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The author writes the text to pursue his own goal: self-expression, getting an assessment or payment, attracting attention. We believe that inspiration is central to writing, but it does not guarantee effectiveness. The student will not accept the assignment. The writer will receive a lower fee, and the user will switch from an uninformative site due to the “incorrect” volume of text. In addition to understanding the needs of your target audience and writing meaningful content, you need to consider the number of characters. Creative work, academic work, and articles for the web all require a coherent and logical structure. This brings us back to strict accounting and statistical frameworks.

In SEO, the topic of words is especially important. You have to “sit on two chairs” to interest both the reader and the search engine.

  • First, search engines have a lot of respect for expert texts. Users are also looking for a solution to the problem among voluminous and structured articles, which they gladly recommend for reading.
  • Secondly, the limitations in the number of words stimulate the author to develop. We convey the same capacious idea in different formats, training professional skills.
  • Third, web platforms differ in purpose. On social networks (Facebook, LinkedIn), long articles are unpopular, but from information portals, on the contrary, you expect extensive analytical material.

The word counter, like the writer’s personal secretary, comes to the rescue in each of the mentioned cases – it controls the structure of the text based on its purpose.

In this article, we have collected top free services for counting characters and lexical units of text.

Plerdy Website SEO Checker and Word Counter

SEO Assistant Website SEO Checker by Plerdy monitors a web page for errors and SEO quality. The extension is available in the Chrome Web Store. It consists of two sections:

  • SEO audit
  • Word analysis

The first section is designed to research titles, technical parameters of the site, the number of attributes or tags. As a result, a full-fledged characteristic of the web resource is obtained.

Word analysis is a specialized feature needed to improve text from an SEO perspective. Here are the possibilities this add-on opens for the user:

  • Text statistics. This includes word and character count, spam and water content score, average sentence length. The application also determines the Automated Readability Index and the Coleman-Liau Index (text intelligibility).
  • Top words and stop words. We are talking about an extended description – we see not only statistics but also each word separately.

The add-on is not limited to the features mentioned, but the extended version is only available after registering on the Plerdy platform. Here is the integration with Google Search Console, the grouping of pages by the number of errors, and the option to compare with the previous state, bringing the Plerdy Website SEO Checker word counter to the first positions.

TOP 10 Best Word Counter Tools

Word counts on WordPress, Microsoft Office, or Google Docs help built-in functions. For other formats, refer to free apps and add-ons online. They open up ample opportunities for checking and optimizing content, which the mentioned counters cannot boast of. Therefore, we propose to get acquainted with the TOP-10 online services for counting lexical units.

The web resource does not require registration. It provides complete statistics on the text: the number of words, characters, lines, sentences, paragraphs. Separately counts numbers and punctuation marks. It works with formats PDF, Word, HTML (eliminating HTML components and meta tags), ePUB, exports a document from the original format to any available one. You can also type in the input field or use voice dialing.

Regardless of the language of the text, the online counter filters stop words – virtually no limits.

A feature-rich and easy-to-use tool gives you a complete content rating. Counts characters, words, sentences, paragraphs and measures reading and saying aloud a text passage. Optionally, you can enable grammar checking and autosave. The service works with keywords, determines their density.

There is no need to register on the site. There is no paid version. However, on the downside, it only supports text, no file uploads.

Counting character

Fast, free service with an intuitive interface. Shows in real-time information about the number of words and characters (with and without spaces). The site is not limited to a word count but offers different options for working with content, including images, QR codes, and zip archives.

You do not need to register to check the text. Chrome browser add-on available.

Small SEO Tools Word Counter

Free to use a tool from a web resource to help create quality content. The character counter itself shows statistics for characters, sentences, and paragraphs. Additionally, it highlights keywords and counts the time for reading and speaking the text.


A terse and beautiful web resource that, after analysis, gives information about words and symbols. It does not provide additional features, but you can calculate the typing speed. It is oriented more towards the average user than the SEO specialist. You do not need to log in to work on the site; the calculator functions are freely available.


A powerful web resource that goes beyond just counting characters. The site provides business proofreading, academic proofreading, resume editing, and much more. Registration is required, where you must indicate your role. There are paid features.


The free online version of Word Counter for Google Chrome. In addition to statistics (determining the number of words, sentences, symbols). Voice input is available.

The tool is free. No registration is required.

A simple online calculator that records the number of words and characters in a text. The site differs from the rest in that it offers tips for writing content for different web platforms (Facebook, Blogger). Suitable for aspiring writers. The site is free to use; you don’t even need to register.


A highly targeted online resource is freely available and does not require registration. You insert or type text – and you get the result. Files are not supported.

Rewriter tools

The site contains free rewriting tools, including a word counter. It works like a word and symbol calculator. Unfortunately, it doesn’t support files – only text, but very fast and free.

There are services for every taste. Therefore, the choice depends only on the preferences and needs of the user.

Importance of Word Counter for SEO

The number of words, the presence of lists, a clear structure of the selling points – limit the imagination but make it easier to understand the finished content. The framework helps to simplify the work to clarify the final goal. But in the pursuit of word count, quality is often lost. We do not find the necessary comprehensive information by entering a query on the desired topic, but one article is rewritten differently. At the same time, the essence of the topic is gradually lost, and the text becomes unreadable. So what should the content be?

  • Problem-oriented user. If a person is looking for where to buy a lawnmower – answer his question. If he is looking for information about the nutrition of crocodiles, there is no need to write about their skill and give the addresses of the nearest zoos. Just talk about nutrition.
  • Unique. Not redone from two sources. And even out of five. Even if the topic is popular and has already been described, provide new links and look at it differently.
  • Comprehensively describing the problem. Give the reader a complete picture of the world. Otherwise, the article will be useless, and no one will stay on the site.

These points are primary. And only after collecting information, when the idea is clear, it makes sense to put it into words. At this stage, we use character counters as a means to improve the quality of the content. A means, not a goal.

Word count can be important for printing when there are technical constraints. But in such cases, we are dealing with a range, not a specific number. In SEO, the distinction between the types of content is justified:

  • A post on a social network is usually laconic – we scan the feed aimlessly. Therefore, we are unlikely to read a long text.
  • Descriptions of product selling pages also cannot be the size of a sheet. A person enters an online store not to read but to learn about a product and its characteristics. Conciseness and visual design are important here.
  • An informational comparison article looks better in a large volume. And if it’s interestingly written and answers the original question, it will be read and stay on the page longer.
  • Blog posts may differ in word count depending on the topic.

The above remarks are not recommendations or rules but the practical logic of the text based on the reader’s needs.


Online word counters are essential in the job of an SEO specialist. Some have broad functionality, some are highly specialized, but they all help conduct statistics and invest in the required amount. After all, size matters, especially in the sales letter.

In addition to dry analytics, easy-to-use free tools point out weak points – “water” key density, sometimes grammatical errors. Do not forget that your works will be read by real people interested in quantitative indicators.

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