Effective texts need the knowledge of behavioral factors

Analysis of readers’ behavioral factors can help to improve information portals and other digital media.

Why is Plerdy useful for information sites?

Online media, blogs, news portals work with huge among of data. Their primary task is to attract the interest of a potential audience and keep loyal readers.

To promote online information resources, marketers and PR managers use various approaches. The work with a target audience is among the most important of them. There is no way to create a long-term communication strategy without the analysis of user behavior models on a site.

To see how convenient and interesting to users an information resource is, it’s necessary to check its readability and clickability. The reports on these criteria are generated in the form of click and scroll heatmaps.

Some offers (articles or advertising banners) can be shown to the target audience as smart banners. You just need to set the look, terms of display, and goals of pop-ups in the corresponding section of Plerdy. With this smart form builder, you can even create small surveys.

Advantages of Plerdy for media portals:

  • Usability audit
  • Proper location of links on content pages
  • Content pages improvements based on behavioral factors
  • Analysis of long reads
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