Top 10 Heatmap Software for 2024

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By 2024, companies using heatmap software to comprehend user behavior on their websites will be common. This list of the top ten heatmap software choices for 2024 is intended to assist you in making decisions based on facts.

Selected Heatmap Software

Think about the size, budget, and particular requirements of your company while choosing heatmap software. Plerdy, for instance, provides a complete toolbox appropriate for both big and small companies. Those seeking a simple UI with strong features will find Hotjar to be perfect.

  • Things to Think About
  • Easy of Use: How intuitive is the program?
  • Features: Is what you require offered?
  • Cost: Does it fit within your means?
  • Does it link with the tools you already have?
  • Customer service of what kind is offered?


Top Heatmap Software - 10001

Advanced insights are available in the all-inclusive heatmap program Plerdy. For your understanding of user behaviors, it offers click, scroll, and move heatmaps. Plerdy distinguishes itself with a simple UI and extensive reporting features.

Qualitative Features:

  • Real-Time Data Gathering: Plerdy gathers data instantly to enable insights.
  • Analyse user behaviour at various funnel phases.
  • Heatmap data and SEO insights are combined in SEO Alerts.
  • Test your websites A/B by comparing different versions.


  • Comfortable dashboard
  • Detailed choices for segmentation
  • Integrates to Google Analytics


  • Limitations of the free plan features

Reference: Plerdy Official Website


Top Heatmap Software - 10003

Popular heatmap software Hotjar is renowned for being both easy to use and powerful. Together with feedback surveys and session recordings, it provides click, motion, and scroll heatmaps.

Most Important Features:

  • Sessions: View actual user sessions on tape.
  • Comments Polls: Get user comments straight away.
  • Track dropoffs and optimise conversion routes with conversion funnels.


  • Setup and usage simplicity
  • Entire user insights
  • Fine integration possibilities

Cons :

  • Restricted personalization on less expensive plans

Official Hotjar Website

The Crazy Egg

Top Heatmap Software - 10004

For understanding user activities, Crazy Egg offers comprehensive heatmaps, scrollmaps, and confetti reports. Its simplicity of use and A/B testing power are well-known.

Main characteristics:

  • D/A Test several versions of your pages.
  • View thorough click patterns in Confetti Reports.
  • Easily navigable and used interface.


  • Strong A/B testing resources
  • Depth reporting
  • Reasonably priced plans


  • Some sophisticated functions need for more expensive plans.

Crazy Egg Official Site


Top Heatmap Software - 10005

Mouseflow includes funnels, form analytics, session records, and dynamic heatmaps. Websites requiring in-depth understanding of user behavior will find it perfect.

The main characteristics:

  • Heatmaps classified as dynamic adjust to changes on the page.
  • Examine form performance and user behavior with form analytics.
  • User feedback surveys are a simple way to gather it.


  • Entire form statistics
  • Optional advanced filtering
  • First-rate client service


  • Curve of learning somewhat steeper

Official Mouseflow Website

Lucky Oranges

Top Heatmap Software - 10006

Heatmaps, session recordings, live chat, and analytics are all included into one platform by Lucky Orange. It is made to present you with a thorough picture of user activity.

The main characteristics:

  • Chat Live: Interact instantly with guests.
  • Track user paths and optimise conversion funnels.
  • Detailed information about specific visitors is available in visitor profiles.


  • Complementary solution
  • Fair prices
  • Simply to use


  • Untidy interface

Official Lucky Orange Website

Visual Website Optimizer, or VWO

Top Heatmap Software - 10008

Heatmaps, A/B testing, and conversion tracking are all part of the potent optimization tool VWO. Big websites seeking for in-depth information can use it.

The main characteristics:

  • B/A Making and evaluating A/B experiments.
  • Visualize user interactions with heatmaps.
  • Deliver customized experiences.


  • Strong testing and optimization instruments
  • scalable for big websites
  • Detailed reporting

Cons :

  • Pricey for all features

VWO Official Website


Top Heatmap Software - 10007

Heatmaps, session replays and sophisticated statistics are features of FullStory. Its simple integration and potent user experience insights are well known.

The main characteristics:

  • Session Replays: See thorough user sessions.
  • Follow and examine user journeys with event funnels.
  • Track errors to find and correct them fast.


  • Entire user insights
  • Simple to incorpore
  • Strengthful statistics


  • Smaller companies could find it costly.

Official FullStory Website


Top Heatmap Software - 10009

Advanced heatmaps, session replays and form analytics are all offered by Contentsquare. Enterprises seeking comprehensive user experience analysis will find it suitable.

The main characteristics:

  • Heatmaps: Extensive displays of user activity.
  • View user navigation on your website with session replays.
  • Optimise forms with comprehensive analytics.


  • Fantastic business features
  • In-depth documentation
  • Strong form analysis

Cons :

  • Expenses for complete features

Official Website of Contentsquare


Top Heatmap Software - 10010

Heatmaps, session recordings and form analytics are all available with Inspectlet. Its goal is to raise conversion rates and aid in your understanding of user behavior.

The main characteristics:

  • Heatmaps: See where people click and navigate visually.
  • See user sessions recorded to find problems.
  • Examine form performance and user behavior with form analytics.


  • Setup was simple
  • comprehensive recordings of sessions
  • Nice financial return


  • Restrictions on integrations

Official Inspectlet Website

Website of Zoho

Top Heatmap Software - 10002

Heatmaps, A/B testing and funnel analysis are features of the conversion rate optimization tool Zoho PageSense. It works for companies of all sizes trying to monitor and improve user behavior.

Most Important Features:

  • Heatmaps: See user interactions on your website graphically.
  • A/B testing is evaluating and refining several iterations of your pages.
  • Analysis of Funnels: Monitor and evaluate user navigation of your website.


  • Whole feature set
  • Reasonable price schedules
  • effectively integrates with other Zoho items


  • May not be as simple for novices

Reference: Official Zoho PageSense Website

Final Thought

Knowing how people behave and improving website performance need heatmap software. Finding the best tool for your needs in 2024 will be made easy by the special features and advantages that each of the choices given offers.

With the help of this book, you may select the ideal heatmap software for your company requirements in 2024 with confidence.

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