Landing pages are one of the most effective sales tools

But to achieve the highest conversion, it’s necessary to be aware of the overall statistics of a page, especially, when it’s about clicks and scrolls.


What value can Plerdy bring to landing pages?

Landing pages help to sell products and services due to the precise presentation of all characteristics. This is why it’s necessary to understand how users behave on a page and if they understand the point of an offer.

The heatmap collects and shows online the most clicked spots of a landing page: buttons, fields, images. It’s possible to track custom tags if necessary.

Another important tool for a landing page is the scrollmap catching the depth of reading a text. This information matters for an analysis of users’ behavior and a proper implementation of changes.

A Advantages of Plerdy for landing pages:
  • Information about the depth of reading a page
  • Bounce rate decrease
  • Design improvement
  • Conversion increase