What is Macro Conversion, and How to Analyze it?


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Welcome to the Plerdy channel. My name is Marta, I am a Marketing Manager, and in this video, I will explain what macro conversion is and how to analyze it.

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So, in the previous video, we have already talked about micro conversions, and we know that they are highly correlated with reaching a macro conversion, or even a necessary step in the macro conversion.

But what is the macro conversion?

Macro conversions (or macro goals) are the actions a user can take that represent the primary objective of your website. For example, in an e-commerce website, the macro conversion is likely to be making a purchase.

Tracking macro conversions is extremely important, and we can easily do it with Plerdy.

We need to open our account and go to Conversions – Macro conversions. If we are starting first, we need to create the conversions by pressing the Add conversion button.

There are a couple of available options. Contains or matches that relate to the URL address. Let me explain more in detail.

Go to the test website

If we have an eCommerce store, the user buys sth, we need to have a thank you page, which is shown on the last step to confirm the successful purchase. Having this page allows us to track macro conversion – purchase. We need to copy this Thank you page URL and paste it when creating a micro conversion. If the URL has a part that is changing, for example, the id of the item which was bought, then we use contains operator and select only the part of the URL which remains the same on all thank you pages.

Then we save this conversion, and if everything is correct, we will be able to check the stats. And I want to highlight here that in Plerdy, you will be able to see past data for the created conversions. Even if we created this conversion just today, we could see if there were such conversions achieved, for example, the previous month. Such function is not available in Analytics, but as far as Plerdy stores all the data about clicks, we make it possible.

The info about macro conversions we can also check on the page directly.

Go to the test website

On this Plerdy panel, we can enable macro conversions and check its performance.

That’s all for now. Hope the video was helpful!

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