Landing pages are one of the most effective sales tools

To get the highest conversion, you need to stay updated on all statistics on a page, especially click and scroll data.

Why is Plerdy useful for landings?

Giving a detailed presentation of products and services landing pages greatly help with sales. Yet, their typical characteristic is a high bounce rate (90-100%). Hence, it’s important to understand how users behave on a page and how much they are interested in your offer.

Landings (or landing pages) are most often used to promote thematic events (such as seminars, webinars, trainings) or announce sales (promotions and discounts).

The smart form builder can help to get additional leads from your landing page. It can also be used to show some information to the visitors who have decided to leave the page without making a target action. Your personal dashboard collects all statistics on interactions with a smart banner. Additionally, there are many options to set the display of forms (based on time, actions, page, or device type).

Advantages of Plerdy for landing pages:

  • Display of the most clicked areas
  • Page scroll check
  • Collection of leads with a smart banner
  • Individual settings of banner display
  • Conversion and sales increase
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