would like to check:

  1. The behavior of the users on the website.
  2. SEO quality.
  3. Sales efficiency of an online stores.

and boost the number of orders but worry that the website will load slower, feel free to use the Plerdy marketing platform.

The Plerdy marketing platform script:

  1. Weighs less than other scripts installed on the website.
  2. Loads after all elements on the page.
  3. Maximum load speed – 596 ms.