Plerdy operates in accordance with EU law and international legal acts governing the processing of data. Plerdy provides services, namely tools to achieve the business goals of clients.

Description of the ways and methods of processing the personal data of clients and obtaining additional permission from the user is described in the Plerdy Privacy Policy, and the methods of providing services and tariffs are specified in the Terms of Use.

Plerdy performs an algorithm of actions for its clients in the field of digital marketing, to improve the conversion of the site and sales of services by the client (photo, video, SEO promotion) and provides clients with software (SaaS products).

Plerdy provides its customers with services to analyze and research the behavior of their users when they receive services/purchase goods or products on the Plerdy website. Plerdy uses a method and method of analyzing user behavior, which is not contrary to the patent or license agreement. The behavior of the client user is investigated exclusively by legal methods from the permission received from the client user. Plerdy informs each of its clients that it must obtain permission from its users to investigate its behavior.

Plerdy provides a script (JS tracking code) for clients - this is a click map that can be integrated with different CMS platforms to explore the client's site (buttons, banners, forms, etc.). Such information will help to audit the client's site and optimize its content.

Plerdy offers personalized NPS forms that can be displayed at any appropriate time in the customer's user journey prior to the customer's purchase of the customer's services/goods/products. Any Plerdy customer has the right to survey their users using the appropriate account function on the Plerdy website. *NPS is a registered trademark and Net Promoter System is a service mark of Bain & Company, Inc., Satmetrix Systems, Inc., and Fred Reichheld. Plerdy has the right to provide forms to NPS as long as the provision of such forms does not require additional authorization or a license agreement or patent.

All property and intellectual rights to the Plerdy website and the content contained in it (text, images, articles and posts) belong to: Andriy Chornyy, an individual entrepreneur, registered in accordance with the laws of Ukraine, tax code: 3107107330, registered at: 17 Pogulanka st., Lviv city, 79017, Ukraine.

In the case of using content whose rights belong to a third party, Plerdy obtains permission from the copyright holder to use such content. Plerdy also uses content that is in the public domain and the use of such content does not require additional permissions or licenses.

If you have any questions regarding ownership of the content posted on the Plerdy website, please email us at: [email protected]

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